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Being a parent isn't just about sleepless nights and stressful days. It's important to find humor & delight in those small moments with your kids.

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Allergic to my mil

I mean, it’s either that or a pure coincidence that upon her arrival for the long weekend I began sneezing incessantly, eyes were watering, and I finally had to pop some Benadryl. 😂😱

  • anonymous mom

    It was mostly a joke, but she is a walking perfume advertisement 😆🤦‍♀️

  • cocomac

    My mil also loves strong perfume. I smell her for a couple days at my house after she leaves. I considered asking her not to wear such strong perfumes as it could hurt the baby 😂 but I now also immediately wash my baby if she smells like mil... I don’t need an olfactory memory of her whenever I hold my baby!!!

Jenn posted in Funny Thursday

Sometimes you just have one of those days...

I call it “Public restroom confessionals w/two kids who have to poop” #standardsafterkids #thankgoodnessitwasacleanrestroom

C posted in Funny Wednesday

Sleeping face down, butt up. Why?

I've got a one year old who has recently taken to sleeping with his butt sticking up in the air. What's this about? I don't find it worrying, but definitely puzzling.

  • Jeremy

    Ours did it too, all good

  • anonymous mom
    5h ago

    My daughter does the same. I have no idea why but I finally understand what “childs pose” was all about from back when I had time to go to yoga😂🤣

Yo posted in Cute Oct 07

A cute idea ?

Good day all, What would be a cute idea/surprise for somebody to receive their significant other at the airport other than the traditional flowers and balloons ??? I can’t honestly think of anything else lol

  • Kieli
    Oct 07

    As long as your getting there right when they arrive lol

  • PK
    Oct 07

    A funny or flashy sign to embarrass them?

Anonymous posted in Funny Oct 06

What do you miss most about not have kids?

So if you could go back in time before you had kid(s) what would you tell yourself not to take for granted. My top 3 1. Enjoy going to sleep whenever you want to. Even if its 8pm. 2. Running in the store for one thing ( in less than 5min) 3. Going to my car, getting in and leaving. So what's yours?

  • Natalya

    Everything!!! I think my freedom and ability to do things and going places on a wimp, being spontaneous, not being responsible for anyone else

  • A

    When a vacation was just a vacation. I miss it so much. My kid is an amazing traveler and I guess we are lucky to even be able to travel and enjoy places with him but MAN the planning and packing is stressful.

What would be the female version of the name Lander?

  • PK
    Jul 30

    Lana? Lander means territory and looks like Lana has different meanings that include little rock

Dads & Moms and Teamwork

There's a mom & dad that are tag teaming their 3 & 1 year-old on our flight, & it's adorable! The dad managed to get seated in a row with the two kids, the mom stayed further back. The kids are super adorbs & the mom's taking each them for walks when she can. Meanwhile, the dad's hanging out with the other kid (kids when the seatbelt sign's on). It's super-fun to see all the teamwork!

Anonymous posted in Babies May 14

New baby!

JUST found out we’re prego w #2 😁 we live across the country from our families so we need some ideas on how to tell everyone! Last babe we sent our moms onesies that had a due date on them..... any other ideas!??

Jennifer posted in Cute May 10

Happy Mothers Day!

Mother is an undying love, a love beyond compare, the one you take your troubles to, she is the one who really cares. We are all of this and more! So glad we're moms, it's one more sweet thing to share. I hope you all have an awesome day. Happy Mothers Day! 😊

Archival Clothes? #Throwback

Parents, if you're holding onto your kids baby clothes, maybe don't feel so silly, maybe they're for your grandkids😊 My dad held onto my clothes. He's been sending them to us, and the 8, 6, & 4 y.o. gang here love them! It appears they lasted forever in part because my mom was big on preemptive clothing maintenance, check out those ironed in patches!

  • Vonda
    May 09

    I was thinking of saving some clothes for the next generation. If not for kids; at least some baby clothes.

Anonymous posted in Marriage & Partnership Apr 24

Wedding anniversary? Celebrate 5yrs stupid?

Ok so we hit 5yrs next year. And I know everybody normally does a 10 yr celebration, but if my husband is up for it I want to do maybe like a big celebration (if it’s even possible as we live 24hrs away from all of our family) or maybe an informal vow renewal. In my mind the first 5 years are hard. That’s where you truly learn everything about each other and come to love it and become one. For ... More

  • T
    Apr 25

    I think EVERY year you make is cause for a celebration. Whether it be big or small. The first five are the most trying.

  • Anonymous
    Apr 26

    That’s what I was thinking. He’s in the military and the last five years was the hardest with him have to go out to sea and the we had a child who is turning two this year. We are still striving. Be nice to do that big celebration.

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Apr 15

Hydration and milk production at night

I always try to stay super hydrated, but recently I thought, I need to gulp extra water before bed because I don’t wake up and drink water for 7+ hours while I sleep? Therefore, wouldn’t I have low supply in the mornings? But then I remember that night is when we produce the most milk due to some chemical stuff I don’t remember... so then does that chemical stuff basically create more milk pro... More

  • Ivy
    Apr 16

    I have no idea how it works, but I’m suffocating at night from the bricks on my chest! I try to avoid water at night, but I do get very thirsty! Probably because my body is taking all the water from me to make milk. I do notice that I don’t have the urge to pee when I wake up, like I usually do. When I do drink a lot of water, I end up having to pump or else I’m soaked through my breast pads

Maranda posted in Clothes Apr 13

Mommy and son outfits

Are they any good websites/stores that have cute mommy and son outfits? I

  • Elena
    Apr 15

    I try to buy similar if not exactly the same like we both have same Nike shoes I got as matching Adidas outfits. I sometimes shop dmfrom the young man section to find a botton down shirt and it works out fine :)

  • Joy
    Apr 15

    I Find most of this on Amazon. I just search for mommy and son outfits. It’s worth a try I hope it helps.

If you think one baby is a lot...


  • Jenn
    Mar 30

    I read that! Didn't she have a single birth and then twins??? So crazy! How did her doctors not see that???

  • B
    Mar 30

    She never had an ultrasound so they had no idea. Such a rare and crazy story. Twins alone are terrifying to me!

Anna posted in Cute Mar 25

Why We Want To “Nibble” Our Babies 😜

I think about this article I read some years back whenever I am worried I might give my baby a hickey on her face from so much squishy kissing...😂💜 https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/why-do-we-want-to-bite-cute-things-like-adorable-newborn-babies/

  • Anonymous
    Mar 25

    I saw something like this on fb. They called it cute aggression and it supposedly makes us better parents in a way, I don’t know how but it’s hard to resists lol

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