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Your house is so much more than a place to hang your hat. For parents, it's a nest — sometimes held together by a twig — while for children it's a place to be nourished and grow.

This is a place to discuss homemaking and share tips on managing your household, including cooking, finances, decor and time management.

Here's your daily toy-purging inspiration

A mom friend of mine is a hardcore minimalist and she just shared this post about managing toy creep. She has — brace for it — only TWELVE toys for her 2 kids. 12 toys in TOTAL. I have 12 toys under my couch right now. I especially love this part: "So how do we make up for the lack of toys? Here's our secret... we go out. A LOT. As a family. To kid-friendly places like zoos, aquari... More

  • Joanna

    Inspirational? Maybe. But first I need to send my kids to preschool/school for 7-10hrs/M-F too! Daycare and extended school hours is more expensive than extra toys or a museum membership. Toys are not just things filling up our home. It helps with skill development. Gross motor, fine motor, sensory, imagination. So the original blogger doesn't have paint or playdough at home? I might not ... More

  • Geraldine

    Good post Anne. We toe the line. As our kids are getting older we’re purging a lot of the toys they no longer have an interest in and/or are no longer age appropriate and we do end up going out more - gymnastics and swim classes. I agree that there’s still a balance to be maintained during the weekend as far as chores. My husband and I both work full-time but it’s doable. I’m not saying yo... More

Keith posted in Money Wednesday

What “family” policies do you want to see nationally and/or state-wide?

Parents! What “family” policies do you want to see nationally and/or state-wide? What policies exist in your states that you think could/should be rolled out nationally? (California has a family leave act right?) Here are some things I’ve collected from my dad groups: This nation should have at minimum 6 weeks of paid leave for ALL parents, Mother, father, and adoptive parents. A clause fo... More

  • Shadiah

    Child care should be subsidized by the government - at least partially. The $5,000 dependent care FSA is measly and should be increased. Also, it favors larger companies (smaller companies are not eligible to offer it based on onerous compliance issues).

  • Julie

    I think from a policy perspective, we need to take a closer look at summer. 12 weeks to figure out what to do with kids is a long time and places a burden on families who cannot afford child care or expensive camps. In my experience, summer is a scramble for the primary parent regardless of career status (at-home parents included). Given that kids lose 30% of what they learn over the summer,... More

Dinner ideas for 10 month old?

I'm looking to get more creative with my daughters dinners she just started eating real food but I want to start giving her more meal type things instead of the purees. Any suggestions? TIA

  • Cathy

    I would also add grilled cheese!

  • Elle

    Vegetables always. Get them to appreciate them young. Vegetables re thr most varied food group. Different ones, prepared differently. Different shapes,,textures, colors...

Nicole posted in Money Monday

Part-time, Full-time or SAHM?

If you had the option, which would you choose? It’s nice to have my own money, but daycare is SO expensive and I don’t want to miss out on this precious time when he’s so young..

  • Shantel

    If I had the option it would be part-time..

  • Jenn

    SAHM for 6 months then part time. I'm a SAHM (no plans for work in the near future) and spending every waking hour with my kid drives me bonkers sometimes. I'd love to answer to someone who doesn't have a PhD in whining.

Anyone have suggestions for a baby food maker?

  • Chloe

    Thanks for everyone's suggestions.

  • Anonymous

    Sage Spoonfuls has been great for us

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Sunday

Recipe ideas please.

I have one big packet of dried apricots from Turkey. Apricots are v good source of vitamin C. How can I incorporate dried apricots in my 8mos old’s diet? Plz suggest some easy recipes.

  • Karniyati

    I cook carrots or apples with dried apricots for my little one

  • Daniel

    Check out recipes for Tah Dig, or jeweled rice. Mostly adding chopped fruits and nuts to rice before cooking.

Formula Coupons

Ive received these coupons along with samples of formula. Does anybody know where i can used them I've tried Walgreens they said they couldnt take them because it has to b processed as a check 😒😒

  • Gabriela
    Jul 14

    Walgreens always takes mine. For the p story st 6 years. I have a 6year ple, 3 year old and 8month old.

  • Adora
    Jul 14

    Super markets! I went my a Giant near me. They usually cash it as a travelers check

My LO needs to gain more weight

I’m trying to incorporate more protein and fat to my baby’s diet. Has anyone tried adding olive oil to their baby’s food as a healthy fat? Also tips for adding cheese? She’s 9 months and her second set of teeth are starting to come out. It sure if that is relevant but just something I wanted to share! 😁

  • Trisha
    Jul 12

    I say lead by example. Eat something, and let your kids see you eating. They will almost always what you have!! That was how my sons got to be such good eaters. My oldest would sneak up and steal my mug of tea off the counter and drink it...and i would find an empty mug. I used to put honey in my tea; so much for honey being toxic to babies under 18 mos old! They were drinking whole milk excl... More

  • Anonymous
    Jul 12

    @Trisha, honey isn’t toxic to kids under 1. They just have a way higher risk of getting botulism from it. Yours didn’t, but statistically it is a risk.

Silicone straws for kids

I recently purchased some silicone bendy straws for my large tumbler and I love them. I would like to get some for my kids to use but the ones I have are too tall and wide for kids cups. Does anyone have kids size silicone bendy straws? Where did you get them? (Please don't comment "check Amazon" - I have and I'm not seeing them. So give me a link or a brand or something more specific. Thanks!)

Anonymous posted in Family Life Jul 10

We have recently sold our house but will not be moving into our new home for about a month. Will be staying with family in the interim. Any tried and true tips to make moving easier on a 2 1/2 year old?

  • B
    Jul 11

    We just moved with a 16mo. I bought a few kids books about moving that we read for weeks before. Also, I made sure all her toys were set up and both that area and her room had no boxes right from the start. Once she started playing with familiar stuff and her room seemed comfortable, she seemed much better. The familiar things really seemed to help.

  • Michelle
    Jul 14

    We made sure that the very first night her bed was put back together and her room was in a somewhat orderly fashion. She needed things to look familiar in her room to feel comfortable and sleep.

Finish Your Plate...

...A phrase that I heard growing up often. I was never allowed to leave the table until I drank my gigantic glass of milk, or ate every parcel of food on my plate. Now I despise milk, and have an unhealthy habit of overeating. My husband and I often talk about what we will enforce as parents, and what we will be relaxed on. I would hate to implement those same tactics as my parents did on me.... More

  • Valerie

    Every meal that my son gets is served on his segmented food mat. Everything that I serve him, I’m ok with him eating just that and nothing else, or the whole lot. Eg: chicken, brown rice, peas/broccoli mix. If he eats it all, great! If he just eats chicken or rice, fine. I don’t offer him any reward or “treat” for finishing his food, or any alternative. He can ask for crackers and I make a big ... More

  • Seani

    One thing I’ve learned is when your child is hungry they will let you know. Lol. I place small sized portions on his plate. Have him say grace and eat. When he decides he’s finished I ask him if he wants me to throw the food away or save it for later. He always tells me to throw it away when he’s full and to save it when he’s still hungry but distracted. I’ve never coached him on which to choos... More

Anonymous posted in Money Jul 09


Has anyone filed for bankruptcy? What steps did you take? Where did you start? And how has it affected you (other than lowering your credit score)?

Overweight child

My daughter is very tall for her age (5yrs) and also a bit heavy, technically obese. That is so hard to even acknowledge, but it’s the truth. I’ve met with her pediatrician and she is also concerned about her weight, but acknowledges that my daughter is not your average 5yr old. People often are surprised of her age-she is often mistaken for an 8 yr old. My spouse and I certainly try to monitor... More

  • Marisa
    Jul 06

    I work in healthcare with children. Best recommendation is to increase physical activity as others have said. Also portion control! It’s not all about what she eats but how much. If still hungry after first serving of dinner for example, give seconds of lean protein or fruits/veggies. Shouldn’t be having 2nd, 3rds of carbs like rice, pasta, etc. Also try to cut out sugary beverages like soda/po... More

  • Paulette
    Jul 07

    I always offer my son fruits and veggies and sometime surprise him w various fruits tray having them try new fruits and veggies (even just a nibble will help) the next time u reintroduce the fruit they can know what it is and try it again. As someone whos been trying to loose weight i find myself talking outloud while i inspect my body in mirror most times my comments were negative( im fat etc)... More

Baby food pouches: yea or nay?

“With particularly excessive use, pouches may fail to challenge children at a crucial stage of feeding and oral development — when they are learning to chew and swallow soft foods, which helps with speech, and when they need varied and multi-sensory experiences, which helps develop a palate for a wide range of foods later on.” More

  • Vijaya
    Jul 10

    My 10 month old is the same Megan ☹️. I try some texture everyday but he gags and often vomits....

  • Desiree
    Jul 11

    I use them when we travel. I keep one in my bag in case we are out later than intended.

Coll posted in Diapering Jul 03

Cheapest place to buy diapers?

  • Kelly
    Jul 04

    I completely second Amazon’s subscribe and save. The boxes are larger than what you get in most stores and you can’t beat the convenience of having them magically appear on your doorstep. I don’t think I ever paid more than .13/diaper (using pampers) in the almost 2 years by son was in diapers, and it was usually closer to .11/diaper.

  • Carrie
    Jul 06 has a brand of diapers out of Canada called cuties. We’ve been buying these in bulk and using them for two years now. They work great and are significantly cheaper than anything else I found

Ideas on sushi

I’d like to hear some input on introducing sushi to my 1 year old. He enjoys tuna sandwich and friend fish so I’m guessing California rolls and anything along the line of crab mix would be okay? Have any mommas given their babies sushi?

  • Shauna
    Jul 03

    Any child under 10 years of age digestive system or just body in general, in my opinion, can't break raw fish down. So in my humble opinion wouldn't give it till then.

  • Jenni
    Jul 05

    We’ve introduced California rolls and non-raw food rolls with our more adventurous eater (she’s 6). Our 3 yo won’t eat any sushi, but is starting to like seaweed snacks (can get in bulk at Costco) and likes edamame. You could try those for starters.

Anonymous posted in Allergies & Asthma Jul 02

Just found out my 1yr old is allergic to dairy, eggs and peanuts. What foods can she eat?

  • Vee
    Jul 02

    I'm pretty sure that there is a vegan section in most stores out there. Almond milk is awesome (sweetened) Also, theres egg alternatives out there, more so in liquid form though, for scrambled and for cooking. Theres vegan options for a variety of foods, desserts and drinks. Costs a little extra, but makes it so theres more options out there...

  • Anonymous
    Jul 03

    My nephew has those same allergies plus tree nuts. It does seem over whelming at first but as you learn more of what your child can have it gets easier and there are probably lots of things you currently eat that are safe. While going for vegan stuff is great, things that are labeled as vegan are normally way more money than products that just happen to be egg, and dairy free, and vegan won'... More

Babysitting cost

What is the normal rate for babysitters?

  • Momof1

    In Miami: $10 an hour

  • Tiffany

    GA a drop in rate is 50 and a teacher at the daycare my son attends said she will watch him on Saturday for when I have to work for 50 dollars

How do you get household chores done when you’re alone with your 10 month old?

  • Shauna
    Jul 01

    Boba wrap (baby wear) or put in bassinet and play games as I cleaned

  • Helen
    Jul 02

    Establish a routine of time to play with Mommy and time to play by myself.

Kids Room Decor

I gave my son my full mattress when I got a queen size. I want to add things to his room. Where is a good place for good, fun, but not over-priced items for kids' rooms?

  • Amanda
    Jul 01

    Hobby Lobby

  • Ann
    Jul 02

    On Nextdoor, a lot of your neighbors (and people all over your city) are likely to be selling stuff. Facebook has Marketplace and tends to have a lot of groups that sell or give things for free. It has some specific to baby stuff and I see baby furniture all the time in my area. Thrift and consignment stores too.

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