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Anonymous posted in Child Care Sep 09

Where did you find your babysitter?

Hi parents! I’m nearing my third trimester of pregnancy #2. I’ve really been struggling with symptoms this round, especially while working full time and being the daycare drop off/pickup person to boot for baby #1 (16 months). I’d like to broach getting a babysitter for one or two afternoons a week, because I really feel I’m at my breaking point both mentally and physically. How did you fin... More

  • PK
    Sep 10

    We used to find our sitter. We paid for one months subscription (which was discounted for first time users at the time.. I think it still might be), posted a job description and got dozens of applicants. In the job description, just make sure you note that the sitter must be pet friendly and be able to handle a big dog if she/he will be around/handling the dog too. We pay our s... More

Anonymous posted in Child Care Sep 03

Potty training daycare help

We potty trained our little one over the last 5 days and she was doing very well. No accidents, going to the toilet, etc. She went back to daycare today and when I picked her up she was wearing a diaper. I got upset and asked the teacher but she told me no one knew that she was potty trained (we told the head teacher this morning). What would you do?? Thanks!!!

  • Momof1
    Sep 06

    I would just let them know your preferences. I think it’s easy to forget which child has which needs especially if some are potty trained and others are not. Would you be able to take home the diapers you left for her if you bring them yourself?

  • Anonymous

    Thanks everyone. She had two rocky days and is now fully potty trained, teachers thanked me and said she was definitely ready!

Kelly posted in Child Care Aug 24

Babysitter payment

So I have never hired a paid babysitter before, but now i need someone on a reoccurring basis one afternoon a week for after school care. It will be approximately the same amount of hours every week, but will vary a bit depending upon how long it takes my husband to get home from work. Should i offer to pay a flat daily rate, or on an hourly basis? And if hourly, do you pay by the half hour/15 ... More

  • Anonymous
    Aug 24

    Pay hourly. Anywhere from 12-15 an hour.

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