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Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Tuesday

Rice cereal

My mom has this obsession with the baby rice cereal. She tries to force it on me for my son SO much. I don't want to give it to him because I feel like there's no point/no nutritional value but she makes me feel crazy for thinking that. Does anyone have opinions on it?

  • Anonymous

    God I personally can’t take anymore pushy advice from older women or I’m going to blowwwww 🤯😤 I’m sure your moms a great person and all! Your baby will be okay. I personally am not doing any rice or oats until much later/older after many fruits and veggies are introduced through baby led weaning

  • Jessica
    6h ago

    When my baby started solids at 4 months, I used rice cereal as a base to mix with other puréed foods. He ended up enjoying the “real stuff” so much I didn’t need it anymore. You do what you think is best! When my mom gives me unsolicited advice I tell her “UA Mom, UA!” ;)

Ideas for toddler lunches

Looking for specific ideas to send for my two year old's lunches and two snacks at daycare. Not too messy. We don't have any food allergies and eat -mostly- whole foods. Also if you have any book or blog suggestions on the topic it would be appreciated. Please dont tell me to look it up on Pinterest. ;)

  • Julie

    Here are a few go-to’s for my 2 yr old.... Deli meat (I roll it like a stick so he can pick it up), string cheese, fruit, black beans, or a bean blend, corn kernels, hummus with pita, carrot sticks or crackers, peanut butter.

  • June

    I've done those squeezers for snacks bc they don't need to be kept cold and pretzels for substance with snack. For lunches usually just a half sandwich at that age I did and some cheese and a small Mandarin orange already peeled put intuitive lunch box with ice pack (to keep the cheese from spoiling) i always added M&Ms at the young ages. However many years they are old is how many they got :)

My 2yr.old son bad eating habits.

Whenever I try to feed him regardless of what it is he will eat less than a handful of food and most days he will only drink milk or juice. When it comes to tips are candy he can eat that all day everyday of course I don't give it to him but any tips on how to get hom to actually eat and healthy at that.

  • KMail

    Fruit leathers, squeezies (liquid snack pouch things), lemonade watered down, small cut fruits that are sweet and easy to eat) strawberries, mandarin oranges, etc). I’ve got nothing for vegetables... I have to mix mashed cauliflower and mashed potatoes, veggie squeezies and hope a gummy vitamin does the rest.

  • Jen
    6h ago

    My daughter would drink so much milk and juice that she wasn’t hungry. I wanted to make sure she stayed hydrated because she runs around 24/7. I had to reduce the amount of liquids and continue with the healthy foods.

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Monday

Baby food habits...

Hey everyone.. I am looking for some advice on my baby's food habits. My boy is 11 Months now. It's not that he doesn't like baby food or purred food. And I think he eats enough for lunch dinner etc. But I have observed that whenever someone around him is eating anything he would want it. Even a minute after his lunch/dinner. Specifically fruits. He would leave his food and just w... More

  • Anonymous

    Thanks kat. I know it's a lot of work. You are doing a great job 👍. And yes.. Thanks for the advice. I will start giving him some snacks.

  • Kendall

    It’s awesome to let him get tastes of other foods! I like to think he probably won’t eat a large helping of the foods he wants to taste from others, so I’d say it’s ok to let him right after a meal! I feel like this age is all about exploring. As far as crackers and such, I’d give it a go! My son kinda gave up on purees and he thinks he’s just the coolest thing ever bc he can feed himself! May... More

Baby Food Maker

Who makes their baby’s food and what all in on baby food maker would y’all suggest?

  • Kristina

    Hilary, I do the same thing! Works really well. Although I think I need to get silicone ice trays because my plastic ones are breaking, haha.

  • Mrs. Robinson

    You don't really need to buy anything. Anything with a "pulse" setting works to puree food. Steam or bake foods that are hard (like carrots) first then pulse them. My food processor works fine...or a blender...

Breakfast recipes with no eggs

My 20mo. vomits everytime she eats eggs so we stopped giving to her until she will be 2yr, which our physician said to try again at that age and if it keeps happening to have her tested to see if she has an allergy to it. Anyway what great breakfast foods do you guys give your little ones??

  • Ivy

    My eldest has an egg allergy (and oat) so we often use ground flax seed as a replacement in recipes. Pancakes and waffles are yummy with flax and bananas to replace eggs (or we buy Van’s waffles cause there’s no eggs). We also do toast and bagels (most are egg free), muffins, scones, smoothies, sausage and rice or bacon and rice.

  • Anonymous

    Pancakes and yogurt are our go tos!

Energy for mom and good meals to make for family (for Adults and kids)?

What are ways y’all first time moms keep up your energy? I am lazy and sleep most of the time when my baby sleeps and they don’t nap long so I don’t get much sleep. Drop some meals that you make for your family. I’d appreciate it! Thank you!

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Saturday

Picky eaters

My 2 yr old son refuses to eat anything but the snacks while at daycare so when I pick him up he's practically starving.... He is very picky about what he does eat and he usually just wants snack foods... What can I do to get him to eat more? Should I start giving him the pediasure side kicks?

  • Hannah

    Pediasure isn’t recommend for little kids. It’s really not beneficial for them. The facebook group baby led weaning for beginners and Beyond has great advice for picky eaters or toddlers.

  • KMail

    Make everything a snack. Cut it up so it’s small and room temperature and easy to snack on. If he has a snack catcher, stick it in there. It always sounds simple from others but we’re not perfect either, my kid won’t eat a vegetable to save my life 😑

1 year old doesn’t eat

I’m trying to get my baby to be more reliant on regular foods and whole milk rather than breast milk because she really isn’t eating solids at all anymore! I try 3-4 times a day but 99% of it ends up on the floor. I’m worried she’s not eating said to not nurse her as often and she will eat food when she’s actually hungry - but she won’t do it. What should I do??

  • Lulu

    My 13 month old is still nursing like crazy. I just offer food as often as possible even if she doesn't eat it but I still offer the breast too because then I know she's getting nutrients. I don't agree with withholding the breast, obviously that's what she needs right now so I just let her lead the way. I figure she knows what she needs best.

  • Lulu

    Apparently most 1 year olds go through this stage.

Geena posted in Flying Friday

Allowing toddler snacks during the airport security check?

I’m traveling overseas with our toddler later for the first time and I’m wondering, for those who have experienced it, if the security check will allow snacks for my toddler in my carry on? Just cookies, cereals and crackers?

  • Ivana

    I agree, have had different experiences depending on the airport in terms of TSA headache but ultimately they need to let you through with everything on their ok list. I got a small cooler backpack that you freeze so no need to pack ice packs and studded a bunch of snacks and meals in there when we flew to Europe. You never know if there will be delays! Also made the mistake of feeding my daugh... More

  • Geena

    Thank you everyone! Everything’s a big help and just to let you know he just slept, eat a bit and play a bit and slept again ❤️ will take note of your advices as we go back but his water was tested indeed for residue but that was it

Anonymous posted in Child Care Friday

I wish America had better laws for mothers when it comes to maternity leave or babies.

My daughter wouldn’t take a bottle and tried everything to get her to accept one. I had to go on unemployment, but if your not able to go back to work you can’t receive unemployment. That’s not fair! I worked to be able to receive unemployment. But to say I can’t receive it while helping my daughter take a bottle or a syringe is ridiculous! They have no understanding of how babies work and brea... More

  • Mickey

    I would sign a petition. Not all jobs provide benefits, FMLA, MDL or even care if you had a baby or a child with special needs. I work to get a check for someone working part time at McDonald's because of how much FMLA I use for my child. It makes me wonder do I BF my next child because he didn't take bottles from me and when he had to supplement with formula it's been a nightmare r... More

  • Gina

    We are so far behind other countries its ridiculous! The first year is so important in a child's life and other countries who give a full year as maternity leave understands that. I did have about 5 months but only 3 of it was paid so I guess that's something but we should definitely be doing better!

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Thursday

Balancing baby's diet

My 11mo daughter eats tons of vegetables. Her favorite food is broccoli. She does great with eating some meat and a little bit of dairy, but she refuses to eat fruit. She hates bananas. Hates apples. Hates watermelon. I just want to balance out her diet a little bit more, any ideas?

  • Sarah

    Is it okay to give them broccoli? I heard if we ate it while BF then it would make them gassy. I haven’t fed it to him(11mos now) for this reason. Great if it can be added without extra gas. Likewise, he doesn’t like bananas or watermelon. We kept trying, and he’s finally accepting apples.

  • Anonymous

    It's fine to give them broccoli. It can make them extra gassy, but it does that for adults too. My daughter has always been gassy and it doesn't seem to make her feel bad.

Incorporating meat into 12mo old baby diet

My baby girl will be one in the next few weeks but only has 3 teeth. I haven't really been incorporating meat in her diet because she can't chew it. I've tried shredded chicken and putting some in the processor, as well as ground turkey in tiny quantities here and there but that's it and she seems to spit them out or not eat it. She's getting older and I don't want her t... More

  • Julie

    My daughter loves sloppy Joe’s and tacos made with either shredded chicken, pork, or ground beef. Also fish is super flaky and pulls apart really easy in their mouths.

  • Bramdy

    I have the same problem with my son! He is 15 months and does not like meat at all!! Our doc told us that's normal that lots of babies are vegetarians at the beginning. He won't even eat chicken nuggets! But he loves yogurt, sweet potatoes, and cottage cheese so the doc said he is getting all the protein he needs...thank goodness!!

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Brittany posted in Money Sep 18

Starting a savings account?

My husband and I are wanting to start a savings for our daughter (2 months old). Is a regular bank savings good or should we look into another type of account? What gives the best interest/investment?

  • Christina

    Be mindful that not all kids go to college and that college accounts can effect your child’s financial aid if they do go. Depending on the account type and who is named on the account it can count towards assets or income. Do you plan to pay cash in full for your child’s education? If not, it is best to speak with a personal financial planner to learn what is best for your situation. Pay a li... More

  • Eva

    We opened both. We have a 529 account that we put money in on a monthly basis and also a savings account we plan to use during her formative years in school. She’s two now but once she gets older come all the soccer shoes, field trips and other costs associated with school.

Anonymous posted in Pets Sep 18

Adding a new member to the family that isn’t a baby !

Hi all! So I’m a young mom of 15 month old twin girls. I’m single and don’t really have much of a social life (which I’m ok with) but I’ve become sort of lonely and isolated especially since I just moved from a neighborhood I was comfy in. I want to get a dog to keep me company and make me feel a since of security especially at night. I have really bad anxiety from past trauma, so at night is w... More

  • Christa

    Devon- absolutely agree with you! That man is like a bible! I read all of his things- hence why Grizzly does so well! However, I also believe that breed does have something to do with it! Pit bulls are known to be safe and lovely family dogs !! As are mastiffs, and other breeds which many have condemned unsafe for family life. It’s all in how you train the dogs!!

  • Kate

    There are many Rescues that have the animals go thru tests to insure that it is good with kids. Many smaller rescues have foster families (many have children) and you can go and talk to the family about the dog you are interested in. Please I encourage you to adopt don't shop. It will not only benefit the animal but it will also make you feel great to know that you saved a life, it would al... More

One year old not eating

My daughter is one and she refuses to eat anything anymore and she only wants her bottle. Any recommendations on what to do?

  • Amanda
    Sep 18

    My son is the same way! He won’t eat meat at all but is taking small steps toward bread, fruit etc. he LOVES the little packets. Any of the ones that say 12+ because they have yogurt and oats etc. I’m glad to see this post and that I’m not the only one with such a picky eater!

  • Bee
    Sep 19

    Can also try bean juice my son favorite, chicken broth,

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Sep 17

Feeding my 1 Year Old (2 questions)

-My 12 month old doesn’t like to eat much at meal times. I’m still breastfeeding and plan to through the winter. However, when she eats solids, she doesn’t eat much before she tosses it all on the floor. How can I entice her to eat more? I feel guilty that she’s not eating better because everything I read says she should be having 3 meals and 2 snacks a day. -Also, how can I introduce whole mi... More

  • Rachel
    Sep 17

    As far as trying to get her to eat more I noticed with my daughter I would sit down with her and eat as well...and she followed in what I was doing! Also if she is throwing the food on the floor chances are she isn’t hungry doctor said if she is hungry she will eat...and I don’t stress over it anymore! She will eat when she eats! Lol I’m not sure about the breastfeeding...I could ... More

  • Katrina
    Sep 17

    On the breastfeeding side, you absolutely don't have to start pumping! From a year on, breastfed babies with a well rounded diet don't require other types of milk. Cow milk is one way to get calcium and other nutrients, but it's not the only way, and if baby is already eating other dairy products those will supplement the breastmilk. Many babies over one year switch to water during... More

Dog mom advice.

I have two big dirty dogs that roll in the grass (and who knows what else), eat dirt, and then come in our house. I’ve recently kicked them off our furniture except for an area on our couch with a blanket but I’m starting to freak out since my son can’t stop sucking on his hands. Once he starts really picking things up and moving around I’m just worried about what he’ll be putting in his mouth.... More

  • Jackie
    Sep 17

    I have a dog as well it’s helps so much with their immune system but maybe getting a habit of taking the dog for a bath and just keeping wipes around for your child toys will help as well

  • Gabby
    Sep 19

    I have 2 big dogs and a 19 month old at first I thought the same her putting her hands in her mouth and the dogs on the furniture but she’s fine I designated a area for her with a play mat that the dogs aren’t allowed to go on so she always plays there they don’t touch her toys - I do clean her toy once a week have a little spray bottle with alcohol so I just wipe her stuff down - they do hav... More

My daughter is 3 and she refuses to eat I need help. This is stressing me out ! Help please!

  • Kali
    Sep 17

    Pediasure or Ensure. We use it with my two year old and he loves it! His favorite is the strawberry

  • Val

    How is your daughter doing

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