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Being a parent isn't just about sleepless nights and stressful days. It's important to find humor & delight in those small moments with your kids.

What made you smile today? Share your cutest and funniest pictures, stories, articles and parenting moments here!

Dads & Moms and Teamwork

There's a mom & dad that are tag teaming their 3 & 1 year-old on our flight, & it's adorable! The dad managed to get seated in a row with the two kids, the mom stayed further back. The kids are super adorbs & the mom's taking each them for walks when she can. Meanwhile, the dad's hanging out with the other kid (kids when the seatbelt sign's on). It's super-fun to see all the teamwork!

Anonymous posted in Babies May 14

New baby!

JUST found out we’re prego w #2 😁 we live across the country from our families so we need some ideas on how to tell everyone! Last babe we sent our moms onesies that had a due date on them..... any other ideas!??

  • Sara
    May 15

    Oh that's so fun! I've always wanted to surprise family but I couldn't wait to tell my mom. Depending on the age of your older one, you could skype and have your older one break the news. Or I like the idea of sending something like a "Grandma of 2" shirt they could wear.

Jennifer posted in Cute May 10

Happy Mothers Day!

Mother is an undying love, a love beyond compare, the one you take your troubles to, she is the one who really cares. We are all of this and more! So glad we're moms, it's one more sweet thing to share. I hope you all have an awesome day. Happy Mothers Day! 😊

Archival Clothes? #Throwback

Parents, if you're holding onto your kids baby clothes, maybe don't feel so silly, maybe they're for your grandkids😊 My dad held onto my clothes. He's been sending them to us, and the 8, 6, & 4 y.o. gang here love them! It appears they lasted forever in part because my mom was big on preemptive clothing maintenance, check out those ironed in patches!

  • Vonda
    May 09

    I was thinking of saving some clothes for the next generation. If not for kids; at least some baby clothes.

Anonymous posted in Marriage & Partnership Apr 24

Wedding anniversary? Celebrate 5yrs stupid?

Ok so we hit 5yrs next year. And I know everybody normally does a 10 yr celebration, but if my husband is up for it I want to do maybe like a big celebration (if it’s even possible as we live 24hrs away from all of our family) or maybe an informal vow renewal. In my mind the first 5 years are hard. That’s where you truly learn everything about each other and come to love it and become one. For ... More

  • T
    Apr 25

    I think EVERY year you make is cause for a celebration. Whether it be big or small. The first five are the most trying.

  • Anonymous
    Apr 26

    That’s what I was thinking. He’s in the military and the last five years was the hardest with him have to go out to sea and the we had a child who is turning two this year. We are still striving. Be nice to do that big celebration.

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Apr 15

Hydration and milk production at night

I always try to stay super hydrated, but recently I thought, I need to gulp extra water before bed because I don’t wake up and drink water for 7+ hours while I sleep? Therefore, wouldn’t I have low supply in the mornings? But then I remember that night is when we produce the most milk due to some chemical stuff I don’t remember... so then does that chemical stuff basically create more milk pro... More

  • Ivy
    Apr 16

    I have no idea how it works, but I’m suffocating at night from the bricks on my chest! I try to avoid water at night, but I do get very thirsty! Probably because my body is taking all the water from me to make milk. I do notice that I don’t have the urge to pee when I wake up, like I usually do. When I do drink a lot of water, I end up having to pump or else I’m soaked through my breast pads

Maranda posted in Clothes Apr 13

Mommy and son outfits

Are they any good websites/stores that have cute mommy and son outfits? I

  • Elena
    Apr 15

    I try to buy similar if not exactly the same like we both have same Nike shoes I got as matching Adidas outfits. I sometimes shop dmfrom the young man section to find a botton down shirt and it works out fine :)

  • Joy
    Apr 15

    I Find most of this on Amazon. I just search for mommy and son outfits. It’s worth a try I hope it helps.

If you think one baby is a lot...


  • Jenn
    Mar 30

    I read that! Didn't she have a single birth and then twins??? So crazy! How did her doctors not see that???

  • B
    Mar 30

    She never had an ultrasound so they had no idea. Such a rare and crazy story. Twins alone are terrifying to me!

Anna posted in Cute Mar 25

Why We Want To “Nibble” Our Babies 😜

I think about this article I read some years back whenever I am worried I might give my baby a hickey on her face from so much squishy kissing...😂💜 https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/why-do-we-want-to-bite-cute-things-like-adorable-newborn-babies/

  • Anonymous
    Mar 25

    I saw something like this on fb. They called it cute aggression and it supposedly makes us better parents in a way, I don’t know how but it’s hard to resists lol

Alan posted in Cute Feb 23

Best friends in the making

I guess they like the breeze. Lol

Baby name help

So I'm pregnant with baby girl number 2 and I need help with names. My daughter is Kaylee so I would love something that goes nicely with it. I would love any suggestions you guys have!

You can do everything “right”

....and your 17 month old will still try to eat blue play doh🙄.

Just a thought

I’m sitting here on our bed while my husband is putting out hysterically crying baby. He’s so patient, she keeps getting up and crying and he just softly tells her it’s okay that he’s there and wow. Extremely thankful for him ❤️💛

  • Elle
    Jan 24

    My husband is the same way. Its good to be thankful for each other, esp when one partner can step in to help other the other!

Anonymous posted in Siblings Jan 21

For the parents that have 2 kids or more...

Did you notice that your first and second child have opposite personalities? I only have one wild child right now but a lot of parents that I talk to at the parks with more than one kid have mentioned that their second somehow ended up with the complete opposite personality as their first. Loud vs quiet. Risk taker vs careful. Wild vs calm. Good listener vs bad listener. I just noticed this ... More

  • Myrtle
    Jan 23

    My first is calm and extremely cautious. My second is very emotional and a risk taker

  • Steven
    Jan 24

    I have 2 boys, almost 5 & 3. My big guy is sensitive, my little one is not. My big guy is shy, little one the mayor. I was a shy as a kid, broke out of my shell in my mid teens. Most certainly random.

What is your go to place for parenting advice or answers to questions?

Do you ask your mom, MIL, facebook mommy groups, Winnie, google, a specified book, etc? Picture for attention!

  • Michaela
    Jan 21

    My mother in law... and my mom depending on what it is (she can get very naggy, so I filter for her)

  • Morgan
    Jan 24


Alexis posted in Cute Jan 11

Mommy and me

I’m 5 months pregnant I wanted to do something with her before it’s all about big belly and baby. she had a outfit malfunction so her bow had to hold up her dress. 😂 Jcpenny was having great deal. We are having another girl. I can’t wait to pictures of those two. 🥰

Ciara Grey posted in Cute Jan 10

Be Encouraged!

So many of us on here second guessing and being hard on ourselves (myself included) Here is a little encouragement!

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