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Older children may be gaining more independence, strength and maturity every day, but they still need the love and support of their parents.

Ask questions and get advice on building a strong relationship with your growing child and helping them navigate the elementary, middle and high school years.

I’m trying to go to a day spa with my daughter.

My daughter and I have planned to go to a day spa for a very long time, but I don’t know exactly where to go. I’m trying to find a nice clean establishment with high ratings. Can anyone recommend me something?

  • Angie

    I love love love love Sole Spa in Buckhead across from fish market!

How to help autistic gender exploring tween?

So 8 months ago my 10 year old high functioning Aspergers kid, female by birth, confessed to me that they hate being a girl, dread puberty and want medical intervention to prevent it, and identify as neither male nor female. I am having a hard time understanding them, respecting their non binary wish to be called they and child. They cut their hair boy short, dress like a boy and have expressed... More

  • B

    Have you looked into therapy? For them and you. Not try to stop it therapy, but try to help them explore and understand it. Seems a good first step before meds and permanent changes (which from friends I understand doctors won’t consider without therapy first)

Tia posted in Behavior Wednesday

How to get teens to do their chores and pull some weight around the house?

Help me. My teenagers are the messiest individuals I know. When instructed to pick up behind themselves,they get distracted . Next thing I know, an hour has passed and they haven’t done a thing. Please help

  • Anonymous

    I'd take everything away and turn off the Wifi until they get their work done. I told mine ..i'm teaching you how to live outside of this house since your goal is to move out..I'm supporting your cause. So far so good

  • Bobbi

    Hide everything they use to get distracted with (i.e. phones, remotes, game controllers) IN the chores you want them to do. I. Did this with my husband lol but hide the phone in the laundry that needs folded. Hide the remote in the clean dishes that need put away, and so on.

Xena posted in Behavior Wednesday

6 Year Old, that doesn’t wanna listen.

I’m needing help on this problem too. I’ve been with this little girl for 8 months now, moved in with her & her dad ( bf of mine ). She hasn’t been respectful or good at listening to me at all. She acts totally different when her dad gets home from work. Or when she’s around other people. She likes to ignore me Or throw tantrums. So I send her to timeout. But it seems like she isn’t learnin... More

  • Xena

    Thank You all so much for the help! I will try things out, make some charts for chores & etc and see where it goes from there . Thank you so much y’all

  • John Maxwell

    All you have to do is engage in all activities she loves doing, Make her see you and talk to you as a friend not someone trying to replace her mom.

Kids in school

My 5 year old son is in kindergarten and when recess is over he argues with his teacher and says “ give me 5 more minutes “ and doesn’t stop playing. Any advice on how to get him to stop playing and go line up with the other kids? 🙂

  • Kenley

    Ok thanks

  • Raji

    How do you get him to stop playing at home? Do you give him warnings or do you give him more time to keep playing? Practice at home to help him.

Xena posted in Behavior Wednesday

How to make 6 year old clean up?

I need advice on how to make her understand that she needs to pick up her toys, clothes, shoes, & etc. when she’s done with them. I kept telling her if I see any toys on the ground they're going with me & I’ll take them or I’ll throw it away. Am I doing the right thing?

  • Elizabeth

    That may work for some kids but others work better on a reward based system. “If you pick up your toys, we can go to the park.” Or you could just say “Ok, if you don’t pick up your toys, you have to sit there until you do.

  • Jessie

    I think positive reinforcement is almost always key, but IF the time calls for it, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with grabbing a trash bag for a little scare and saying, “well, I told you... If you can’t take care of your things by putting them back where they belong, then I’ll give them to someone who will.” ;) Good luck!

Laura posted in Sleep Wednesday

Hi all trying to get my 6 year old out of my bed and in to her own room any ideas

  • Joanna

    You can try a separate mattress in your room first. After every wake-up, redirect to her bed. After a period of time, do separate mattresses in her room. My 4 yo uses a weighted blanket and really helps reduce night waking.

  • Emily

    You could try by telling her that if she sleeps in her bed for two nights then you will buy her a small stuffed animal and then if she does that then tell her if she sleeps in her bed for four nights then you will buy her a medium sized stuffed animal and then after that a week a large stuffed animal and then after that she should be used to sleeping in her own bed.. that was how I got my daugh... More

Healthy eaters

My almost 5 year old is in love with his Mac and cheese. He loves carbs. That’s the issue. Any creative ways to get your kids to let go of the carbs? If we have to, a little tough love will be the last resort but let’s hear what you’ve tried :)

  • Elle

    You're the one providing the food! Give him vegetables and proteins along with the carbs! Let him see you enjoying vegetables and proteins. Involve him in the selection and preparing of the foods.

Anonymous posted in Behavior Mar 12

Power Struggles with 5yo

I get that they’re common, but I’m so very tired of them and I feel overwhelmed by what might be in store for us. As a single-parent family, would it be wise to invest in some family counseling? Or is this something I should ride out for a while?

  • Anonymous
    Mar 14

    Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll look into the podcast and books. And counseling as well probably.

Kid podcasts

My 4 1/2 year old has great audio listening skills (well, not with listening to mom and dad ha!) and I would love some recommendations for fun podcasts we can listen to while driving. Thanks!

  • Cryzana
    Mar 15

    Adventures in Oddessy - WARNING: This is a Christian sponsored radio drama series for kids (or all ages)

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Mar 07

Type 1 Diabetes for 6 year old

Just found out my 6 year old has Type 1 diabetes. I got all the medical information and the doctors are figuring out insulin dosage etc. I just wanted to see if anyone has experience with this and can offer any advice or words of comfort? A bit of a tough time.

  • Kris
    Mar 14

    JDRF! Funds research and offers support and advice for type 1: kids, parents and family through all stages of life.

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Mar 07

ADHD pre-teen

Well, this is my first post to Winnie. Not sure what to expect but here it goes. I have a 12-yr old daughter who will be entering 7th grade next year. I am utterly terrified. She is bright, funny, sassy and well...she’s all kinds of wonderful but unfortunately she has lots of challenges too. She is severely ADHD and hyperactive beyond belief. This has impacted her grades for years and she rarel... More

  • Diane
    Mar 08

    Trust your gut. From what you posted, I agree that your daughter would benefit from medication and possibly counseling. I don't know about medications specifically and I am not a medical professional but she is old enough to communicate how the meds are affecting her so that should help in finding the correct dosage and type. Find a doctor that has expertise in this field and get her help a... More

Anonymous posted in Big Kids Mar 07

Explaining donated eggs

My sister has 13 yo twins who she conceived through donated eggs (with her husbands sperm) via IVF. Her kids (both girls) don’t know this but apparently her evil in laws want them to know. I think she should tell her in laws to pack sand but it would be difficult to explain to the girls why they can’t see grandma and grandpa anymore. Has anyone dealt with this and if so, how did you do it??

  • Erica

    I don’t feel like it would be a big deal whether they know or not. Why should it matter? Their parents wanted them so much that they put a lot of effort into having them, and it’s amazing what the medical community can do now. Why does it even have to be a thing?

  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t have to be a big thing except we’re talking about 13 year olds...everything feels dramatic! Ha

Laughing with no reason.

I have a three, almost 4yo son, the last two days he has been laughing by himself on different occasions apparently with no reason at all. For instance, today we were in the car on our way home and he was looking outside and started to laugh. When I asked what made him laugh he did not say. Has anyone been through the same with a toddler? Is it normal?

  • Sabrina
    Mar 04


  • B
    Mar 05

    Not saying is different than no reason. He probably thought of something silly. Preschoolers have the oddest senses of humor. Don’t stress this.

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Mar 01

Cough suppressant

My 4.5 year old has a slight cold. He is acting normal but has a yucky wet cough. Are cough suppressants helpful? Is it better to just let the cough naturally progress? It’s been about a week since it developed.

  • Ebony
    Mar 01

    I would suggest Zyrtec. It drys up the mucus vs suppressing the cough

  • Keri
    Mar 02

    Have you tried humidifier? Saline spray? Suctioning? Benadryl and zarbys chest rub is a good alternative.

Kris posted in Behavior Feb 27

Graveyard shift

To all of you who work nights, how do your kids handle you not being there at night. I have 5yo B/G twins and I’ve noticed them getting more upset lately when I have to leave for work, especially my daughter. I’ve been on nights for 2.5 years now and this started just a few months ago so it’s not like they weren’t already adapted to the shift. Tuesday nights are the hardest because Wednesday’s... More

  • Julie
    Feb 28

    Yeah, Ashly. That’s what I remember too...we all wanted mom. My brothers were older and a little less needy, but while my dad was great he just wasn’t soft and snuggly and all those mom things.

  • Laura
    Feb 28

    When my husband is out of town and in a different time zone, he records videos of himself doing things and saying hi to us so we can watch at our convenience. We have shared our Google photos, so he doesn't even need to send the videos to us, I can just see them from my app.

Occupational therapy

My son is 4.5 and his 2y/o brother can run faster than him. There is no flow to his stride when he runs..? We are wondering if occupational therapy would help. Anyone out there with a child in OT? Does this sound like something OT could focus on? How does one go about getting an OT referral?

  • Anne
    Feb 25

    Yes! You can discuss with his pediatrician or you can look into what your local services are. Most public school districts have an early intervention program for kids over 3. You want to look for “early intervention” or “special education” departments and call to inquire about evaluation. Often there will be a wait list but services should be free. Sometimes your health insurance will pay for ... More

  • E
    Feb 25

    Depending on the “why” behind the insufficient gate would make it an OT or PT thing. Pediatric OT’s and PT’s are pretty skilled at working with kids and families. You could call your insurance company and ask about if a referral is needed and support with finding an in network therapist. It is definitely something pediatric therapists work on.

Trevor posted in Behavior Feb 18

My 5 year old is angry...

My 5.5 year old boy is growing increasingly angry. There haven’t been any major life or environmental changes, my wife and Have a strong relationship, and we don’t see where it comes from. The anger shows up randomly and often without warning, and sometimes fades just as quickly, but at times not and it lingers. We’ve tried many things to calm him (calming methods, breathing, drawing, talking,... More

  • John
    Feb 19

    He may be losing interest in his normal routine. This leads to boredom as he cannot find something that satisfies his time. My boy has this sometimes. It's normal for kids to feel emotions and they come and go randomly and suddenly. New emotions can be hard to cope with. With my 4 year old we use distraction and praise methods. If he gets upset we have him talk it out and explain what he ca... More

Darwin posted in Pre-Teens Feb 15

Phone Trouble! Help!

My 11 year old daughter is the only kid she knows that doesn’t have a phone. She constantly comes back from sleepovers saying how everyone was on their phones for an hour and she had to sit there. I want to get her a phone, but we’ve had some trust issues with her previous tablet. She has an Ipad, but I can tell she wants a phone instead. The problem is that she will want Instagram and Snapchat... More

  • Nick
    Mar 07

    There are a lot of parental controls options for smart phones that allow you to block specific apps. My kids have iPhones mostly so I can keep track of their locations when they’re not at home and so they can call me if they need something. The iPhones have built-in controls for locking out apps and setting time limits. I know that Android phones have all the same capabilities.

  • Autie

    My daughter is almost 10 and complained about not having a phone too. We got her an Apple iPhone without cell service and locked down settings with parental controls. She is able to text her other friends who have iPhones but she doesn’t have a phone number yet, we also control what apps she gets. It’s a scary world out there and it’s your job to teach them the proper way to use technology. ... More

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