Introducing the Winnie Family Favorites Awards



 When we set out to build Winnie, our vision was to guide families with children into a world rich with opportunities for excitement, learning, and new experiences. 

Now with over 2M family-friendly destinations in our database (and growing) we have more proof than ever that families can do more, together! In every town and city there are the libraries and parks departments, the restaurants who welcome children, the businesses that support nursing mothers, the educators and caretakers who help children thrive, and many more. We felt compelled to create a program at Winnie to reward these exceptional community members who bring joy to children and relief to parents.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce that voting is now open in the first annual Winnie Family Favorites awards. People can vote to honor the best establishments in a number of kid-centric categories. Winners and finalists in each category will receive a year of free promotion on Winnie (a package we normally sell for thousands of dollars!).

Family Favorites award winners and finalists will receive a year of free promotion in our directory of over 2M kid-friendly businesses.

And here’s the best news of all: we’ve opened voting in every town and city across the United States. That means well over 100,000 winners could be chosen, so head over to the Family Favorites page and cast your ballots now!

tl;dr — Tell us who makes your life easier as a parent, and we’ll promote their business for free.

  • Registration is not needed to vote. ‍
  • You can cast one vote in each category per day. ✅
  • You can vote for establishments near you or anywhere in the US.
  • Multiple votes for the same business do count.
  • Voting will remain open until September 5th.

Cast your votes now! 

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Updated April 2019

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