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One important aspect of parenting is choosing the right tools, whether it's a car seat and stroller or shoes and school supplies.

Parents discuss what made their lives easier, and what they didn't really need. Get insider recommendations and share your favorites when it comes to gear, toys, and clothes.

No screen time - thoughts?

I would like no screen time for my current 16 month old. However we do show her videos and photos of herself on our phones, sometimes she watches us on our phones, sometimes we turn on the news/Netflix in the background while we play/lie in bed waiting for her to fall asleep. I am really strict with screen time. Especially involving other people that aren’t her parents. I don’t want them bein... More

  • Venetia
    2h ago

    I have a 19month old and no screen time. The phone is used to FaceTime with family and that is the association she has with the phone. They learn by watching so we also try not to use the phone when we are around her and we talk about spending quality time with her - we only use the phone to play music on the speakers. The phones is not a forbidden object so she ca touch it if she wants to. My ... More

  • cocomac
    2h ago

    I am so thankful for all of your replies. First of all because nobody was judging, and secondly because it was all amazing advice!!!! Thank you all mamas and dadas!!

Anonymous posted in Clothes Nov 08

Toddler Hates Winter Clothes

My 2-year-old daughter loves going outside. Today, when it started snowing, she got really excited to go out, but the minute I went to get dressed for it, she got upset. I let her go out in sneakers and fleece jacket, but she refused to wear a hat and kept pulling my hat off of me. I brought her inside and told her she needed to wear boots and a hat. She's been melting down since. All shoes... More

  • Anonymous
    Nov 08

    My son is the same, I take the same approach, no going outside then 🤷🏽‍♀️ his new favorite word is trying to say “temperature” lol so the only thing that works lately is me saying let’s check the temperature, we do, then I say oh wow the temperature says we have to wear our coats and a hat!!!! And he complies, not for me, but for the temperature 😂😂

  • Sara

    This might be controversial but I usually just let my kids regulate their own temperature. Even my 18 month old will indicate when she's cold and wants me to put her jacket on. One of my kids runs warm and is always wearing less clothing than me and is fine with it. I just make sure I bring extra gear with me so that they have warm stuff when they request it.

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Nov 04

Formula help

Do any of y'all know if there is a difference between SIMILAC ADVANCE AND THE PARENTS CHOICE ADVANTAGE formula? I want to switch over to the Walmart brand but want to know if there's a difference before.

  • Lilina
    Nov 05

    I would just compare the ingredients on both and if they are the same should have no issues switching

  • Destin
    Nov 05

    We switched our daughter from the similac sensitive to the target up and up brand of the same. The ingredients were all the same except there was a little more water...she switched just fine and actually didn’t seem to care/notice...just compare the ingredients to be sure it’s the same and it should be totally fine!!

C posted in Child's Health Nov 03

Painless way to treat painful diaper rash?

Is there a product that helps with diaper rash pain, maybe a diaper rash cream that also soothes or reduces the pain? Or a technique to change diapers while minimizing pain associated with diaper rash? When my son’s diaper rash gets really bad, changing diapers is a traumatic experience for him. At its worst there can be deep redness and bleeding. Opening the used diaper and using wipes sends... More

  • Bethany
    Nov 03

    Huggies gave my daughter super bad rashes!

  • Jenn
    Nov 04

    Warm water wash, no baths, and petroleum jelly with or without aloe. Heals in a day and immediately relieves pain.

7 month old baby boy

What do you buy your 7 month old baby boy for Christmas

  • Mandy
    Oct 28

    Our son was 9 months old last Christmas. But we did musical and developmental toys. Hape Pound & Tap Bench with Slide Out Xylophone - Award Winning Durable Wooden Musical Pounding Toy for Toddlers, Multifunctional and Bright Colours

  • PK
    Oct 28

    Our son was almost a year at the time... so we did clothes and books. Family bought a lot of toys for him - mostly toy cars, a big bag of mega blocks, a push walker.

What do you do with your old breast pump?

Now that insurances cover breast pumps all of my friends get one for free so I have no one to give my old pump to. Have any of you found a place that accepts old breast pumps?

  • Jenny
    Oct 31

    Post on FB or Craigslist. There’s an entire population that does not have the fortune of having insurance. I have given away my previous 2 pumps to moms who needed them.

  • annag
    Oct 31

    this is a reason to get medical-grade equipment. I wish more insurance companies would support that option!

Krystal posted in Clothes Oct 23

How do I clean this??

Can someone please tell me how to clean dirty puffer coats.. the material will not come clean no matter how many times I wash. My daughters both have pink puffer jackets for school and they look awful after recess. Any ideas?

  • Jenn
    Oct 27

    I use oxi clean. If it doesn't come out of the washer clean, then I let a pile of corn starch sit on the stains for 24+ hours then rewash. Corn starch helps with oily stains.

  • Yanis
    Oct 27

    I put Dawn dish soap wherever there is a dirt stain like on the sleeves, let it sit a few minutes and then wash normal. So far it has worked

Melissa posted in Babies Oct 21

Baby too cold at night?

My 10 month old daughter always seems cold at night. I dress her in a fleece pajama with covered feet and the temp says 77 in her room. Her hands and cheeks and ears are chilly when I check her before bed. But If I add a small blanket it seems to make her very warm. Anyone struggling with this?

  • Anonymous
    Oct 21

    From day 1 my doctor said dress babies like you would dress yourself, and adjust for no blankets, because she shouldn't be using a blanket. But say you are going outside in a t-shirt and long pants, she will be fine in the same outfit. Same for sleeping. If she wakes up a lot in the night you could adjust what she's wearing but honestly I'm surprised she's not sweating through everything!

  • Danielle
    Oct 21

    If her neck is warm to the touch, then she is not too cold, even if her hands and feet are cold to the touch. Babies circulation at that age is still not great so their extremities can feel cold

Katie posted in Parties Oct 20

2nd Birthday Gift

What did you get your child for their second birthday?

  • Anonymous
    Oct 24

    My daughter turned two last week. The best gifts she got were a Magna Doodle, hot wheels, kinetic sand, and a doctor play set. She loves all of them.

  • Age
    Oct 27

    Mega blocks and ride on vehicles (he got two- one lives outdoors one stays indoors) were both big hits. He also loved the hot wheels he got.

Advice on breast pump

I can't seem to decide between the Motif Luna and one of the Spectra. I am expecting any day now and still have no pump. I know Spectra has good reviews but now feel torn between Spectra and Motif Luna. Has anyone had both?? Any advice?

Anonymous posted in Diapering Oct 19

What do you pack in diaper bag?

I haven’t packed a diaper bag in years, what do I pack? Diapers, butt cream, wipes, change of clothes.. anything else?

  • Stacey
    Oct 21

    Our son is two but we include these as well now: bibs, plastic silverware and sippy cup, dry snacks, sunscreen and lotion, Tylenol and usually a small toy.

  • Laurice
    Oct 28

    Pack yourself an extra shirt too in case baby spits up on you! MUSLIN COTTON SWADDLE!! Most practical item by far - it can be used as a nursing cover, put on top of a surface for a diaper change, cover the car seat or stroller when baby is napping or needs privacy, used as a burp cloth, a blanket for tummy time or for playtime sitting, literally used it for everything. I kept one in my diaper b... More

Give me all the organizational tips, please!

We are expecting our second daughter in December and we will be trying to make our tiny two bedroom apartment work until we can buy a house. We’re pretty minimalist and don’t have a lot of clutter or unnecessary stuff, but I’m desperately looking for some kitchen organization hacks. I think I spend a good deal of my life these days frantically hunting for Tupperware lids and I might lose my ... More

  • Anne
    Oct 17

    Idea: throw a reverse baby shower! Invite friends and family to your home for a day to help you organize, build shelving, and take things to donation/trash/etc. Or help themselves to things you don't need anymore!

  • Jade
    Oct 17

    @Anne you blew my mind with that one! So. Good.

Anonymous posted in Behavior Oct 09

Toddler tantrums

My son(2years old) likes to dump all of his toys all over his floor everyday and "play with them". I have him help me clean up and sometimes it goes well and other it goes horribly wrong like today. I will give him 2 toys, legos and blocks, to put away and today he literally threw a major fit. I never know when to give up trying or how long to let him throw a fit. Sometimes I try to m... More

  • Anonymous
    Oct 10

    I agree with ^^^ and also we ALWAYS no matter what clean up the living room toys after dinner. After I wash his hands I always say ok let’s go pick up the toys now. It’s part of a routine now. To be honest, some days he’s not too interested (can’t blame a 2 year old) and we put the toys away and ask often can you help? Or where does this one go? But still end up doing most of it. And other days... More

  • Brushme
    Oct 11

    Another idea that may help is to have less toys out. Or at least things with less pieces to clean up. Maybe rotate the toys every few weeks and see how he does.

Laundry soap choices

I'm a working mom who doesn’t always have time to wash clothes right away. So when my child has stained clothes I can’t always throw them in the washer, since I live in an apartment and the laundry room is always busy! My question is: what laundry soap is best to use on kid’s clothes to get old stains off?

  • Liza M.
    Oct 08

    Oxiclean spray and Dreft spray are the best!!

  • EmmaD
    Oct 10

    Better than any stain removers moms k have recently learnt: Boil a kettle of hot water and pour it (the whole kettle full) straight into the stain. Sometimes you can assist with some dishsoap or stainremover or Sonett Gallsoap it doesn work right away but mostly does . the plain hot water is amazing on fruit stains especially! :-) Mud stains i would scrape off and then look up a video on it 😂

Toddler Cups!

Hey moms! Which cup do you recommend for milk on the go? For a 3 year old! Big enough and spill proof of course

  • A
    Oct 04

    We use the Re-Play sippy cups, they are amazingly durable and spill proof. I actually take the little rubber stopper, which makes them extra spill proof, out because it just seemed to hard for my kids to drink out of it. We used to use the 360 cups and I loved them. However, my son started chewing through the rubber piece on the top of them. I was over replacing them constantly. Lol For water... More

  • Angela
    Oct 08

    Munchkin 360. Awesome and spill proof

Anonymous posted in Products & Gear Sep 28

Best Bag for Toting around 2 Toddlers

I have twin 3yr olds and I’m look for a new “Parenting Bag.” We’ve kind of outgrown the diaper bag, but still need room for their water bottles, snacks and a change of clothes. It wouldn’t hurt if it was halfway stylish. 😂 Any ideas, suggestions on bags you love.

  • Jess
    Sep 30

    We actually got a regular backpack that my husband doesn’t mind carrying either 😀 we just keep it in the car all the time with diapers, wipes, books to keep her busy, a change of clothes and some crackers or snacks like that. Then if we go somewhere, I throw water bottles in my purse. That way if we are just running a few errands, I don’t have to remember to grab everything but have in case o... More

  • Kieli
    Oct 01

    Yes I have a backpack too. And I love it! It’s a nice outdoorsy one, so it’s durable and has multiple pockets. Even a little pocket that is insulated so I could keep an ice pack with breast milk if need be. And same with my husband, he doesn’t mind throwing it on for me when I ask him to

Anonymous posted in Products & Gear Sep 25

Has anyone heard of britax one4life car seat?

I have a 2 year old daughter and we’re thinking of getting her front facing car seat. I’m thinking of buying her the one4life which is coming out this October but it’s too pricey ($400-$600 I think). One4life car seat is for infant to big kid. It says it grows with your child up to 10 years. If I buy that car seat I already missed out the 2 years of the car seat. Do you think it’s worth it? A... More

  • Anonymous
    Sep 26

    We have the Graco 4Ever and didn’t start using it until our daughter was 9 months old, it’s a 4in1 so it grows with your child. it’s super durable and it’s only about $150, which is well worth it if it’s going to last us 10 years. It goes from rear facing to front facing and it turns into a booster when the time comes. Good luck finding one!! It took us a while to choose which one we wanted too

Katherine posted in Babies Sep 19

ISO a double stroller for a new baby and tall toddler

I’m about 4 weeks away from having baby #3 and on the hunt for a stroller that will accommodate a tall toddler (32 lbs) and a Graco car seat. I’d really like to find an option where the two year old can sit in front. I’ve been looking at Graco (some seem too small) Baby Jogger, Joovy, but the challenge is finding them on sale in person so we can test them out. Any recommendations are appreciated!

  • Sara
    Sep 22

    We have the Graco Ready2Grow double stroller and really like it. Our 2yo is also tall (37”&30lbs). He sits in front and our infant can now sit facing towards us in the back in his Graco car seat or just in the seat. The stroller has so many different ways of riding too... two car seats, two toddler seats, a seat and a stand up, etc. We also bought ours used for $80 so definitely worth t... More

Anonymous posted in Products & Gear Sep 17

Insect repellent recommendations

What are you using on yourselves and your little ones? Need recs.

  • Ivana
    Sep 18

    Avon skin so soft wipes - the best!

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Sep 16

First response test

I’m seeing a lot of mixed reviews for the first response tests, amazon has a lot of false negatives then target has a lot of false positives. Anyone get false positives?

  • Beth
    Sep 19

    Honestly the little tests from Dollar tree are perfectly fine as long as thier not expired and they usually aren't in my area!

  • Jenn
    Oct 27

    I've bought exclusively from the pharmacy and had accurate results every time.

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