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One important aspect of parenting is choosing the right tools, whether it's a car seat and stroller or shoes and school supplies.

Parents discuss what made their lives easier, and what they didn't really need. Get insider recommendations and share your favorites when it comes to gear, toys, and clothes.

ISO a double stroller for a new baby and tall toddler

I’m about 4 weeks away from having baby #3 and on the hunt for a stroller that will accommodate a tall toddler (32 lbs) and a Graco car seat. I’d really like to find an option where the two year old can sit in front. I’ve been looking at Graco (some seem too small) Baby Jogger, Joovy, but the challenge is finding them on sale in person so we can test them out. Any recommendations are appreciated!

  • Sara

    We have the Graco Ready2Grow double stroller and really like it. Our 2yo is also tall (37”&30lbs). He sits in front and our infant can now sit facing towards us in the back in his Graco car seat or just in the seat. The stroller has so many different ways of riding too... two car seats, two toddler seats, a seat and a stand up, etc. We also bought ours used for $80 so definitely worth t... More

Anonymous posted in Products & Gear Tuesday

Insect repellent recommendations

What are you using on yourselves and your little ones? Need recs.

  • Ivana

    Avon skin so soft wipes - the best!

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Sep 16

First response test

I’m seeing a lot of mixed reviews for the first response tests, amazon has a lot of false negatives then target has a lot of false positives. Anyone get false positives?

  • Katrina

    I dont think first response has false results, but more likely misleading or confusing because the 1 line or 2 lines is tricky. It's common you might see just 1 line which you would think means "not pregs" but it's actually the location of the line that really matters, see my photo of a positive test. there was only one line and so I thought it meant "not pregnant" ... More

  • Beth

    Honestly the little tests from Dollar tree are perfectly fine as long as thier not expired and they usually aren't in my area!

Second seat for Baby Jogger City Select 2016

Does anyone know if a Baby Jogger City Select LUX sear will fit in a 2016 City Select? I have a single City Select stroller and need a second seat, but have learned that they’ve been discontinued. Thanks!

C posted in Dental Health Sep 12

How to get him to take orthodontic pacifier?

He's 1. Pediatric wisdom says that he shouldn't be using pacifiers anymore at his age, yes, but I dare you to tell him that. He's attached to a non orthodontic pacifier that he's had since he was in the NICU. So if he's going to keep using that thing, I figure he should at least transition to one built for kids his age, and one that won't be a detriment to his emerging t... More

  • B
    Sep 12

    My dentist says as long as it is gone by 3 teeth will be fine. I wouldn’t stress it and just work in only giving him a pacifier for sleep and then slowly transition out in the next year or so

We had a milk spill in the car. I didn’t find it for 2 days. How do I get the stink out? Help!

  • Kieli
    Sep 12

    I second baking soda!! My daughter had the stomach bug once and it worked wonders.

  • E
    Sep 13

    It was on the floor and under the driver’s seat a bit. We did carpet cleaner, air out over night, then baking soda. It worked! I was thinking we would have to get the drivers seat up, but my husband’s long arms got under the driver’s seat.

Anonymous posted in Family Life Sep 10

Grandparents Spoiling Kids

I’m a mom of two year old twins, having some difficulty dealing with having both sets of grandparents around ... and the amount that the “spoil” my kids. I feel like there is just a constant influx of new toys, new clothes ect. I’ve asked them to stop but they just don’t seem to listen. It A. creates more work for me, as I constantly have sort through all the junk that comes into our house and ... More

  • Rebecca
    Sep 12

    I always encourage for gifts things that can be a experience like tickets to a movie or theme park. I hate the influx of stuff in my home and honestly don’t feel bad getting rid of things that are not being used. And I have no problem saying that x is so nice it will be used at your house for them to enjoy. My philosophy is less is better and creates a better imagination and actual use of toys.

  • Meggan
    Sep 13

    We always got to take one or two toys home and the rest stayed. we had a if one comes in something else must go rule and what my mom called a dejunking every 6 months where not played with and broken toys and clothes were thrown out or given away. If they insist on spoiling them suggest experiences, taking them to a play or the zoo or a museum somewhere. Give experiences rather than physical gi... More

Stepstool/ladder combo with seat? Or other recs?

My son is potty trained with the big toilet. He knows how to take off his pants and underwear then we help him up onto the toilet seat. However lately he’s been trying to get up there himself with the step stool that he uses for the sink. He’s having trouble maneuvering himself onto the seat (the seat sits at the back of the toilet). Any product recommendations for something that might help my ... More

  • A
    Sep 08

    I don’t really have advice, but I just want to say ... that is awesome he doesn’t like the little potty!! We have had issues transitioning off of the little potty ... and I am SO sick of cleaning that thing out.

  • Ivana
    Sep 09

    We have a little step stool in front of the potty as well as the sink, that seems to help. Also the baby bjorn toilet seat fastens super securely so I’d recommend that even if he tried to climb or wiggle that thing will stay in place at least

Anays posted in Education Aug 28

4th grade math help

Any apps that can help 4th graders better their math skills?

Anonymous posted in Activities & Enrichment Aug 28

What are some STEM activity ideas to do at home with toddlers? Thank you!

  • Rachelle
    Aug 29

    Honestly I’ve just been looking up Montessori at home on the web and YouTube especially the dollar store stem ideas so then if my son doesn’t like it I’m not heartbroken. Montessori pretty well focuses on stem and life skills through practice play (cooking cleaning etc.) my son at twenty months loves getting his own juice and snacks and picking what ever he wants to explore off of the shelf and... More

  • Shekhar
    Aug 29

    these are some fun learning options

Raji posted in Gear Guide Aug 27

Any recommendations on a light weight stroller? Kiddo is 20 months

She likes to walk a lot but when she is tired or napping. She’s getting heavier to carry; so need something that we can fold and just hang on to.

  • Suzy
    Aug 28

    You can get an umbrella stroller from Walmart for $15-$25

  • Ivana
    Aug 29

    We love the summer infant one

Jenna posted in Safety Aug 23

What is the best baby breathing monitor For an eight-month-old

My baby is eight months old and she likes to sleep facedown and I’m worried that she’s going to smother her self .I have bought one baby breathing monitor but it was cheap and the alarm just kept going off on it. I need to find something that works.

  • Trisha
    Aug 26

    We have the angel care monitor/breathing pad. Like it so far!

  • Laura
    Aug 29

    I like the owlet

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Aug 20

Best glass bottles

I'm looking for the best glass bottles to get.

  • Natalya
    Aug 22

    Advent has great glass bottles! They also have the wider top and nipple to be more “breast shaped”

A Good Mosquito Spray for a 22 month Old?

My daughter got bit on her legs from Mosquitos I just want to know if anyone has any good Mosquito sprays they recommend.

  • Ivana
    Aug 22

    Avon skin so soft wipes all the way

  • Erica
    Aug 31

    We use stickers that have natural repellants in them. One on the front of the shirt and one on the back. No bites and no sticky residue on the skin to wash off later

Best Spill-Proof Sippie Cups?

Wanting to transition my son to sippie cups, but can’t find one that is labeled spill proof but ends up spilling or leaking. Any recommendations of ones you’ve tried and liked?

  • Destin
    Aug 19

    Right now we are using the nuk brand. My daughter has 3 of them and none have them have ever leaked on us. She even has thrown them and hit them on things (lol kids) and we have still never had a problem with leaks. I have heard great things about the 360’ cups though and fully intend to get one soon!

  • Lena
    Aug 20

    The Munchkin 360 worked for my son. A little trial and error at first, but he got the hang of it

Anonymous posted in Flying Aug 18

24 hour International flight with toddler

Anyone know of a way to download free kid videos (without WiFi) to survive the adventure? Youtube method?

Daughter loves watching videos of herself.

My husband and I are really good at limiting screen time. We do not watch much tv anyway and the most our daughter watches is maybe an hour total a month, if that. We do use our phones to take pics or record videos. Our daughter (age 2) will often ask to watch the videos of herself. My husband is worried allowing her to watch them will turn her into a narcissistic YouTuber/social media influenc... More

  • annag
    Aug 15

    oh also, it sounds super healthy that your kid is aware enough to care about her image and recordings. "Second", on the comment above about becoming aware, as parents, of media, both social and otherwise, because it is a huge part of the world she is growing up into, even though it may not be a major factor in your personal lives. Kids need to learn about privacy, too, and she'll ... More

  • Christine
    Sep 02

    My husband and I consider it screen time. She's so eager to look at the phone and then starts whining and becoming very attached to looking at herself on the phone. I don't know what the negative consequences are.. but we decided to limit her watching herselfs as part of screen time.

7yo Water bottle recommendations plz!

My daughter is going to be in 2nd grade and we and I both share in the terrible stomach issues so we stoped drinking dairy milk (which has helped a lot) and a bunch of other stuff. Point is I normally get her a water bottle for school but last year she went threw them so quick and would destroy them 🤦🏽‍♀️ i normally get them from Walmart or target but I end up spending a bunch of money since sh... More

  • Jackie
    Aug 13

    I have 2 Mira stainless steel vacuum sealed insulated bottles. They are great at keeping water cold or warm all day! Yetis are nice but super expensive and this is a great alternative. They offer many different sizes and lid types. Go onto amazon and just search Mira water bottle.

  • Jennifer
    Aug 15

    I got the Swell water bottle and the water stays cold and the bottle takes some good beating and lasts for the whole school year.

Anonymous posted in Family Life Aug 08

Storing digital photos

I am constantly running out of storage on my computer with the number of ‘I don’t want to miss capturing this moment’ photos of my toddler. I am wary of external storage drives- would welcome recommendations on how best to keep a secure copy of these photos!

  • Sara
    Aug 16

    We back up our computer to external hard drives, and upload our favorite things to SmugMug, a photo site that prof photographers use. You have to pay an annual fee, but I really like the quality of prints from them (have had poor quality from other online photo places in the past). I also print an annual photo book each Christmas- one for us and ones for grandparents. I’m worried about only sto... More

  • Sara
    Aug 16

    I’m curious about ideas for preserving videos- with iPhones, we end up taking tons of short videos of cute moments. What how do you compile and store those?

Myrtle posted in Diapering Aug 01

Has anyone had experience flushing G diaper disposable inserts?

I recently heard about G diapers and watched the video claiming they are flushable. I have read mixed things online about whether they clog toilets or not. Anybody have any experience with them? Did your toilet get clogged if you flushed them? Also if you use them did you take them out and about with you and flush them in public toilets?

  • Caroline
    Aug 08

    I’m thinking you’re referring to flushable liners? I use a liner with each cloth diaper. It’s basically a poop catcher that lays over the cloth insert. It’s permeable to urine which will then absorb into the cloth insert. If the child poops, the liner will contain the poop so you can throw the liner with the poop in it into the trash or flush it down the toilet. The liners are typically ab... More

  • Vonda
    Aug 08

    They are too good to be true. If they don’t clog your toilet they’ll clog the waste system that becomes a problem later when they have to repair it. Costing money no one wants to spend. My husband works for waste management where we live and they have to do more maintenance just to try and get rid of them. “Flushable” is a lie. Please just throw them away. As Julie said; flushing anything othe... More

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