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Being a parent isn't just about sleepless nights and stressful days. It's important to find humor & delight in those small moments with your kids.

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Alan posted in Cute Feb 23

Best friends in the making

I guess they like the breeze. Lol

Baby name help

So I'm pregnant with baby girl number 2 and I need help with names. My daughter is Kaylee so I would love something that goes nicely with it. I would love any suggestions you guys have!

You can do everything “right”

....and your 17 month old will still try to eat blue play doh🙄.

Just a thought

I’m sitting here on our bed while my husband is putting out hysterically crying baby. He’s so patient, she keeps getting up and crying and he just softly tells her it’s okay that he’s there and wow. Extremely thankful for him ❤️💛

  • Elle
    Jan 24

    My husband is the same way. Its good to be thankful for each other, esp when one partner can step in to help other the other!

Anonymous posted in Siblings Jan 21

For the parents that have 2 kids or more...

Did you notice that your first and second child have opposite personalities? I only have one wild child right now but a lot of parents that I talk to at the parks with more than one kid have mentioned that their second somehow ended up with the complete opposite personality as their first. Loud vs quiet. Risk taker vs careful. Wild vs calm. Good listener vs bad listener. I just noticed this ... More

  • Myrtle
    Jan 23

    My first is calm and extremely cautious. My second is very emotional and a risk taker

  • Steven
    Jan 24

    I have 2 boys, almost 5 & 3. My big guy is sensitive, my little one is not. My big guy is shy, little one the mayor. I was a shy as a kid, broke out of my shell in my mid teens. Most certainly random.

What is your go to place for parenting advice or answers to questions?

Do you ask your mom, MIL, facebook mommy groups, Winnie, google, a specified book, etc? Picture for attention!

  • Michaela
    Jan 21

    My mother in law... and my mom depending on what it is (she can get very naggy, so I filter for her)

  • Morgan
    Jan 24


Alexis posted in Cute Jan 11

Mommy and me

I’m 5 months pregnant I wanted to do something with her before it’s all about big belly and baby. she had a outfit malfunction so her bow had to hold up her dress. 😂 Jcpenny was having great deal. We are having another girl. I can’t wait to pictures of those two. 🥰

Ciara Grey posted in Cute Jan 10

Be Encouraged!

So many of us on here second guessing and being hard on ourselves (myself included) Here is a little encouragement!

Anonymous posted in Labor & Delivery Jan 02

Music during Labor

Did anyone who has had a baby before play music in the delivery room? Or is anyone planning to make a delivery playlist?

  • PK
    Jan 03

    I had a playlist set up and we listened in the car on the way to the hospital. I labored all through the night so my husband didn’t feel comfortable turning it on for me in the room since we weren’t sure how sound proof the walls were.. and he was nervous and music doesn’t help him.. and I had to try to sleep after I got my epidural.

  • Lauren
    Jan 04

    If you are going to make a playlist have a few ready to go. I though we’d listen to the ‘coffee house’ mix on Spotify. All I wanted in the moment was gangster rap which left my husband scrambling 😆

Sabrina posted in Babies Jan 01

Lemons & Limes with babies?

My son will be 6 months old in 11 days and I’ve been wondering at what age is it okay to let him try a lemon or lime? I don’t want the citrus to hurt him but he has such strong facial expressions as it is so I’m dying to see how he will react. Just don’t want to do it too soon and take a chance that the citrus will hurt his tummy. Any advice would be appreciated!

  • Sabrina
    Jan 01

    Lol. Same with my niece. I HOPE my son is different lol.

  • Valerie
    Jan 02

    I ate so many limes and lime salt when I was pregnant with my son. When he hit six months he wanted the pulp from lemons and limes. Never made a face when eating them. He will be two in a week and still loves to just eat the pulp with some salt

Kieli posted in Funny Jan 01

Happy new year!

Well we started the new year this morning with my 18 month old deciding she wanted to eat a piece of the dogs food 😂 🤦🏽‍♀️ how’s your new year going?

  • Julie
    Jan 02

    So funny!!! If you consider finding a teddy bear face down in a toilet a good thing, then our new year is also on point!!! 😳😱🤦‍♀️.

Share a goal for the new year!

Share one thing you really want to make happen in 2019. It can be parenting related or not. Sometimes sharing things publicly holds you accountable and helps make it reality. Mine is in the comments.

  • Anne
    Jan 03

    I have two: get off Facebook and get our budgeting/saving situation under control.

  • Lala
    Jan 15

    I want to work on co-parenting #MomOf7 #ItsNotThatHardLadies

Need a middle name

I need a middle name for Everleigh

  • Cherrie
    Jan 10


  • Cherrie
    Jan 10

    Or if u want something offbeat Faire, Ambrosia, or some such :/ hmm

Marie posted in Cute Dec 23

Which one is better?

  • Amanda
    Dec 23

    I like the black & white pic

  • Elle
    Dec 23

    The black and white. Suggest flipping the image.

Baby Monthly Photo

Looking for ideas for this month's monthly baby photo. If you did a December one, can you share yours? Thank you!

  • Tiana
    Dec 24

    I usually do outdoor pics. The lighting and backgrounds are easier to work with.

  • Mindy
    Dec 31
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