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One important aspect of parenting is choosing the right tools, whether it's a car seat and stroller or shoes and school supplies.

Parents discuss what made their lives easier, and what they didn't really need. Get insider recommendations and share your favorites when it comes to gear, toys, and clothes.

Best storage for Duplo blocks?

We are about to upgrade our 2yo from one big bag of Mega Bloks to some Duplo sets and I'm wondering what to put them all in. What do you find works best? One big tub? Tub with sections? A bunch of smaller containers?

  • Laura

    One big tub, but we have a separate tub for duplo train tracks

Car seat problems?

Does any other mommys struggle with car rides with their babies? My son is 5 months old and he HATES his car seat. He will scream and cry from the time he goes in his seat until we get where we are going and can safely take him out. He is fine when he is in his seat attached to his stroller and we are out & about but as soon as we put him in the car he looses it. Also, when we are parked so... More

  • Marisa

    My oldest daughter did that, too. Nothing would help. It phased itself out as she got older, and she did so much better facing forward. But we waited until she turned 2. We also used a rear-facing mirror. My 5-month-old daughter is completely different. She hates being put into the car seat and sitting in it, but as soon as she’s in the vehicle she’s silent.

  • molly

    my son did that until about 10 months old. I believe infants at that age develop car sickness as a result of many things including angle of their seat, posture, facing back etc. My son was always sick in his Nuna pippa but ok in Mesa uppababy (likely coz he can see more from the sides). He grew out of it as he got taller. It helped to keep the car really cool for him and not give him a large m... More

Cry activated recordable soother

I’m able to find cry activated soothers with pre-recorded white noise/songs but can’t find one in which I can record my voice. Does such a thing even exist? I’m hoping to sleep train my baby and something like that would be super helpful.

  • Anna

    Munchkin White Noise Machine. You can find it on Amazon for about $25

  • Shruti

    Thanks for the recommendation Anna. However, I don’t see an option to custom record a sound/voice.

Transition from bottles

Please can you recommend what to do when transitioning from bottles. Do you do sippy cups or straw cups?

  • Paige

    Avent makes an awesome variety of sippy cups that have a soft nipple to help them have a smoother transition. Worked great for my baby.

  • Ayo

    Thank you @Paige. Will search for some now

Weaning off the swaddle?

I'm looking into options to get my little out of her swaddle. She's currently having one arm out but I feel like if I go cold turkey, it might be too much. Has anyone bought the Zipadee Zip and what are your thoughts on it? Open to your thoughts! :)

Christmas ideas

I have no idea what to get for my 7 month old daughter. Not wanting to get random toys that will pile up or clothes because she has enough. Any ideas are appreciated!

Double stroller

Hey parents! I have a one year old and a baby on the way. I’d like to use the britax b-safe car seat for the new baby and I’m looking for a double stroller that the car seat will lock into with a separate seat for my toddler. There are too many out here, will other brands work with a britax car seat? I prefer a narrow stroller, not side by side. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!!

Anonymous posted in Products & Gear Wednesday

Which breast pump for FT working mom

I have been using Medela for about two months now, but it seems to lose power over time. I hear a leak somewhere. My breasts still feel full after a twenty minute pumping session. Plus, the machines so freaking loud! My whole office can hear it and its embarrassing. One part finally broke (thanks to my hubby who tried to disassemble it and help me clean the parts yesterday). I am considering... More

  • Cheri

    Recently switched to the Spectra S1 (with the rechargeable battery). So worth it and much better than what I’d been using for the first six months (Ameda Purely Yours). Quieter and better suction (strong but not uncomfortable).

  • Myrtle

    I agree that your pump should still be working so I would contact the manufacturer to try and get it replaced. In the meantime probably you need to rent a pump. The Medela freestyle has a battery so it’s portable. I noticed that sporadically the pump didn’t work as well to get my milk out (even though there was nothing wrong with the pump). I learned how to hand express which was super helpful ... More

Raji posted in Clothes Tuesday

How do you dress your baby/child to sleep at night during winter and temperature of heat at night?

  • Lorynn

    Footie pajamas and a fleece sleep sack.

  • Raji

    Thank you for your answers. Guess I can adjust the heat at night to kinda keep it cool instead of blasting it. Thanks again.


What is the best detangler for little kids my son has really curly hair and kinky what’s the beet for his hair so it won’t be so hard to comb

Best universal online registry tool?

Hi! What is the most user-friendly universal baby registry tool? Have seen Babylist mentioned a lot, also the Bump, Amazon, and I found Zola easy to use for weddings so wondering if that might work too? Features I’d like: - Easy to see if an item has been purchased - ideally pass through shipping info if on another site - Ability to do group gifting (ie for a stroller) Curious what you guys u... More

  • Christie

    Amazon. They have everything. Baby List is good, too, but they really spammed the heck out of me. Target has great clothes, linens and blankets and their registry is well known and great for those who aren't "tech savvy" but still want to get you something from your registry.

  • Anonymous

    I used Amazon mainly for simplicity's sake but I've also heard good things about Babylist. I think it's better if you prefer a more curated collection.

Anonymous posted in Products & Gear Dec 09

Breast pump recommendations??

Hi ladies - first time mom here and wondering which breast pump to get. Things I care about: - easy to use - easy to clean - easy to use at home or at work - ideally won’t require me to be chained to a wall Would love any advice or recommendations, thanks in advance!

  • Christie

    Spectra S2 was the best! I went through 2 Hygeias and a Medella before that. The Spectra has so many different settings and it is really easy to clean. I feel like it's a superior product.

  • Lindsey

    Spectra!! I exclusively pumped for 13 months and loved it.

Carseat Struggle in a Truck

We have a 2017 Chevy Silverado Double Cab and are struggling with finding a rear-facing toddler car seat that fits. Does anyone have any suggestions or know of any car seats that would be able to fit? Our daughter is getting way too big for her rear-facing infant carseat and we're officially approaching crunch time to find a resolution.

  • Anonymous
    Dec 09

    Our backseat is reeeeeally tiny so we went with the graco slim fit. Honestly you may just go somewhere that’s great with returns and buy one knowing it may not work and you might need to return it for something different.

  • Brittany
    Dec 09

    Graco Contender 65 is what I used in the back seat of my Hyundai Veloster which is very compact. It was tight but more affordable compared to others with the same space.

Anonymous posted in Toys & Gifts Dec 08

Best toys for a 2 year old girl?

  • Yopolos
    Dec 09

    Blocks, legos, magnatiles, trucks, tools, dr set, craft supplies

  • Kait

    Puzzles, books, string a farm, kitchen set/accessories, matching toys, shape toys

Jessy posted in Clothes Dec 08

Baby shoes

What its the best age for a baby to start wearing shoes.

  • Jessy
    Dec 08


  • molly
    Dec 08

    the dont ‘have’ to wear shoes. mine learned to walk in socks and thick booties because shoes were interfering with his ability to grasp with his toe and walk steadily. But that was in the summer! winter i got gim zip up moccasins.

White Noise Machine

How loud should my baby’s white noise machine be? Tonight my MIL told me it’s “probably too loud.” 🙄 The problem is, we have a decently small house and all sounds can be heard from her room, so what do I do?!

  • Andrea
    Dec 08

    We keep it pretty loud, but I have to say our kids have slept through loud noises such as drilling and hammering when we had some work done in the house. Despite that we still keep the sound machine on

Best Diaper Bags

Moms: what’s your fave diaper bag for 2 babies(2 under 1 for a few days) Dad’s: what’s your fave diaper bag for 2 babies?

  • Indy

    A backpack!! I can just throw it in my back and keep it moving... one section for snacks, another for diapering stuff and then extra clothes and blankets... plus my own stuff

  • Bailey

    @karla -there’s a bunch of different brand of the same style too! Obviously the more expensive ones are more durable and waterproof. I bought a generic brand for $30 and have been pretty pleased with it. I had a backpack diaper back from Walmart and it was so awful!

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