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Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking 5h ago

Importance of milk for toddler?

My two year old pretty much self-weaned off her bottle, but she refuses to have any (dairy) milk of any kind. I haven’t tried flavoured milk as I couldn’t justify the sugar intake to myself. I tried homemade banana milk and milkshakes, but again, she refuses. A few mom friends seemed shocked that my toddler doesn’t have any milk as part of her diet. Doesn’t help that my daughter is a fussy eate... More

  • Ashlie
    2h ago

    It could be the lactose that's in the milk it could be hurting him there's this milk that is lactaid free black toast it's a blue thing with the milk with the cow but it taste like regular milk but it doesn't have lactose in it so it doesn't hurt the stomach

  • Ángel
    1h ago

    Have you tried powdered milk? I’ve bought NIDO for my one year old a couple of times, especially when sick because he’s fussy about eating and drinking. Anyways, it has like a sweet taste but it’s also fortified with vitamins.

Anonymous posted in Allergies & Asthma Today

Baby allergic?

FTM so sorry if this is a dumb question. For the first time this morning I noticed what looks like a very mild rash across our baby’s back. She also had a few spots on her tummy that looked like TINY bug bites (hives)? I checked all her sheeting, since we have two large dogs, but found nothing. She’s been eating organic oatmeal for 2 months plus small bites of our dinner every couple nights.... More

  • Lulu
    5h ago

    I will be honest, I really don't think it has anything to do with your diet or babe's, but you can never be too cautious

  • Stephanie
    2h ago

    If you have animals that could be flea bites to my niece was extremely allergic to fleas and bites and one bite would make her break out in a little rash :(

Finger foods

What foods can a 7 month old eat with 2 teeth? I’m afraid he will choke on everything so I’m still giving purées.

  • Dawn

    We were told "before one, just for fun". Puree up all sorts of foods and let him see if he likes it. For now, though, most foods will be too much for him unless pureed or mashed into small pieces. If it's just a teething issue, I'd recommend waffles. They can cool their gums and chew at the same time :) good luck! <3

  • Lily

    Mine just didn’t have any food before about 10 months, and at that point I just gave her whatever I was eating. She is a pro eater now and eats everything. I just never gave her the caned food. Food before one is just for fun! Good luck!

Solid foods

My daughter turns 1 in 2 days and only have 2 teeth! Is this normal ha she can eat anything as long as I cut it up real good but what kind of solid food snacks should I give to a 1 year old with only 2 teeth?

  • Alfredo

    they make a mesh were u can put fruit and vegetables in it, have them chew and taste the food it helps stimulate their gum and help them grow their teeth. I did this to my daughter at 6 month and she had a full set by her 1st birthday.

  • Lauren

    She can eat anything but raw fish or rare meat (that must wait til age 5). Teeth don’t matter much for what you can give. My 7 month old gums steak and is successful. For snacks I personally would chunks of fruit, bagels, crackers, cheese, etc.

my daughter is almost one

My daughter is almost one year old she has eight teeth how do i introduce her to thick food or food that i eat....

  • Amber

    Just make sure whatever you make for her is cut into bitesize pieces. If you haven’t already been introducing things, then you may want to stick to one or two new things a week. Especially if food allergies run in the family. It just helps you narrow down the problem food if she does happen to have an allergic reaction.

  • Elle

    Anything they can mash with their gums. Egg Avocado Sweet potato Banana Boiled carrots (extra soft) Cooked squash, zucchini, peas, etc Gerber's Biscuit (Arrow Root) - it melts as they nom on it At 6 months, we gave our baby little pieces of food, and it turns out she wanted things cut into MUCH bigger pieces -- that she could grab,pick up, and nom on all herself. So we cut things into big... More

About eggs 🥚

Can my baby eat eggs ? She is 8months . Recommend me food for my baby . I prepare her own food .

  • Lauren

    Ask your dr about juice some say yes and some no

  • Elle
    4h ago

    Juice can be very acidic. Tomatos are hard on the kidneys. Ask pediatrician first.

Moving states

We have a 20+ hour long trip in the car hauling a trailer with a 5 month old and a 2 year old any tips on how to keep them happy on a long and stressful move?

  • Mare

    Good luck!! I've never driven that long with my toddler but when we go on long trips we let him watch the kindle for awhile. We also take lots of breaks and he has one of those steering wheel toys so he can "drive" too.

  • Shelby

    Lol thanks we are going to start it at night in hope we can get a lot of it done as the kids sleep 🤞but we will still have a long drive once they wake i just hope to keep them as happy as i can So far its just start as night bring toys have snacks in reach and room to sit between the kids if needed so i have a way to shimmy in back next to them 😂

My little use to readily eat anything nd everything. What changed?

My little girl use to happily eat anything you gave her, ready to decide for herself how much she likes/dislikes it. But now i cant even get her to eat an apple or her acai bowls. Any tips are much appreciated. She cant have yogurt and oatmeal for every meal.

  • Lulu

    Can I just say that if she does eat yogurt and oatmeal those are good carriers for lots of different foods! Just add to them! Maybe eventually she will enjoy the extra stuff :)

  • Amanda

    My son started that he is 2. We offer 3 things at every meal. One we know he will eat. One he used to eat. One new thing. He is slowly adding back to the list of what he will eat. We were told it's normal and don't try to force him he will grow out of it on his own

Kailey posted in Money Wednesday

Looking for a job for a stay at home mom

Hi there, I have been a stay at home mom for 3+ years but I feel a huge urge to help my husband financially and I also feel like I’m ready to work a little with my youngest being a year. I was looking for any serges toons on jobs that are flexible with schedule and I can do from home. Any suggestions?

  • Autumn

    There’s an app called Steady that you can download. It suggests several jobs that you can do on your own schedule. There’s lyft, Uber, UberEats, DoorDash, pet sitting jobs, teaching English to kids in China, dog walking, baby sitting, senior care, tutoring, etc. Truthfully though, I did some of those jobs and they helped at the time. Most of the stay at home jobs that have the real money comes ... More

  • Brienna

    You could look into transcribing. I worked for a company called Telenotes from home, choosing my own hours.

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Wednesday

Snack time?

Son just turned 12 months this weekend!! He hasn’t been as obsessed with whole milk as he was with formula so is it time to give snacks? How much and how often?

  • Anna
    7h ago

    My daughter is 15 mos. and she’s still breastfeeding. To me, I don’t really think she’s eating that much solid food. Any advice to get her eating more? She just plays with it.

  • Lulu
    6h ago

    @Anna same boat here! I just try to offer breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks and in the meantime try not to worry because she is getting lots of nutrients from my milk.

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Tuesday


When did you start giving your child popcorn?

  • Rachael

    I can't remember exactly, but probably 18 months and over. Just gotta watch because my 2 year old will grab out the kernels that weren't popped.

  • Kieli

    I started a couple months ago, so about 15 months but I started with little pieces and really watched her

My daughter is almost 14mon since i transition her into cows milk that’s all she wants ideas ??

  • Kelly

    We do a glass of milk in the morning and one before bed. The rest of the day we simply offer water (or occasionally watered down juices if he’s sick). Pick a limit you’re comfortable with and stick with it. She will drink water when she is thirsty if you hold out and don’t just give into the milk. Too much milk prevents proper absorption of nutrients from foods, so it’s important to not overdo ... More

  • Laura

    Doc said to limit to 16 oz cow's milk. Any more prevents absorption of other nutrients

Advice on easy home made foods for a One year old? He only has 6 front teeth

  • Serenity Marquez

    Thank you! 🤗

  • Lauren

    Anything you eat. Honestly my 7 month old eats everything I do so I just make one meal. I’ve just omitted honey in my diet for a year. They don’t need teeth to eat well. He’s even had steak.

Protein Bars and Breastfeeding

Hi, ladies! I'm curious if protein bars alone for a meal supply enough nutrition for breastfeeding. My hubs and I are on Weight Watchers, and sometimes for lunch (not everyday) I'd like to have a protein bar with say some fruit and veggies. Its alot quicker for me since lunch generally falls during my 6mo's nap, and ya never know when a baby will wake up! I know I could meal prep,... More

  • Jessica

    As long as you don’t physically feel hungry and your fairly balanced with your diet your body should be able to produce just fine 👌

  • Jessica

    You can always supplement with fenugreek or brewers yeast to help keep your supply up if your calories are consistently too low.

My 13 month doesn't eat any solid foods. He eats cereal and the food pouches. Any suggestions?

  • Kerry

    Sometimes it can take 3-5 times for a child to like a food so you def have to be persistent. I agree with Kelly about stopping or limiting pouches if he knows he will get them then he wont eat.

  • Lauren

    Offer what you are eating and model eating it. For more I formation look into Baby Led Weaning. Usually you start with it right away at 6 months and showing all signs of readiness but it could still help your child transition.

My 1 year old don't eat that much. She want milk all the time. What to do?

  • Cathy
    Nov 10

    Put ketchup on it or on the side 😂

  • Jody

    My twins were like that. We started offering bottles only after meals so they wouldn’t fill up on milk and not eat. It helped a lot, along with just giving them time!

Beyond a picky eater

My 2 year daughter doesn’t want to eat and it’s so frustrating. All she wants is milk. Any tips or tricks to get her to eat?

  • Maria
    Nov 09

    My boy was like that I cut back on the milk and started giving him other things like water or juice or I use to give him whole milk so I cut it to 2% and he was less full, so he would start eating more. But he never liked eating in his highchair so I would put snacky things on the table and he would be introduced to new things. But you need to stop giving the milk bc that's what makes them full

  • Amarpreet
    Nov 09

    Involve the kid in kitchen. Introduce him to foods. Let him/ her touch and feel the food, say its name (banana, quinoa, potato...). Let him see u cook one of the food item he is aware of. He will observe the process... serve small quantity for both you. Let him use fork/ spoon/ hands. He will surely TRY THE FOOD. However its a gradual process, it need patience and time. keep trying. The time w... More

Anonymous posted in Holidays Nov 08

Christmas is coming up fast and I am stressing financially!

I have 2 children who are young however, Christmas has always been the #1 holiday that I have always looked forward to. I am a single mom trying to make it by, and Christmas isn’t looking as bright as I thought it would be. Any suggestions or things you moms/dad have to make this still a special day for my little guys?

  • Miranda
    Nov 08

    Talk to churches or their schools? A lot of them have programs to sponsor your kids and help!

  • SkyeMarie

    Focus on the true meaning of christmas. It isnt about the money or the presents.

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