Multiple Children

Whether twins or siblings, there's no doubt that parenting more than one child can be as challenging as it is rewarding.

This is the place to ask questions and get advice on raising 2 or more children, including sharing space, sibling conflicts, and welcoming a new baby.

Anonymous posted in Labor & Delivery 6h ago

PTSD from c section?

I had a really traumatic birth with my first and had to have an emergency c section. Everything that could of went wrong did and I’m terrified it will happen again. I’m pregnant again and have a c section scheduled for may 13th. Its giving me so much anxiety and keeping me up at night. I’m terrified! Was your second c section any better? Does that fear go away? I’ve talked to my doctor about it... More

  • B
    2h ago

    I had a planned caection, and it was much less traumatic than what I’m sure an emergency one was. Although I went into labor early, so had it early. You are awake the whole time, and can see and touch baby right away. Ask your doctor now to talk you through exactly what will happen. It helped me a lot. I also asked the nurse during to tell me what was happening.

  • Anonymous
    1h ago

    Thank you so much ladies I don’t know how I posted it anonymously but definitely needed some encouragement. We’ve talked about Vbac but I’m even more scared of the risks with that just because I have some health issues. My dreams have just been so bad lately and almost every dream I die while giving birth so it’s just a huge anxiety thing for me. I really appreciate all of your stories/encourag... More

Double Stroller

Looking for an economical double stroller. Any thoughts on brands or stores? Thank you in advance!

  • Brittany

    I have the joovy ultralight double stroller side by side and I love it!

Anonymous posted in Family Life Yesterday

Talks About Baby #2

How did you know you were ready? What advice would you give for someone planning to expand their family from one kid to two?

  • Kieli

    My husband and I talked about having our children 2 years apart because him and his brother have that age group and he wanted our kids to be close. Well I’m currently pregnant, they will be 23 months apart and the pregnancy was TOTALLY unplanned. I wasn’t ready, at all. Financially, emotional, physically. But I’m happy, thinking about it I wouldn’t want to have another baby after my first is to... More

  • Elle

    1. Make sure your mental, emotional, and physical health is in a good place. 2. Make sure your marriage is in a good place. 3. Think about the common issues, struggles, and other things to happen with your kid in the next 5 years: do you have the bandwidth, and then some, to adequately handle them? 4. Make sure you're financially ready. If the answer to all 4 of those question is a '... More

How to survive pregnancy while caring for a baby?

Currently 27 weeks pregnant with a 7 month old.. hubby wasted no time 🙃 (he and his brother are a year apart, so he has this idea it’ll be easy and they can keep each other company since they’ll be close in age etc, so against my better judgement I agreed with him 🤦🏾‍♀️) it’s been over a month since I quit working but it seems like I’m more tired now than when I worked 😩 but I dare not vent to ... More

  • Delaney

    I always find going on walks gives me energy. Definitely somewhere with a bit more of nature. Plus it’ll keep your little one busy and entertained.

  • MG

    I don’t have much advice but just support! Just know that I find caring for a baby is much harder and tiring then being at work! And that’s not even being pregnant. I can only imagine! I work very busy 10-12hrs days on my feet without a break and I find it to be much easier then taking care of my babes. So whoever is mommy shamming you, shame on them for not being understanding and supportive! ... More

My 14 month old is hitting and tantrums.....

My 14 month old girl twin hits or swats at her twin brother if he reaches for something she has....and sometimes she hits or swats at him for no apparent reason. Also, she’ll snatch an interesting toy from him if she wants it and he’ll cry then move on to something else. He may try to grab it back but she’s stronger and more aggressive so he’s unsuccessful. She’s weighs two pounds more than he ... More

  • Kimbra

    Thank you so much!

  • Ernesto

    We have a 2 year old(almost three) and a 11 month old. Both boys. The older one hits and bites the little one. It’s starting to get out of control. We are looking for alternatives to just giving him a time out. I read this and I though, wow it’s pretty similar.

Anonymous posted in Behavior Thursday

Tell me this isn’t just me...

Long day at work, took the almost 3 and almost 7 year old to Trader Joe’s to grab a few things for dinner. The first 5 minutes were fine but I’m pretty sure the rest of the trip was all of the following: -verbally wrestle 3 yo back into cart seat -physically wrestle 3 yo back into cart seat -no less than 7 flat tires from 7 yo’s kid cart -multiple reminders to 7 yo to watch where she’s going (a... More

  • Jenni

    Omg, your story is my life! I feel you. Going to the store with my 6 and 3 year old is exhausting. Today my older one whines not to go to the store, then both take an eternity to get into the car, and are earsplitting loud on the drive over. Once there, older one wants to ride in the cart, while younger one doesn’t but insists that I hold her hand while trying to push the cart, 6 year gets out... More

  • Anonymous

    Thank goodness for all you moms - thanks for the sanity check. Time to invest in some good wine 🍷

Morning sickness + 16 month old

Any moms gone through this? We are pregnant with baby #2 and I have been feeling awful most days. I'm a SAHM with my 16 month old but I feel awful that I am useless when it comes to entertaining him lately. I have been prescribed zofran, I've tried teas, ginger everything, etc. But I still am nauseous most of the day (on most, not all, days). What got you through it? I feel so guilty bc... More

  • kacey d

    I went through this, too. Honestly, I eventually realized that a few weeks of letting my daughter watch sesame Street while I laid down in your the couch weren't going to ruin her. There's a time when you need to prioritize yourself otherwise you won't be able to parent at all. Hopefully your nausea will be at bay soon!

  • Brittany

    I’m pregnant with my first, but unisom was a miracle for me in the first trimester. I had to take a full tablet before bed every night. Make sure it’s the tablets and not the gel caps.

Anonymous posted in Multiple Children Oct 10

Groundhog Day

I work full time and care for me 2yr and and am expecting another child. Lately, I’ve been feeling like everyday is just the same ole same ole. Of course there’s the part of me that feels guilty because I know how blessed I am, that there’s no drama per se. But, I’m just curious how others spice up their routine.

  • Anne
    Oct 10

    It can be tough in winter but you definitely have to get out of the house and try doing different things. You can search on Winnie for places to go or just drive to a new store or a library in the next town or whatever and see what happens. My kids are in school now and I miss having all that free time to do whatever we wanted! I wish I had given myself more of a break from the routine before ... More

  • Jenni

    Since you’re expecting a second, you could plan some special weekend outings with your two year old to change it up (zoo, aquarium, etc.) or without your little one - like a date night. I’m not going to lie, having two kids makes life even more routine, so to combat the hamster wheel feeling, I just had to make more effort to plan different activities for us.

Anonymous posted in Siblings Oct 10

Baby number 2

My husband and I have a 1 year old son and just found out we are pregnant with a second baby, this wasn’t expected. I want to know how to make sure my son doesn’t feel left out and unloved now that he’ll have a little sibling. Both my husband and I had just set our minds on only having our son but I guess life had other plans.

  • Marika
    Oct 10

    @ Jess I love the gift idea. What was the gift of the baby to the toddler?

  • Anisca

    Thank you all for the advice and sharing your experiences! Good things to come I see! Yay!!!!

Toddler possessiveness

Im about 30 wks pregnant with my second and my first (22 months old) is starting to become very protective/possessive of me around my husband. I stay at home with her, so I'm not sure if that comes into play. But at times she will hardly let my husband talk to me let alone touch me, without saying "no my mommy" or something like that. We all eat dinner together, sometimes they hav... More

  • Brittany
    Oct 05

    My daughter does this all the time. It causes issues sometimes. It could carryover but it might not. My daughter only does it with my bf but not with my son. It was just me and her for 4 years so she is very protective. Once the baby does come try and spend as much alone time with your daughter and also daddy/daughter time. Include her in picking out outfits or grabbing diapers when baby arrive... More

  • Lana
    Oct 06

    My son did this. He was more productive over the baby after she was born. Now that is more playful he has slowly gotten over it.

Foufou posted in Behavior Oct 04

Toddler WAS doing well till sibling shows up...

My 2 and a half year old daughter was getting potty trained the last couple of months of my pregnancy. She was doing so well!! I actually wanted to start earlier in the year because she was going at home but we had to wait till she was in the older class...due to the policy at day care. But lately after having her brother all the progress has been thrown out the window and gotten soooo much wor... More

  • Christina
    Oct 04

    I found spending more time with her and having dad care for babies has helped a lot. So for a few nights I did dinner, bath, bedtime routine. She was 3 years, 1 month when babies were born.

  • Foufou
    Oct 04

    Thank you ladies❤️❤️ I realized she does need more mommy time! Today she did use the potty and I pretty much threw her a party lol I’ll keep it up at the end of the day her life turned up side down once the baby came. The attention shifted dramatically and I need to redirect my focus back on her.

Haley posted in Siblings Oct 03

Sharing Bedrooms

How does bedtime go for parents with small kids that share a bedroom? My kids will have to start sharing a bedroom in April, and I’m not sure how to go about it.

  • Miranda
    Oct 03

    I have a 8.5 month old boy and a 22 month old boy. We recently moved into a new home (2 bedrooms) back in July. I to was nervous for them to share a room. Here’s what I did. I put their cribs on opposite sides of the room but across from each other. I turned a fan on, laid them both in their cribs, turned off the light, and shut the door. 8 o’clock is bedtime and I didn’t hear one peep from eit... More

  • Leeann
    Oct 03

    I have a 3 and 2 year old sharing a room for about 6 months now I did like Miranda opposite sides of the room normal night routine fan bed time is 8 kisses hugs and leave. My daughter had issues at 1st but we would just put her back in bed firmly tell her it’s time to sleep kiss and leave it didn’t take but maybe a week and she got the hint she was sleeping in her brother room now so my younger... More

Joe posted in Holidays Oct 03

We have 5 month old twin girls Ava & Zoë, anyone have any good halloween costume ideas?

  • Layla
    Oct 03

    Whatever you choose please post pics 😁 they’ll be soooo adorable!

  • T
    Oct 05

    Salt & pepper Mustard & ketchup

Moms of multiples

Really struggling to go out with my three girls. They are a handful to say the least. My oldest is almost four, middle is three and a half, and baby is five months. The older two are just awful when it’s time to leave the park, which makes it that much harder to even want to take them. How do you do it? I can’t be the only one struggling

  • Britteny
    Oct 02

    Today went better. We didn’t go yesterday because of how awful the oldest was last wed/thurs. We talked about the bad days and how we can’t be like that because we have to be safe first. I told her and her sister 15 minutes ahead of needing to leave and no one had an epic melt down. Even got them to hold hands on the way home. I have to get my double stroller soon though because 16+ pounds of b... More

  • Sadie
    Oct 02

    We like Daniel Tiger’s parents phrase “It’s almost time to stop so pick one more thing to do!”. Before we go I hype them up with some activity we can do when we’re done with the park or grocery store or wherever we’re going. When it’s time to go I give my boys a 5 minute warning and I say “pick one more thing to do”. They feel like they have some say/control in what’s going on and they are all ... More

Anonymous posted in In-Laws Oct 02

Newborn twins + 2 year old but overwhelmed with MIL

I’m going crazy!! Had my twins on Sept. 16th and my MIL took care of my 2 year old when we were in the hospital and has stayed with us ever since to help out. While she is a lot of help, she’s also really overwhelming me. I’m an introvert and she’s a total extravert and is always talking, often repeating phrases three times for no reason and very loud. While I really appreciate her help, especi... More

  • Julie
    Oct 03

    @anon (original poster): good luck!! Also, I do think your son can handle sleeping on a mattress on the floor for daughters daycare starts this at 1yo (a cot close to the floor), and she does great with it!!! When she wakes up she does just sit up and crawl/toddle off and start playing so you’d want it to be located in an area where you’d hear him when he woke up.

  • Sarah

    What i did was buy a dog bed because it usually has walls around it and is soft enough for baby. I would sit it anywhere(couch, etc) wherever i needed my son to be so i was always nearby. It worked like a charm!

Brooke posted in Siblings Oct 01

Hello. I'm new here.

My monkey, he's 2. I'm due in November with his sister. He seems excited and is great at sharing anyone else expecting in November or have babies close. How to prepare him for Sissy's arrival

  • Brooke
    Oct 02

    He has a baby doll. And he talks to her and gives her kisses and shares already so I'm hoping he does good

  • April
    Oct 03

    Me too! My son will be 2 on Saturday and I’m due at the end of November. Cheers

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Oct 01

Pregnant AGAIN

We recently just had our first LO back in May. My husband and I have discussed the thought of another kid but said we are going to wait a while. Well I’m 6 days late and just took a pregnancy test and it’s positive. I’ve been on the pill for the past few months and am just shocked that this could even happen. I’m terrified to tell my husband. I’m not even ready emotionally/physically to endure... More

  • Jeanine
    Oct 10

    My girls are 16 months apart. It took a while to get pregnant the first time so when i found out i was pregnant a second time when my oldest was 7 months i was scared to death. The first year had its hard moments but i couldn’t be happier. They are almost 2 and 3 and are so close. They love each other and play so well together. And it’s easier bc they like the same things so toys and events an... More

  • Cassi

    My boys are 11 months apart and my daughter is 18 moths younger. It’s hard at points but now they are 11, 10 and 8. There’s always someone to play with and they definitely have each others backs. I love that they are so close now.

Forcing guilt !

Hi everyone , I’m mesha ! I’m the mother of a 6 year old named A and a 4 year old named Z .. my 6 year old is one of he best big brothers I know , he make it his business to make sure his little brother know how much he love him .. lately A has been making a lot of new friends , they come over to play and sometimes go out on playdates , even though Z is always included in the fun activities , h... More

  • Chrissy
    Oct 01

    This is a great time to teach him about jealousy. Let him know that just because he brother is making new friends doesn’t mean he loves him any less. Let him know what he is feeling is jealousy and that it’s a normal emotion that everyone feels. The way to cope with it is to under stand he brother will always be his brother and just because he makes friends he will always be number one is his b... More

Lindsay posted in Siblings Sep 29

How did you juggle being in the hospital with second baby when you already have a child at home?

I am currently 6 weeks pregnant and have a 17 month old. My toddler has rarely been away from me and it gives me anxiety to think of leaving him to be in the hospital. Family has proven to be challenging and I'd rather not ask for their help. I have until May but am just trying to brainstorm. Any suggestions would be great.

  • Katie
    Sep 30

    My toddler has never been away from me either, and it gave me some sleepless nights thinking about how to line up care for her when we left for the hospital. We didn’t want our toddler to feel like we left her or have a drastic change to her routine because of a new baby. It can be convenient to ask for family’s help if your kid already has a preexisting relationship/bond with them. That’s th... More

  • Kelli
    Oct 10

    My son had never been without me not once this was a big issue for me as I pictured him crying for me and thinking I had abandoned him . Well to our surprise his brother had to be born via emergency c-section and at 37 weeks needed to be in nicu for breathing issues . My first born was perfectly happy with Grandma and his aunties .I had a harder time being away from him then he had being away f... More

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