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Your house is so much more than a place to hang your hat. For parents, it's a nest — sometimes held together by a twig — while for children it's a place to be nourished and grow.

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Daycare lunch ideas

Hey everyone! I’m looking for some new ideas on what to pack my 2 year old for lunch for daycare. He is somewhat of a picky eater so I feel like I’m always packing the same things every week and I’m sure he’s probably sick of the usual chicken nuggets, pasta, rice, pizza rolls, etc. Also, I can’t pack anything with peanuts/peanut butter or egg as some of his classmates are allergic. If anyon... More

  • Melek

    My little boy is a little picky, and he likes fruits and veggies better. So I put cucumbers, peppers, baby carrots, berries, grapes, and other fruits. Stick cheese, chocolate milk, graham cracker, little sandwiches with cream cheese or Nutella. Basically those are the main food for his lunch. He always has breakfast (egg, milk, bread and some veggies) so I am fine with the lunch.

  • Shannon

    Thanks everyone! I do always include a side of fruit or veggies as a snack, I just struggle with the main dish lol But I’ll definitely be trying all of these helpful recommendations, thanks so much!

C posted in Food & Cooking Nov 29

How to help toddler move on from purées?

I’ve got a 15 month old with 6 teeth who loves vegetables. Great! Except he’ll only accept them in purée form. The most we’re able to do is get him to eat a little in a diced and heavily steamed version, but a) you have to feed it to him by hand, no utensils, and b) he’ll eat less than he would if it was puréed. I think he’s gotten stuck on his first solid food texture. Any tips on helping him... More

  • Penelope
    Dec 02

    If they don’t eat it the first time, they will when they don’t have a choice and that’s all that’s still around.

  • anonymous mom
    Dec 04

    Keep offering. And slowly chunk up the food...things like stews where the veggies are formed but soft can be really helpful. Also, when he’s teething, offer things like frozen peas, corn, or watermelon...stuff that’s cool and soothing on his gums will hopefully help him over the hump. You mention that he likes puff type things, so he’s okay with dry solids. Maybe try things like raisins, freez... More

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Nov 23

Need to gain weight & need help with food ideas!

I have been losing weight drastically and my OB let me know I need to put on some weight, she suggested Ensure and I was all for it until I tried it. It’s too sweet and I just couldn’t do it. Are there any quick recipes or other ways you gained weight the healthy way while being pregnant? TIA! Side note: With this pregnancy I have had no desire to eat, if I do it’s literally because I force my... More

  • Penelope
    Dec 02

    Chocolate milk or hot coco and bananas

  • Vonda
    Dec 05

    I ate oatmeal every night before bed to help gain weight. There are tons of recipes. I just do pear, dates and brown sugar.

Anonymous posted in Child Care Nov 15

Getting underpaid by your employer: How to go about a money conversation.

I’m a Nanny for a wonderful family. I usually never keep track of my hours because I have a lot on my plate and my Nanny family is usually keeping track. I recently started tracking my hours as to better budget myself before my paycheck arrives. Today I received my paycheck to find several hours worth of pay missing, I went back to my written hours and recounted them and the math was correct, s... More

  • Ashley
    Nov 17

    There’s An app for tracking your hours look it up and you should definitely bring it up... u should get paid for all the hours and if they’re not paying you for your time then they r taking advantage of you best luck to you!

  • carrie isaacson
    Nov 17

    Or lo-fi also works. Print out a few paper timesheets, start keeping a binder at their house. Fill it in *as you arrive* and *when you leave*, clock in / clock out style. Take a pic at least on Fridays for your records. The suggestion above to send texts also works. Do you have a contract with your employer? Strongly recommended so everyone is on the same page.

Anonymous posted in Money Nov 13

SAHM feeling unimportant

Before my 10 month old son, I was very financially independent and never relied on anybody for anything. Until I became a stay at home mom. My husband is always very supportive with my decision to stay at home but financially it’s getting difficult. Always having to ask him for money for my and the babies needs makes me feel so worthless. I feel like my decision to be a SAHM has put us in the h... More

  • Anonymous
    Nov 14

    Is this post more about finances and what to do or is there something else going on about feeling appreciated for what you do at home? Details seem to be about finances but the title of your post suggests otherwise. As far as the finances, I would sit down and budget out what can be spent on needs each month and find out where you can cut costs. My husband and I have our own personal checking... More

  • Anonymous
    Nov 14

    I was in the same boat for a long time. I had never known a time when I was unemployed and not working at least 60 hours a week...until I had a baby. The reality is that since I’m a SAHM, I work 24/7. My husband and I agreed that financially, it was more cost effective for me NOT to have a job. We don’t have a big surplus of cash lying around but we recognize where we can spend money - we love ... More

The dreaded veggie phase

Any one have any ideas to try and get your LO to eat their veggies? I’ve tried sneaking it in a bunch of ways but my baby girl can always tell. She’ll eat the rest of the bite and spit the veggie out or just avoid it completely. I know she needs to eat them. She knows she needs to eat them. How did you all get your kids to eat the greens?

  • Anonymous
    Nov 07

    Mine loves frozen mixed veggies (plus edamame) defrosted, and mixed with feta and olive oil and balsamic!!

  • Jessica
    Nov 09

    I let my kids squirt whipped cream on anything they wanted when they were little and now they’re massive veggie fans! I cringed when they used to put whipped cream on broccoli (why?!?), but they loved it and ate the broccoli and now they eat broccoli without the whipping cream. A little squirt of cream was only like 25 calories and I figured it wasn’t all that bad for them. Fun dips can help... More

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Oct 28

2 year old doesnt eat anything

My son turned 2 this August and i am worried as he doesnt eat anything sometimes whole day. Also he keeps coming to me to breastfeed and if denied screams at the top of his voice. We are having difficulty explaining to him that this is lunch/ dinner time and that he has to eat. Any suggestions on how to discipline toddlers.

  • Jennie
    Nov 01

    I've breastfed 4 children into toddlerhood (so far... I have a newborn) and one thing I'll say about toddler nursing is that it's ok to set boundaries. It's ok to say "No milkies right now, would you like a ???" If it's a snuggle because he's hurt or sad... a cup of water because he's thirsty etc. You can even have set times... like "we have milkies... More

  • Abigail
    Nov 05

    If he’s not eating solids at all, it could be for many reasons but you need to call early intervention and ask for an occupational therapist or feeding specialist. Especially if he used to eat solids and stopped.

Anonymous posted in House & Home Oct 27

Opinion or experience living in a condo townhouse with 4 levels or top two floors with young child?

Husband wants to buy a townhouse with master bedroom on one level and two other bedrooms on another level meaning toddler’s room would be on another level. Would you put your young kiddo on another floor by themselves?

  • annag
    Oct 31

    we looked for a house with stairs. i think they're important.

  • Jen
    Nov 01

    We live in a 2 story house. My LO sleeps in the bed with us because I’m scared for her to be upstairs where I can’t get to her fast enough if something were going on. She has fallen down the stairs once and we are very careful with going up and down. She fell from the top and rolled hard to the bottom and hit the tiled floor. It was scary and now my dad has me scared to death about her accident... More

Anonymous posted in Money Oct 26


Does anyone use coupons for grocery shopping? I feel like this is a dumb question, but I’ve tried websites and looking in the mail for flyers before and think I may be missing something because I rarely find coupons or they don’t seem to offer significant savings (usually I see promos for sales, but not a true “coupon.) I’m not trying to be an extreme couponer, but if it’s easy enough I’m inte... More

  • Jessica
    Oct 31

    I had the best luck couponing when I was part of a group that did a coupon swap. We would bring coupons that we didn’t use and it helped the rest of us get ones we actually needed. I saved 10% regularly! That being said, you can’t be very brand loyal if you want to maximize savings. It’s work but can save you.

  • Tina
    Nov 21

    I use rakuten. I get money back for shopping online and I like my credit card to my account so when I use the card in any store I get cash back. It’s great.

Krystal posted in Clothes Oct 23

How do I clean this??

Can someone please tell me how to clean dirty puffer coats.. the material will not come clean no matter how many times I wash. My daughters both have pink puffer jackets for school and they look awful after recess. Any ideas?

  • Jenn
    Oct 27

    I use oxi clean. If it doesn't come out of the washer clean, then I let a pile of corn starch sit on the stains for 24+ hours then rewash. Corn starch helps with oily stains.

  • Yanis
    Oct 27

    I put Dawn dish soap wherever there is a dirt stain like on the sleeves, let it sit a few minutes and then wash normal. So far it has worked

Give me all the organizational tips, please!

We are expecting our second daughter in December and we will be trying to make our tiny two bedroom apartment work until we can buy a house. We’re pretty minimalist and don’t have a lot of clutter or unnecessary stuff, but I’m desperately looking for some kitchen organization hacks. I think I spend a good deal of my life these days frantically hunting for Tupperware lids and I might lose my ... More

  • Anne
    Oct 17

    Idea: throw a reverse baby shower! Invite friends and family to your home for a day to help you organize, build shelving, and take things to donation/trash/etc. Or help themselves to things you don't need anymore!

  • Jade
    Oct 17

    @Anne you blew my mind with that one! So. Good.

Ariel posted in Newborns Oct 14

Sharing room with newborn baby

Hello everyone. My husband and I live in a one bedroom apartment in Glendale. The rent is $1600. For now we cant move out of here for several reasons. Now I am 6 weeks pregnant and I am worried is it ok to share the bedroom with newborn baby?? Has anyone done that?

  • Kieli
    Oct 14

    Definitely do what is best for you and your family, only reason I had my daughter in my room for so long is because we were living with family and she had to be with us. As soon as my 5 month old is finished breast feeding I will be putting her in the room with my 2 year old.

  • Lindsey
    Nov 01

    Do what works for your family, it may take trying a few sleeping arrangements to find out what that is but, agree with the above comments - it's recommended babes be in the room with you. If you have a bassinet and you end up needing to put babe in the living room at night, that may work too.

Anonymous posted in Family Life Oct 12

Early bird gets the worm.

I need some advice. I am a stay at home mom that occassionally works as an independent contractor. I get up pretty early to take my kids to school, and get a start on my day. Although, my husband doesn't. He goes to work whenever he wants [also, an independent contractor] so he doesn't have a super weird schedule where I would have to be mindful of noise level. BUT, everyday when I com... More

Laundry soap choices

I'm a working mom who doesn’t always have time to wash clothes right away. So when my child has stained clothes I can’t always throw them in the washer, since I live in an apartment and the laundry room is always busy! My question is: what laundry soap is best to use on kid’s clothes to get old stains off?

  • Liza M.
    Oct 08

    Oxiclean spray and Dreft spray are the best!!

  • EmmaD
    Oct 10

    Better than any stain removers moms k have recently learnt: Boil a kettle of hot water and pour it (the whole kettle full) straight into the stain. Sometimes you can assist with some dishsoap or stainremover or Sonett Gallsoap it doesn work right away but mostly does . the plain hot water is amazing on fruit stains especially! :-) Mud stains i would scrape off and then look up a video on it 😂

Marilyn posted in Behavior Oct 06

Picky Eater

My soon to be 2 year old son is by far one of the pickiest kids alive. And i say that because my other 2 kids will eat the dirt from outside if they could. He’s a pigeon eater as i like to call it. Kid survives on a meal a day and snacks 🤦🏽‍♀️ I’ve been looking into like pediasure and things of that nature. Any suggestions, recommendations even words of encouragement will work at this point

  • JEaton
    Oct 07

    My 2.5 year old has become very picky and I brought it up to my pediatrician because I was debating starting a multivitamin. He told me my son sounded just like his daughter who lived on goldfish, chicken nuggets, and macaroni and cheese for years (without a multivitamin). Since my son is developing and continuing to gain weight normally, he isn't concerned. So, neither am I. I just do ... More

  • Anonymous
    Oct 07

    What kind of snacks is he eating? If you are leaving food out all the time then he has no reason to be hungry at meal times. If you stick to serving the same meals to him and don't offer new foods here will never try new things because he won't have the chance. For about a month now I've been putting 1 or 2 carrots in my 3 yo lunch box once in a while. It has always been there u... More

Anonymous posted in Money Sep 29

Home Renters, Help!

My husband and I are having trouble with renting a house. It seems we don't meet the standards needed to rent and although we make enough to pay for a nice home,[my husband and I each own our own companies for over 3 years now, makes $$$ steady income] no-one will give us the time of day because of our low credit. We are young starting up and our family is growing fairly rapidly to still be... More

  • Anonymous
    Oct 15

    UPDATE: We were able to find a landlord that was willing to work with us and our situation.


What do you charge as a Babysitter? What are babysitters charging these days?

  • Karla
    Oct 06

    We have a family friend that was watching my son. She asked for $500 per month. She would watch him maybe 3 or 4 times per week at most. We got lucky when she volunteered since she wasn't working. He also got home cooked food from her. But definitely heard $20/hr minimum

Raji posted in Safety Sep 24

Kiddo keeps touching, turning on/off stove top knobs 😭🤦🏻‍♀️

Has anyone gone through this; what kind of words did u use to discourage this behavior. She is always in the kitchen when we are cooking and won’t leave the stove top knobs alone. Anytime I try to talk about safety etc. she goes on about all the things in her view. She is 21months.

  • Vonda
    Sep 29

    We have knob locks and talk about how they are ‘hot’. It’s also one of the things in the house I get the ‘NO’ voice with. Not yelling. Just a pronounced mom No voice. So he learned quickly that knobs were not something to touch. He watches me be about safety and heat in the kitchen so much he gives me back the covers/locks for the knobs when I don’t put them back immediately after I turn them o... More

  • Serrina F.
    Oct 09

    My stove knobs are on the top panel part of the stove so thankfully I don't really have that problem. But my little guy is trying to open up the oven door so what we say to him is "ouchy ouchy ouchy", "hot hot hot", "no touching no touching". But I would most definitely go with the knob coverings just to be double covered!

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Sep 17

How long does it take your kids to eat dinner?

My almost 21 month old kiddo takes more than an hour to eat, every single day. She sits for good 15-30 minutes and then walks around or reads and one of us have to feed her. It just delays the bath and bed time. Just wondering how long other kiddos take..... we do family style dinner everyday.

  • Anonymous
    Sep 18

    Anonymous 1: ya we kinda passed on the booster seat, so hard to keep her contained. We are working on spacing out her last snack and dinner.

  • Anonymous
    Sep 18

    Anonymous 2: ya we are working on her knowing if she is full or not. I guess it’s hard as we wanna make sure she is full for the night and not go hungry, hence the feeding her part. The thing is she keeps eating if u keep feeding her so not sure she is still hungry or she eating cuz she is getting bites. Maybe, we’ll just try a few days of her feeding her self and then stop. She does eat and ta... More

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