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Your house is so much more than a place to hang your hat. For parents, it's a nest — sometimes held together by a twig — while for children it's a place to be nourished and grow.

This is a place to discuss homemaking and share tips on managing your household, including cooking, finances, decor and time management.

How do you guys serve your babies blueberries? With or without skin? When my baby was around 6 months I would peel the skin and give it to her. Today for the first time at 11 months I gave it to her with the skin. She ate it fine, but I noticed she was nibbling on something a few minutes after she was done. I figured some of the skin was stuck to the roof of her month or somewhere, tried to give her some water but didn’t take it. Eventually after about three minutes of nibble she spit up (not much but enough where some hit the floor). So I was just wondering on what you guys do.

  • Heidi

    Cut in half or quarters. We've never peeled them but I have caught my son pulling just the skin out of his mouth. It's never been a problem though. He's 10 months old.

  • Gauri

    Thanks guys, all your suggestions are super helpful. I will definitely try raspberries! Totally forgot about them.


Do you pay taxes on nanny services? Would you be better off by paying taxes or paying under the table ?

  • Allison Wright

    We used Sure Payroll when we had a nanny. It took case of all the taxes and documents for us!

  • Amy

    Above the table has benefits for the nanny - can claim an income when seeking a loan, has an income to put on apartment applications, can open a bank account, can get credit card approvals, can list her position on resumes when he/she moves on to their next job. It also keeps you and nanny protected in the event of an audit. We use homepay by breedlove through

Ok so please no judgement, but my daughter isn't a very good eater at vegetables, fruit the good stuff for you. she is a junk food lover (and sugar lover.. Oreos for a snack) because I influenced that on her 😔. she likes pizza, Mac and cheese, McDonald's, etc.. I'm trying to start eating healthier so she'll eat healthier. Granted she does have home cooked meals a bit but not as often as id like. I get people telling me all the time that she'll get diabetes 🙄. Ive tried giving her tuna, corn, peas, sushi, steak she says no it's nasty. What are some healthy food options that would be appealing to a picky 3 yr old? Now I am not saying go vegan lol, but just want some good for you nutrition packed food. She does have a peanut and tree nut allergy 😱.

  • Peony

    I believe that your kid is your mirror and mom is a mirror of theres. My daughter who's 2 years old. She likes what l like. Maybe that what you like to eat? I tried to feed my daughter health as possible. But she didn't take anything that I cooked healthy for her. You know why? I didn't eat it either. It's also that development stage too. Don't worry too much. What I do help my daughter eat veggies ➡️ have a eat things she likes to eat. Such as mac & cheese. Then I can veggies micro. And don't put it too much. ( if your daughter still won't eat it. Don't get upset about it. ) she will eat when she's hungry.

  • Meghan

    I have a carb loving, not veggie loving Toddler too. We eat lots of veggies in my house too so I’m not sure what’s going on there. I’ve started hiding healthy stuff in the not so healthy stuff. For example, I buy the “street taco” sized tortillas and make quesadillas, but I’ll add a handful of hemp seeds and avocado and he will eat that

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My 4yo is super into cooking lately but we never have time in the evenings to really bake anything together. Then he asked to make applesauce and it turns out you can make it in the microwave! I let him peel and chop the apple, then put the chunks into a bowl with some water and microwave about 6-9 minutes. Then add honey and cinnamon and mash up with a fork. Simple and he loved it!

  • antigrav_kids

    That's awesome! You probably already know, but Parks&Rec offers a cooking class during the day at Bernal Heights Rec Center. Our kids loved it!

We recently got a puppy! My daughter loves him but just a little to much. She is not gentle she will pull his hair and hit him. I know she doesn’t know she is hurting him. She just thinks she is playing, his yelps sound like his playful bark. I am constantly reminding her to be gentle and nice to the pup. I was just a wondering if anyone else had some tips? Also if anyone has puppy potty training tips I wouldn’t be sad to get them?

  • Alyssa

    Puppies are pretty predictable. Take them out immediately after they play, eat, sleep & will be trained in no time if it’s a bigger dog. Small dogs are a little more challenging.

  • Linda

    The comment about taking her hand and demonstrating gentle is good. We also practice on stuffed animals. When my daughter gets to zealous I will separate them, tell her she needs to be gentle than propose another activity away from the animals. Sometimes that doesn't work and then I remove the animals. We have lot of pet gates so I can physically separate everyone. To separate you can try putting the puppy in the crate with a nice treat or chew toy to give it some space. Try to teach your daughter that the crate is the puppies private place. Good luck.

What are the best mini cribs?

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I’m sure people have asked this a million times but are there any good work from home jobs for a stay at home parent?

  • Alexander
    Dec 06

    I should’ve been more specific, it’s my wife who has to work from home. She’s been an accountant for the past 3 years and only took a little break when we had our first. Now that we’re having our second she is going to stay home for good and not go back. Therefore, she’s looking for things she can do remotely/from home.

On nights that my husband teaches I am responsible for putting our son to bed. It’s not hard per se; the difficulty level is currently set at “3 year old” so make of that as you will. He sits in the potty (with an occasional success), changes into PJs, brushes teeth (some nights better than others), and we read about three books. With his new big boy bed we are able to lay down with him as he falls asleep, lulled into dreams by the music, lights, and mechanical whirring of his sea dreams music box. Some nights he goes to sleep quickly and others it’s a long process of tossing, turning, burrowing, sighing, and resetting of the music box to just the right song. However, as of late, when it is my turn to put him down my cat Molly always seems to choose that exact moment to come back ... More

  • Anne
    Dec 06

    Hahaha my cat does this too! At night she wanders around yelling from every room in the house and if I call her, she comes in like "oh THERE you are!"

  • Danielle
    Dec 07

    My cats like to do this when I'm trying to sneak into the living room in the morning to pump. Nothing like a kitty choir to make sure a baby wakes up. XD

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How do parents with 2 kids and 1 bedroom make it work? Our toddler has been either sleeping on a mattress by our bed (baby's in our room too) or on the couch in the living room. I think giving him a choice is ruining our sleep. He'll wake up in the middle of the night and either come into our room or want to be tucked in or whatever and sometimes he/baby wake each other up. Husband is a light sleeper with his good hearing and so is barely getting sleep, where I'm kinda scraping by. We actually have a 2 bedroom and toddler's bed is there, but we have a house guest for the foreseeable future.

  • antigrav_kids
    Dec 05

    Cosleeping rocks! (To be honest though, I didn't get used to it until the 3rd kid came along.) Our kids seem to be like those mutant superheroes who are invulnerable to their siblings super powers. Each of them can sleep right through the others screaming in the middle of the night. The youngest kid, (2 y.o.), still sneaks in in the middle of the night. Frankly, I'm just so delighted that we made it though the stage where she wakes up in hew own bed and doesn't scream that I don't care if she climbs in with us. After three kids worth of cosleeping, a lot of the time she's able to sneak in without waking me even a bit. I sympathize with you. I wasn't as adjusted to cosleeping on the fist two kids, and we went through night after night of working ot move them into their own beds when they became toddlers. For me, it was incredibly aggravating when people told me this, but yeah, it gets better with time; eventually, the kids just stay in their own beds.

  • Christina

    Can the houseguest share with 2 year old? I nannied for a family that had a full size bed in 5 yo room and grandmother would share bed with him when visiting.

Just when Kloe (our dog) thought playtime couldn’t get any better.

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Has anyone had to talk to their 2 year old about the death of a pet? Our cat is currently in kidney failure and while he was doing ok for the last couple of months he’s starting to take a turn for the worse. When we were at the Vet today they gave us some more medicine/fluids to give to see if that couldn’t turn him around for the time being but they said that if this didn’t work we’d have to have the talk regarding quality versus quantity of life. Since I know this is imminent I want to figure out now how to talk about this in an age-appropriate but honest way with our daughter when the time comes. Also, we aren’t religious and won’t be talking about heaven or an afterlife. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

  • Anonymous
    Dec 05

    Thanks so much for the advice and for sharing your own experiences. This is such a sensitive subject and I know I’ll be a mess when the day comes. Part of the reason why I want to have something planned now. I’ll definitely be checking out the book and I really like the script explaining how his body stopped working. He’s been a big part of her life since day 1 so I know his absence will be felt. Thank you all. ❤️

  • Rachel
    Dec 05

    My son was two when my Scottie was put down. If he asks I tell him that Winston is sleeping under the hammock and let him visit the spot if he asks (He's buried under the hammock and we put pretty rocks we find on our adventures on his grave) at 2 there is no way they can understand death but he understands sleeping and didn't question it any further.

My friend and I have been moms for 15 months and every day feel the pressure (and guilt) to provide a well-balance and varied diet for our babies, now toddlers! We want to start a company to help all parents with the on-going question- ‘what shall I cook today?’ Would any moms or dads be interested in a food delivery service for older babies and toddlers? We’d provide simple recipes (10 minutes to prepare, 20-30 minutes to cook) and all the ingredients to make from scratch, nutritionally-balance meals they can eat with their hands. Think complete meals baked in a muffin tray which can be eaten immediately, refrigerated or frozen for later. You could make single portions or cook in batch and don’t need to be Martha Stewart to do it- we’re definitely not but really care what goes into o... More

  • Breetel
    Nov 30

    Something in the same market would be

  • Anonymous
    Dec 05

    Thanks for comments! It’s like nurture life but you make the meal rather than a delivery of premise food.

Ok guys I am in desperate need for help. My daughter is 2 year olds old and quite possibly the pickiest eater alive. She doesn't like meat, vegetables, and only some fruit. She really only wants to eat spaghetti and cinnamon toast (maybe a couple other things but I'm not really exaggerating). It's getting really tough. I feel like she needs to be eating more but she refuses to even try different things. Please please please if you have any ideas please help me!!

  • Emily
    Nov 30

    This is a tough age. She’s working on her independence and also being very active. She will eat when shes hungry and not becoming a short order cook for her will help you in the long term. It’s hard not to make this into a big deal/struggle/fight, but try not to. Definitely talk with your Pediatricians about this struggle. This is normal (but frustrating) behavior for this age group. Your Pediatrician or Pediatric Nurse Practitiner is a great resource to talk to about this type of issue. Think of them as your partner in caring for your child. Since she doesn’t like a variety of foods, starting a Childrens multivitamin would be helpful (there are some in powder form that you could add to a smoothie or yogurt or other item she will eat). If she’s interested in drinking the Pediasure shakes, that is another way to get the vital nutrients that she needs to grow big and strong. Good luck and hang in there!

  • Erin
    Dec 01

    We don’t do snacks anymore and that has helped! We Americans are notoriously snacking all the day long. I’d be curious to know if toddlers in Spain or Vietnam snack as much as our children do....

Hey Mom and Dads! Looking for some strategies on how to deal with my 19 m/o girl and her bad eating. She’s gotten really fussy whenever I put her in her high chair. I don’t know if she finds it boring or just doesn’t like to eat but almost every time I put her in her chair she says no. And then she throws things (cups, food, spoons, etc.) and barely eats. I don’t want to start a bad habit of letting her walk around and I’m chasing after her with a bowl of food, but I’ve had to resort to that the past two nights to make sure she eats more than two bites or else she wakes up in the middle of the night starving. 🙄 Ugh. I need some ideas as to why she’s started this new trend, how to stop it and how not to lose my s#*! with her. I’m a SAHM so I’m dealing with this 3 times a day and I’m at f... More

  • Stacey
    Nov 28

    I was going to say the same thing. My daughter went through the same phase and a booster seat did the trick. She also did better when everyone was eating and it wasn’t just her being fed.

  • Lewis
    Nov 29

    I don’t think I saw this. Set a schedule, to it. Don’t let them eat eat in between meals. If they skip a meal or two, and they’re healthy, they will be fine. Your child will be hungry at the next meal or so. Stick to your guns no feeding in between. May be a couple of days of chaos. The children can figure these things out pretty fast. Hope everything works out. Father of five age 3 to 11

I work a full time job. My husband works at night. I was wondering if anyone knew of a legitimate work from home position that I could do? I have an 11 year old daughter, a 3 year old son that is a daddy’s boy and a 1 year old that is a mommas boy completely. We need the extra income.

  • Anonymous
    Nov 27

    Thanks Anne. I appreciate it!

Good way to get kids to eat Thanksgiving leftovers: mix up all the leftover mashed potatoes, chopped turkey, stuffing, veg, whatever; put in a couple eggs and some flour to bind; pan fry in little patties; serve with ketchup. Done ✅

  • Stacy
    Nov 25

    Yum! I made a thanksgiving leftovers omelette yesterday. Turkey, green beans, onion soufflé, and mushroom gravy. 😋

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