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Anonymous posted in TV, Movies, & Video Games Yesterday

YouTube Pedophile Network

Today I read this article I immediately felt SO ANGRY that this was happening to children on YouTube. I know lots of parents who let their child surf youtube because of all the awesome videos on it. I just wanted to get your opinions on how you feel about this. Will it change what you let your children do o... More

Car seats

Any suggestions on toddlers best/comfortable car seats? Want to invest in something well worth for my soon to be 2 year old. Don’t get me wrong he has 1 from Walmart but we want dad to have 1 in his car too. Thanks

  • Julie

    Having said that, we use the grace milestone and it works great!!!

  • PK

    We have the graco4ever in my car and the graco milestone in my husband’s. I second what Julie said about all car seats being safe so you really just have to find what fits your car and budget. We just really like Graco


I’m looking for brand recommendations for swimsuits for a 2.5 y/o girl. Decently priced, holds up well to a summer of frequent beach and pool days. Thanks in advance!

  • Lore

    My recommendation if your concern like me about the sun is eBay

Ashly posted in Clothes Wednesday

Hates Underwear

My middle child has been potty training for a few weeks now, we went with the bare bottom approach. She does great at home with going to the potty but she will not wear underwear at all!!! She hates it. Tips on getting her to wear them. I’ve done different sizes and styles so now what?

  • T

    Wearing panties kind of feels like wearing a diaper and can have accidents. My kids often don’t wear underwear. It’s really not a big deal. Prepubescent people don’t have the same bodily functions and fluids as adults do. Is underwear worth the fight?

  • Ian

    I agree with all of these replies. Sounds like it may not be worth the fight. Commando!

Anonymous posted in Family Life Tuesday

How to address grandparents oversharing their grandchildren on social media?

This is all about my own MOM. Yes, of all people that could get into my nerve about oversharing on social media, it’s my own mother. She’s a 1st time grandmom who loves facebook! I’ve talked to her on so many occasions about this topic but I’m getting to a point now that I feel like I don’t want to send her his own grandson’s pictures or limit it or maybe snail mail her printed pictures because... More

  • Kelly

    My husband and I have a "no sharing on social media" rule with all of our relatives. I highly recommend it because then everyone is on the same page and knows that it's not their place to post about your child. My husband and I decided that if our relatives went against our wishes, we would no longer give them pics of the kids until they took them down. So far we have had no probl... More

  • Anonymous

    Facebook oversharing of baby photos and ultrasounds led to a blacklash and the rise of private sharing apps like Snapchat. Now there's tons of baby album apps designed to share with and only with who you want. I highly recommend that route. I just searched for "baby photo album" in the App Store or Google Play and picked one. Some even give you the option of putting your photos in... More

Fireplace hearth baby safety

I’m looking to purchase padding for our fireplace hearth. There is a company out in Oregon that makes foam that covers entire hearth, but it’s pretty pricey. Does anyone know of a similar company?

  • Joanna

    Wow. That is pricey! We just used the regular foam bumpers that we bought for the coffee table from Amazon.

  • Diana

    I went more simplistic: I had an extra runner rug and after I put it on I was happy with the level of padding. Even with my child climbing ball over it, it’s never shifted or moved out of place. You could try a padded bathroom runner, they’re thick and have no slip bottoms

Darwin posted in Pre-Teens Feb 15

Phone Trouble! Help!

My 11 year old daughter is the only kid she knows that doesn’t have a phone. She constantly comes back from sleepovers saying how everyone was on their phones for an hour and she had to sit there. I want to get her a phone, but we’ve had some trust issues with her previous tablet. She has an Ipad, but I can tell she wants a phone instead. The problem is that she will want Instagram and Snapchat... More

  • Ivy

    Amanda, I agree. Even I use screen time limits as an adult. Super helpful for me. I even have a time limit set for this app! Only hubby knows the passcode, and he can see the amount of times I attempt to guess it, lol

  • Jessica

    I got my 7 years old daughter a smart watch, put a SIM card and works perfectly, she can only call the numbers I add to her contact list, she can send me voice messages and there is gps so I can track where she is.

Anonymous posted in Dental Health Feb 14

Toothpaste help

Anyone have recommendations on toothpaste for beginner? Fluoride or not? I've also heard of xylitol as well and dont know what to get. Help! He doesn't know to spit out when brushing yet.

  • Taylor
    Feb 16

    what im gonna do is, now she just chews on her toothbrush with a dot of flouride free toothpaste before bed.. and when i notice she's actually brushing at the sink after showing her every day how to, then switch to regular toothpaste if you wish to use flouride or not that's your decision of course 🐣

  • Jenn

    Kids aren't really able to fully comprehend spitting until around 6 years old. We use fluoride free toothpaste at the recommendation of my dentist. If you buy something with xylitol, be aware that if you have dogs, it is extremely fatal for them to ingest.

Jade posted in Clothes Feb 13

All the laundry tips, please!

I recently purchased a lovely antique wool blanket, but even after washing it with special wool-friendly soap, I cannot seem to rid it of a very strong perfume-y smell. I would normally hang it outside for a few days but we are buried under snow and ice here, so that’s not really an option at the moment. What are your tips and tricks for getting rid of stubborn smells trapped in fabrics? ... More

  • Haley

    The cold will actually help get rid of the scent. I once bought a vintage T-shirt off Etsy and is smelled of smoke. I put in the freezer for a few days and most of the scent was gone!

  • Jade

    Thank you both so much! I’ll be trying these out for sure.

Any recommendations for a tool box for young toddler?

My daughter is about to be 14 months and seems very interested in all kinds of nuts n bolts. She’s touching chairs, door hinges etc. so my question is any one ever used any tool box with their young kiddo that is not a choking hazard?

  • Perry

    My son is 2 and absolutely loves this little tool bench. He doesn’t try putting anything in his mouth anymore but I suppose if that’s still a concern you could tighten or remove some of the blots those are really the only semi small pieces

  • Raji

    Thanks for posting this Perry..... I did see this and looks fun. Definitely an option for when she is a bit older as she just started putting things in her mouth 🤦🏻‍♀️ @ Julie.... haven’t found anything that doesn’t have small pieces. We are considering husband trying to make a busy board for her but it’s not exactly nuts n bolts.

Merlin’s Suit Transition/Face Down Sleeper/Torticollis?

My 5 month old has been rolling in her summer sleep Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit, so we have still put her in the heavier, bigger winter one. She has started trying really hard to roll in that one as well, so I called the company and they recommended I transition her out of that one too. They suggested keeping the room really cool and putting her in 2 cotton sleepers and a sleep sack to give it we... More

  • Anna
    Feb 11

    Thanks, Jenn! We actually decided to order this: Just wanted to have peace of mind! I’m sure she will learn, but it’d be nice in the meantime not to be up every 5 minutes panicking.

  • Cheryl
    Feb 11

    I agree with Jenn. My LO rolls over in his crib and likes to fall asleep with his face in the mattress. I gently turn his head. He’s NEVER liked sleeping on his back. I tried everything and eventually gave up. I just check on him as soon as he falls asleep and whenever I’m up in the night. Just last night he turned his head by himself.

Stroller for multiple kids

Hey guys I’m pregnant and I have a 7 month old and a one year old I need a three seater stroller but I have no idea what could work for me in this situation

  • Joanna
    Feb 08

    No personal experience, but maybe a board attached to the back of double stroller for the older kid to stand on.

  • Alexis
    Feb 10

    Love the joovy cool! Its convertible and can seat up to three kids. The third seat is a bench seat but if your 1 year old is big enough to sit up and walk well then he/she should be able to ride on the bench. It has a strap to fasten them in so they cant just jump off and run away and so they dont fall.

Cooking with preschooler

Hi! My 3 year old is interested in cooking with me in the kitchen. Any kid friendly kitchen tools out there that you all can recommend?

  • Anna
    Feb 11

    Williams Sonoma and Pottery Barn often have great tools for kids, especially around Easter, they tend to have cute stuff on sale. I’m always lusting after it for my toddler. Lol! Right now they have adorable Harry Potter stuff!

  • Joy Lim
    Feb 11

    We use Curious Chef brand for real cooking utensils that are safe for kids. You can find their products in Amazon

WayB car seat

Has anyone considered getting the WayB car seat? Or know of something comparable? It looks great for ease of travel but is expensive so I'm wondering if there is a good alternative that is as small/light. Thank you!

  • Joanna
    Feb 07

    We have the Ride Safer vest. Actually my niece used it 4 years ago (older model) and now my 4 yo uses it whenever he's in my sister's car. My son is too small/light for a Bubble bum or Mifold. I think it's good, light and safe. For airplane travel we have a CARES harness. If your child is on the larger size, I don't think you'll get the value out of the WayB because you... More

  • Anonymous
    Feb 09

    I’d look into the crash test ratings for all of these. The mifold in particular has terrible crash test ratings. I wouldn’t risk my child’s spine for the sake of convenience.

Meriksha posted in Clothes Feb 07

Shoes for 16 months old..

Hey everyone So my 16 month old Son doesn't like shoes 😀. He just kicks them out as I put it on his feet. I have the velcro shoes. Looking for ideas that I can use so he is not able to kick it out? May be some different kind or type? What do you all do? Thanks in advance...

  • Meriksha
    Feb 07

    @ivy.. Yes I guess I need to get those high lace shoes.

  • Meriksha
    Feb 07

    @pk.. Yes he has those squeaky sound shoes. He likes those. But recently he has figured out a way to kick it off and has been doing it since.. Then he would play with it in hands.. 🤦‍♀️

Andraya posted in Parties Feb 06

1 year old Birthday ideas

Hello my daughter will be one years old this month on the 14 which is (Valentine's day). I want to asked anyone who could help me with some ideas of putting her party together which will be at home. I would like to buy her a nice gift that I hope she would love from her mom and dad. What should I buy her?

  • Andraya
    Feb 07

    Thanks you everyone the advice was very helpful😘

  • Julie
    Feb 07

    Okay so first things first, she’s just the cutest!!! Love her big eyes and expression!! ❤️❤️😍 We had a big party for my daughters first but I have a huge family. I have the tally somewhere but there were close to 100 people at her first party and every one of them was family on my side except for my best friend and her daughter. No joke, and this wasn’t even extended family, it was sisters/... More

Jessica posted in In-Laws Feb 06

Family social media posts

So my husbands family likes to posts pictures of our daughter on social media, which I actually have a huge problem with (that’s 700+ strangers per family member) but I let it go. But they constantly post pictures portraying our daughter as my husbands sisters child, caption and all, implying she belongs to my sister-in-law, and they DO NOT correct people when they comment. They actively crop m... More

  • Sarah
    Feb 07

    Have you talked to your sister in law about it? It doesn’t sound she’s taking part of all this drama, so I’m curious how she feels about all of it. Would imagine she might be hurt that her family is trying to project a different life for her, showing the world what they wish her life was. If she’s upset about it too, she might be better able to stop the behavior than you. And if not, at least ... More

  • Julieann
    Feb 12

    This is exactly how my in-laws are. My sister in law goes around telling people that my son is her son and no matter how many times I talk to my in-laws and bf they don’t listen to me at all. And now I am almost 5 months pregnant and my in-laws are already claiming that my baby is there’s. My sister in law claims that as well due to all of their sibling looking alike. My son came out looking li... More

Alexza posted in Diapering Feb 05


Do you prefer Huggies or Pampers? And why?

  • Victoria
    Feb 05

    Huggies, with pampers she was waking up more often at night for a diaper change.

  • Jessica
    Feb 05


V posted in Gear Guide Feb 04

What’s in your diaper bag for potty training?

What do you guys pack for outings? Just curious because i feel like i pack too much or too little lol

  • V
    Feb 04

    Thanks! We have the oxo travel potty too! It’s amazing and i love how tiny it folds.

  • T
    Feb 04

    Oh. And have a pair of extra shoes.

Boppy uses

I used my boppy primarily as a lounger, when she was younger, I draped a blanket over the Boppy and she laid there. I guess it’s the same as boppy newborn where basically the center is sewn shut? We also use it as a pillow on the couch, for adults. Any other uses beyond breastfeeding?? Also, I found out the Boppy goes around my thighs perfectly. 🤪 I’ve just never used it for nursing!

  • Ashlea
    Feb 03

    Tummy time with a cake pan with water and toys in it! My daughter loves the water and playing it

  • Jenn
    Feb 04

    An obstacle to help with learning to crawl over things.

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