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How to make it through a full day outing with my toddler unscathed

Stroller naps just don't cut it for my little one when we're out an about for an entire day of fun-filled activities. Advice?

What is your earliest life memory?

Was it a sad, happy or downright silly memory? What age were you and what's your best guess as to why it has stuck with you all these years?

When should my Fall born baby start preschool?

My little one will be 3 next month. Since he missed the cutoff, is it best that he starts now with the 2 year olds or should he wait to start until next year?

Staying consistent through the potty training process

My 20 month old boy hasn't quite gotten the hang of how to use the potty. How can I keep him from having accidents?

How do I keep my 2.5 year old to focus on speaking clearly?

My little one communicates well, but doesn't enunciate and doesn't seem to want to practice speaking clearly. Advice?

If another parent is taking your child somewhere, do you give them money?

And what happens with the leftover cash? Do you get it back when you pick them up or do you expect whatever you give will be used?

What types of changes should I expect to experience after getting a vasectomy?

I'm contemplating getting a vasectomy but want to know what I'm getting into before I dive head first into the procedure. Advice?

Should I be doing more with my kids after work?

I'm exhausted when I come in the door from my 8-5 job. What can I add to my after work routine to make our nights more...normal?

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