Multiple Children

Whether twins or siblings, there's no doubt that parenting more than one child can be as challenging as it is rewarding.

This is the place to ask questions and get advice on raising 2 or more children, including sharing space, sibling conflicts, and welcoming a new baby.

Anonymous posted in House & Home Monday

Space ideas

Looking at a 2 bedroom apartment and want advice on space saving, we have 2 kids, 9 year old girl and 4 year old boy, was thinking of them each having their own room and not sharing and then in the living room which is pretty large getting a sofa bed for my husband and I, anyone currently do this and is it working, ideas for organizing living room so it does not look like a room, portable close... More

  • Elys

    I vote for putting the kids together in a room and you guys take the master, everyone will be happier that way? If mom and dad are happy the kids will be too not the other way around ;)

  • Mary

    I think it’s totally doable with Murphy bed for you. If you have Instagram follow this blog: of course, it’s all pretty for the pics (nobody really keeps their home like that all the time) but it has good ideas for small space.

Leslie posted in Siblings Apr 14

Silly question..

Do you find it easier with one child or two? I’ve gotten mixed reviews from people and am contemplating trying for baby #2. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with how much of my undivided attention my son needs of me everyday. I almost feel like if he had a playmate he’d be more entertained and engaged. Thoughts from experience mommas?

  • MamaNukesYopolo

    Oh and please don’t bank on gender being an “easiness” meter. It’s not.

  • Priscilla

    I have never met a parent who thought having two was easier than one. Once in a blue moon when we’ve been able to drop one off with the grandparents and we only have one at home, it literally feels like we’re on vacation... like what are we gonna do with all this extra time and energy?! 😂 Think it’s just perspective though, obviously one feels hard (as opposed to having no kids) when it’s all y... More

Anonymous posted in Bathing Apr 13

Two kiddos close in age- bath routine?

In a few months I will have a newborn and a 2 year old. For those with kiddos close in age, how do you manage bath time with two? Once they’re older I know it’s easier. But I’m more so asking about the first few months when my littlest one will be tiny. Should I give them baths separately or try to do it all at once (saving time/energy). Just trying to get an idea of what my new “routine” could... More

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much for sharing (including pictures)! Do you think it matters if it will be boy/girl v. same gender siblings? When do kids start noticing that sort of thing?

  • Annie

    I don’t think gender matters for bath time when they’re so young. I have a son (2) and daughter (8 mo). I’m not sure when kids start noticing. My son is more interested in playing with his bath toys than, thankfully.

Anonymous posted in Products & Gear Apr 11

2nd child. I am having my second child (both boys), what will I need? Boys will be 21 months apart.

A double stroller? A high chair (or will my older son be out of his), a crib (or will my older son be out of his by the time the new baby moves out of our room at 6 months) etc.

  • K
    Apr 11

    I had twin girls when my son was 2.5. He was in a toddler bed since he was 15 mth bc he was climbing out of his crib. But, we knew we needed his crib, so we transitioned him before the girls came. He loved his new bed and the foam bumpers are amazing. Even with my huge belly I was able to lay with him and they went right back into shape. As for high chair, you have a few months. My son was out ... More

  • MamaNukesYopolo

    I had my first two 17 months apart, and my second and third 20 months apart. I got a double stroller, an extra cheap booster seat and that has worked well. Other purchases that happened sooner than normal were transitioning the older one to a toddler bed (or getting a new crib), getting a new car seat, and another baby monitor. I had one in my room for baby and one in the older ones room. I al... More

Anyone used the boppy lounger for twins? Is the boppy lounger worth it?

  • Jer
    Apr 04

    Thanks! Planning to get it as a gift, it’s not on her registry but i heard great things.

  • K
    Apr 04

    They are a great gift! One if those things you probably wouldn’t pay for yourself but are super happy someone did!

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Apr 02

How did you know you’re ready for another baby?

I’m turning 34 this year & my LO is about 15 mos (& we didn’t planned him). He’s an active (& a handful) toddler boy. But it doesn’t stop me & my hubby for wanting to have another one, plus our family & friends keep begging us for another?! We initially decided when our LO is more independent & can able to do more on his own, probably closer to 2 yrs old. But everywhere ... More

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Apr 03

    You sound ready! My husband and I knew when our oldest was pretty young and ended up having babies 17 months apart, and loved that so much, were three babies in and expecting a fourth this summer. I think if you both are ready to try and know you want a second, I would do it. My three barely three years apart from first to third and their bond is incredible, plus I’m overlapping sleepless night... More

Anonymous posted in Family Life Apr 01

Juggling baby and toddler bedtimes

My two month old is ready for her good night sleep around 7pm, but my 2 year old’s bedtime is around 8:30-9. My baby sleeps well but someone needs to be close if she starts to fuss otherwise it will take a long time to calm her back to sleep. My husband gets home with my son around 6:30pm so this means I’m often leaving right after dinner to put the baby to bed. My husband and son feel abandone... More

  • B
    Apr 02

    I’d either try to push babies bedtime back (and adjust naps and wake time to help), or get a monitor so that you can put her to sleep then go back from like 7:30-8:30 with the family.

  • Megan
    Apr 02

    We didn’t put our second in his own room until about 4 months old. So when he was that age we would have him downstairs with us til our bedtime. Either being held or in a swing. Once he was in his own room we started their bedtime routines together. We would have our toddler help put the baby to bed as part of her routine and than finish her routine. That helps keep her up a little later as she... More

Anonymous posted in Multiple Children Apr 01

Nervous for #2 arrival

Anyone else terrified for #2? Being pregnant with a toddler has been rough and well be 8 weeks left and counting . All the advise people keep telling me is how hard it will be and how awful it is - it doesn’t make me look forward to adding #2- they’ll be 21 months apart!

  • Megan
    Apr 12

    Just had my second in February. Mine are 17 months apart. No lie, it’s very hard. The days last a long long long time. So far it hasn’t gotten a ton “easier” but I have gotten more comfortable with the level of difficulty and the constant putting out fires. Someone always needs me. Always. It definitely wears you down very quickly. Honestly, I’m glad people were honest with me about that becaus... More

  • Annie

    My kids are 2 years apart, and I am home with both of them everyday, all day. It was exhausting for the first few months, but it got a lot easier once everyone was settled into our “new normal”. Make alone time with the oldest a priority when the baby sleeps. Also, having friends or family take one kid allows you time to bond with the other, rest, do whatever keeps you sane. Also, don’t blink!... More

If you think one baby is a lot...

  • Jenn
    Mar 30

    I read that! Didn't she have a single birth and then twins??? So crazy! How did her doctors not see that???

  • B
    Mar 30

    She never had an ultrasound so they had no idea. Such a rare and crazy story. Twins alone are terrifying to me!

Liza M. posted in Newborns Mar 28

Two under two coming soon-what are some of your best pieces of advice?

This summer we will have a newborn and an almost 2 year old. I am wondering what people found to be effective for them as far as making life eaiser. For example, did you potty train your older child? What-if any-different products did you use/buy? What are things that didn't work for you? As always, everyone is different-I'm just interested in what worked for you! TIA!

  • Katie
    Mar 30

    The thing that really kept everything smooth is talking up the baby before she got there in terms of how much our almost-2 year old was going to love her, and having the older child make decisions about the baby as often as she could (choosing outfits at the store, where things should go in the nursery, etc). No matter what little things you do beforehand, there is going to be an “all about the... More

  • Kate
    Mar 30

    We have a 9 week old and 22 month old, so we’re still trying to figure this all out. :) But some things that have helped so far: - Carriers. I use both a Lille structured carrier and a ring sling. It’s helped immensely to be able to wear the baby while I’m trying to cook dinner, play with the toddler or get our toddler down for a nap or bedtime. - Pacifier for the newborn. Sounds simple, bu... More

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Mar 23

Two kids under two?

Hello Mamas and Papas! My daughter is 7.5m now and I almost mentally prepared to start trying for #2. Those of you who have two kids under two years old...What was/is the experience like? Taking care of older sibling and being 1-3-6-9 months pregnant? Older sibling adjusting? Feeding both kids? Changing both of their diapers? Etc. Any of your advice, information, pros/cons would be helpful!

  • Hilary
    Mar 26

    My kids were 20 months apart and it worked out really well for us. Yes it was a bit tough in the beginning but I find nursing and the sleep deprivation hard regardless if there’s another child around. My kids are now 3 1/2 and 22 months old and they play with each other all the time. They have a blast. If you can get more help with the kids, you’ll hopefully find that things don’t seem so tough!

  • Lily
    Mar 28

    Will have two under two in July. So excited to have them so close! If you are ready go for it! For me being pregnant and having a toddler isn't too bad! Sometimes it is hard because I don't get to be lazy like I was with the first one! Good luck!

Heidi posted in Child Care Mar 21

Twin 3 year olds transitioning from staying at home to preschool/daycare

Please share all of your tips for transitioning from staying at home with mama (or caregivers they know) to full day care outside of the home. Tips for mama and kids welcomed. I believe one twin will transition smoothly and one will have a REALLY rough time.

  • Chelsea
    Mar 22

    That's normally how it goes. If they have classrooms, I recommend letting them stay together the first year. Come second year you would want them to be separated. They will learn independency from one another. My twins are 6 and headed to 1st grade, 3rd year in different classes.

  • Heidi
    Mar 23

    Thanks Chelsea! Do you have any tips for the initial transition?

Bedtime routine for a 5mo and a 21mo

My son’s bedtime routine starts with a bottle then bath, pjs, a book or two, lullabies and put him in his crib awake so that he would fall asleep 7:30 - 8:00, this was working just fine but a couple of weeks ago he started waking up and screaming for mommy or daddy non stop till we go and hold him, sometimes he even asks for his sister. The other problem is that sometimes I’m alone with the 2 b... More

  • Jessica
    Mar 21

    I had twins and I swear by baby slings. That way one can be hanging out near mom (even nursing or having skin time or whatever) and I had my hands free for the other one (reading, playing, bathing, changing diapers, etc).

  • Amanda
    Mar 21

    My 3mo old wants to sleep at about the same time as the 2 yr old who needs to potty brush teeth 2 stories and 1 ABC song to sleep. I just wear the 3 mo old. Then she can eat and fall asleep in the baby wrap while I handle my son. It works well for us. Getting her out of the wrap also wakes her up just enough where she doesn't depend on food to fall asleep.

I’m 18 weeks pregnant w twins and I’ve been struggling with extreme morning sickness

I’m prescribed Diclegis but it’s kinda pricey and I have to take it religiously in order to keep the nausea away. I’m just hoping that it goes away soon.. Does anybody know when this should go away??

  • K
    Mar 21

    I have 17 mth old twin girls ❤️❤️ and the beginning of my pregnancy with them kicked my ass!!! I barely got sick with my son, 1st born. But, I was extremely nauseous and had killer migraines during their first trimester. It cleared up about a week or two into the second trimester. I’m a big fan of Preggy Pops. Make sure you are resting as much as possible and eat as much as you can stand. Ther... More

  • Chelsea
    Mar 22

    My twins gave me bad morning sickness. A piece of dark chocolate before I even got out of bed and fresh ginger root to chew helped me out

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Mar 19

Don’t need advice

I’m just a loner with no friends and I wanna say that thinking about having a second has consumed me the last week. I want my son to have a sibling- and he’s 16 months so I don’t want them much further a part. We planned to try this summer so as summer approaches I have big time anxiety. Pregnancy is not for me and honestly infant days weren’t. But I want the family. But I’ll have a wild todd... More

  • Megan
    Mar 20

    No I do t think you’re alone. Pregnancy was super hard on me. I always wanted kids. When I was 5 I said that I wanted to be a mom when I grew up. That’s all I ever wanted. But I had 3 miscarriages then for the 2 I have now I had to take shots twice a day til 12 weeks along, and with my second I had gestational diabetes. Which was bitter sweet cause I couldn’t eat anything I craved, not even a b... More

Parent guilt over growing twins

My Littles are 6 months on Thursday and they’re rolling over, crawling, teething, pulling up on the rails of their cribs and my Twin A is sitting up unassisted. How? They were just 4 & 5 pound little balls of human just the other day?! I feel so sad that I’m not feeling as present as I would like to be in this whole Twin Life thing. I’m never NOT busy though, and I’ve blinked and suddenly... More

  • Anonymous
    Mar 20

    Welcome to parenthood! A lifetime of parental guilt 🙂. It’s completely normal - just remember to focus on quality time over quantity.

  • Brigitte
    Mar 20

    You know, this is why I feel frustrated when people always look at me sagely and say, “enjoy it! Take it all in! It goes so fast!” I know they have the best intentions when they say that; but I’ve really come to feel that instead of encouraging me it just makes me feel guilty. Parenthood, ESPECIALLY in the first year, is so hard and emotionally challenging. One minute you’re wildly in love and ... More

Anonymous posted in Behavior Mar 14

Worried about temperament of next baby

My first daughter is a dream. She was a really good infant, obviously has her toddler moment but overall is a great kid. She didn’t sleep through the night till about 12-13 months but it didn’t bother me. I listen to my friends tell horror stories about their “high needs babies” and I’m freaking out because I’m pregnant with my second and worried that what if my luck has run out after my first.... More

  • Elle
    Mar 15

    This fear largely an American construct. Suggest reading "Bringing up Bébé;" it will put many of your fears to rest.

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Mar 16

    All babies are different. But all your babies will be wonderful. I wouldn’t go so far as to say you can follow some protocol and have another “perfect sleeper” they each are different and will have different challenges, but I wouldn’t worry about it so much. I don’t believe any baby is as hard as the first. You’ve got solutions and methods and knowledge and more patience than premomhood. You wi... More

Anonymous posted in Flying Mar 14

Going to be traveling with 1.5 year old twins on a short flight. Any tips!?!

We will be take a trip with our 1.5 old twins on a short flight. We are planning on taking our double umbrellas stroller and renting full size cribs/high chairs when we get down there. Anyyy tips are appreciated!!!

  • Melany
    Mar 21

    My family and I travel overseas a lot. Shortest flight over 17 hours. They do great with minor adjustments based on age. Have new cheap toys for them to open (matchbox or hot wheels cars, figurines non choking size for your age group, duplos or legos for older age). Be sure to bring a snack or granola bar they like and can eat. Let them be free in seats, even play on floor in your row, without ... More

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Mar 13

How did you plan for Baby #2?

My spouse wants to have our second child so that our LOs are about 2-3 years apart. With the cost of living in our area so high, I’m struggling with the fact that I may need to be a SAHM. We can afford for me to do so (luckily), but even with our current baby I knew I was ready to get back to work when my maternity leave was over. How do/did you juggle the costs of a second child? What help... More

  • Amanda
    Mar 15

    This is going to sound terrible but I had no ides how I was going to manage a 2yr old and a new born when my daughter was born. Then I did because I ran out of planning time and she was born. I had no plan and still don't. I am much more dependant on baby wearing this time around. I also taught my son how to help me since he loves to help be involved. Ex. He can give her pacifier back in he... More

  • Alyce
    Mar 15

    Don’t stress over it. Best thing is to try to keep the oldest in their routine as usual. That will help to minimize some chaos. If need be baby wear so you’re hands are free and you can be totally hands on with number 1. No expectations is important. You will learn what works best for everyone and fall into a routine accordingly. And money wise things somehow always seem to work themselves out.... More

How do you handle going out with your little ones?

I have a 20 month old and a 4 month old. I haven’t had the courage to go out by myself with them. Any tips?

  • Christine
    Mar 15

    Go somewhere not so busy as first and take your time . If someone has a tantrum or gets upset just take each situation as they come. My biggest advice don’t worry about other people around you. Double stroller helped us a whole lot.

  • Elvie
    Mar 15

    Thanks for all the tips! Definitely have more courage to go out! ☺️

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