Multiple Children

Whether twins or siblings, there's no doubt that parenting more than one child can be as challenging as it is rewarding.

This is the place to ask questions and get advice on raising 2 or more children, including sharing space, sibling conflicts, and welcoming a new baby.

Advice on a large family and dealing with so much negativity!

My hubby and I have 6 children and just found out we were pregnant with #7. I am so sick of being asked inappropriate questions and comments like "Are they all by the same man? Are you married? How do afford it? I bet you're on government assistance! Don't you know what causes that? Haven't you heard of birth control?! I'm glad I pay taxes for you to afford your kids."... More

  • Jaime

    Your dreams are your own and people who try to bring you down have their own issues to address. You keep doing the best you can and cherish the time you have left of this pregnancy❤️

  • Cathy
    2h ago

    @Sara - I hate that comment!!! If people are taking a minute to tell me I have my hands full, then why don’t they shut their yapper and lend a hand instead!!!!

Looking for tips on juggling a newborn and my toddler

My husband often works nights and I'm having to do bedtime on my own those nights. My one month old is always up during that time (crying if not held) & I'm trying to get my 2 yo bathed, pottied and feel like he gets some sort of special time. Any suggestions??

  • Lindsay

    Yes! If you can believe it!

  • K

    Have you tried using a carrier? Probably not the most comfortable. Hopefully the colicky phase will end soon. I had twin girls a few months before my son turned 3 and my husband gets home at 7, so I feel ya. My girls did well in the baby Bjorne chairs when I had to cook or give my son some time. I had them on a pretty scheduled day, so their “bedtime” was 6, even though they were still waking e... More

I have twins toddlers (2) and i just found out I’m pregnant again

Any advice on what i should expect with 3 under 3 how much of a big adjustment would this be?

  • K
    Jun 11

    I have it the opposite way, my son was 2 when my twin girls were born. You are going to think it’s a breeze!😂 I have to say, all my babies were great newborn sleepers and had great temperaments, so I didn’t find it difficult until the girls were on the move and all 3 went in different directions. It’s going to blow your mind how easy it is to just do things once and go into a store without a hu... More

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Jun 12

    I had three at three, but three separate births. I agree with above. You already have multiple kids down, you will be fine. And they have a built in playmate so they’ll notice a lot less when your focused on the baby because they’re more likely to be occupied.

Anonymous posted in Multiple Children Jun 09

Pregnant - Baby #2

Just learned I'm pregnant with Baby #2! Haven't seen my OB yet, but I'm curious... when did you start showing with your second? I hear it's a lot earlier than with your first. I'm only 5 weeks or so and am showing a major FOOD baby right now! 😂

  • Kieli
    Jun 10

    Yes I swear I started showing around then too! Lol but really started noticing around 13 weeks. With my first I didn’t start showing until 20

  • K
    Jun 10

    I had expanders on my jeans by 6 wks, but I found out I was pregnant with twins. Still, it’s a lot sooner than the first bc your body knows what’s going on. I hope you have maternity clothes that match the season!!🤞🏽 Congrats!

Anonymous posted in Behavior May 19

I feel like I spend a lot of time yelling and I hate it.

My kids are 7 and 4. Weekends can be hell. We’re around each other every day, they fight, ask to watch TV 100 times a day, etc. Just today my 4 year old pulled a coffee cup off the table and poured cold coffee over her head, dropped her bowl of pudding on the ground (I yelled this time) and finally, stepped on the glass panel to my large photo frame. It was a project I was finally getting aroun... More

  • Amy
    May 23

    I’m currently trying to improve on this too. I really like the podcast Celebrate Calm. It’s hard to find time to listen to it but he has such great advice.

  • Anonymous
    Jun 07

    I highly recommend to read "Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids: How to Stop Yelling and Start Connecting" by Dr. Laura Markham. She has a web-site that is helpful too - Yet the book did wonders to my temper and it really works.

Anonymous posted in Starting Solids May 17

Baby Food

So for my first son I made his food when he started eating now I have a 6 month old and when he started eating I made him his food also but the convenience side of me says to buy it and I also don’t have the time like I did with my first and he’s had it only because my husband bought it but I feel bad since I didn’t do that with my first. I know there’s nothing wrong with it but I want to do th... More

  • Kieli
    May 18

    I started making food for my first, but I was working and I had 2 horses. So after about 3 months of making it, my husband and our daughter and I went on a little weekend trip and I had bought the pouches from the store. Wow did I love it! So after about another month of making, I gave up and started buying it lol. Sometimes it can be very grueling, especially when you need to cook it, cool it ... More

  • CheerioMama
    May 23

    Nothing wrong with buying baby food!

Anonymous posted in Child Care May 12

Sad and frustrated about our nanny possibly leaving

I’m not sure if our nanny is leaving but I get the sense she may be searching elsewhere. We’ve had her 1.5 years 3 days a week while I work 12 hour hospital shifts and she’s amazing. I’m currently pregnant with my second so we were discussing a pay increase from 15 to 19$ an hour for the fall when I go back to work and the plan to put our older daughter in preschool for 3.5 hours a day on the d... More

  • Stacy
    May 13

    I second what everyone else said. Just have an honest conversation with your nanny. She should know that you're not going to vengeful, but you need to know what her plans are so that you can be prepared. Maybe she is worried about the new baby or the time off while you're on maternity leave (not sure if this is your situation...just an idea if it is). Finding out her reason(s) for looki... More

  • Lily
    May 14

    I work as a nanny, and I would say just talk to her! I am not sure where you live but your pay sounds just fine to me! And until you talk to her you have no idea what could be going on in her life! But, if she does end up leaving your little one will be fine.

Anonymous posted in Family Life May 10

2 under 2?

Hey all! Was wondering some tips and tricks you had for having 2 under 2. My daughter is 5.5 months and we just found out we’re having another baby! Which means she’ll be about 14 months when our next one is born. I’ve heard it’s harder to go from 1 baby to 2, and just wanted advice on how to handle it, what to expect and what I can do to make it a little easier on everyone. Any and all answers... More

  • Ashley
    May 10

    Baby wearing was a must for me! It made doing everything with my older son that much easier. Try to go with the flow and just know some days will be harder than others. It is all worth it when you see them interact and play with each other.

  • Kieli
    May 11

    Well I just started ... I have a 1 week old and a 23 month old (so she’s close to 2 already, a little older). But my oldest has really been having a hard time at night. She doesn’t fall asleep until 11 or 12 every night which is horrible on me and makes me want to cry! I’m hoping she will come out of it, and start sleeping by herself again. She loves the baby, and wants to be with her all the t... More

Double Strollers

I have an almost 2 year old son and 6 month old son. Been doing research on which is the best double stroller. We need one that’s compact for the car trunk and prefer the single line style. Any suggestions?

  • Vonda
    May 09

    Uppababy Vista. It’s amazing. Expensive; but I wouldn’t buy any other double stroller. Folds down in seconds. Easy to maneuver vs a double wide stroller. And I know it’ll last my kid and all the cousins. Lol.

  • Holly
    May 11

    Lily is right. City Select is expensive but worth every dollar!!

Anonymous posted in Products & Gear May 04

Front/Back Stroller vs. Side-by-Side Stroller?

What would you all recommend? It’ll be for a two year old and an infant car seat.

  • Christin
    May 06

    I love the tandem (front and back). It’s easier to get into doorways with and easier to fold up and fit in the trunk. The double side by side can be pretty wide and be tough to get into stores with.

  • Ivy
    May 07

    I much prefer the tandem style, especially for different age children. There are also sit and stand options, single to double stroller, or even stroller boards you can attach to a stroller for a toddler to stand and glide along with. We have the Evenflo Pivot Xpand. It can be a single stroller that you can attach a stroller board to, or a double stroller that you can also attach the board to.... More

Double stroller suggestions please

My daughter will be 2.5y when I have new baby. Which double strollers do you guys recommend. I saw the Uppababy but The price is a little steep. I was looking into the Baby Jogger city select. Any other suggestions?

  • Christina
    May 20

    Check out Joovy qool stroller, look it up. It comes with the option for bench seat for a toddler and it's just amazing. Beautiful high end look without the high end price tag (under 500 CAD) . It carries up to 3 kids. One downside is that it's on the heavier side. I have 6 month old and 3 year old.

Baby #2!!!

We have our first appointment with the fertility doctor to start trying to have baby #2 at the end of the month! So excited!

Anonymous posted in Single Parents Apr 29

Desperate double bedtime

16 month old and 2.5 years old Youngest was sleep trained and sleeping pretty solidly 7:30-6:30pm, before I moved him into my eldest’s room. I put them to bed together and all was OK for about two weeks, then not sure why, youngest has refused to lay down to sleep and keeps crying until I pick him up. I feel terrible for my eldest, because she has to lay down whilst he screams. When he’s ... More

  • Elayne
    Apr 30

    Maybe push bed time back a little bit? Both my kids go to bed now at 9pm and get up at 6:30am. Maybe if they had the same bedtime?

Sanna posted in Behavior Apr 27

A toddler and a newborn

I gave birth to my second child 17 days ago and my first is 2 and a half years. I barely have friends or family where i live to help which means i do everything by myself ( unless husband is home). My newborn is taking most of the attention which leaves little time for my toddler. She started to act differently and i can feel her but I can’t divide myself to two people. How do you explain to a ... More

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    May 03

    Are you nursing? Regardless of how you are feeding, try feeding baby while playing with the toddler. This means making yourself uncomfortable by sitting on the ground and maybe using a pillow or two under your arms to help balance baby so you have a free hand to play legos, hold a book open, etc. I had my first two kids 17 months apart, and my second and third and 20 months apart, and I have n... More

  • Kerry
    May 06

    Maybe get her involved if she's a good helper. Send her on little errands all over the house. Have her get the diaper, or the baby powder. Have her sprinkle a little on by herself. Stuff like that. Just a thought.

Rinat posted in Child Care Apr 23

Anyone else with 3 kids under 4.5 and have no family around ? What do you do for help ??

What do you do for help around the house and kids?? Multiple tries to trust strangers in my house failed!! Would love to get some HONEST and EXPERIENCED comments Thank you

  • May
    Apr 25

    Have you thought about daycare? We signed up for assistance (low income family) so we only pay $260 a month. When I get off from work early enough I’m able to do more around the house because I don’t have to pick them up right away.

  • Jennie
    May 02

    What exactly are you needing help with? I'm happy to share my methods of chores/routines/etc. I have 4 kids and 1 on the way (when I had 3, they were 3.5, 2.5 and baby) so I've been through several stages. Let me know where your struggling and I'll see if I can help!

Anonymous posted in Multiple Children Apr 23

What comes first big girl bed or potty training? New sibling on the way!

I’m pregnant with our second child who is due to be born in 12 weeks. Our first (girl) just turned 2 last month. She is not potty trained and still sleeps in a crib. My 2 year old will be moving to a new room with a new bed so the baby will be able to move into the “nursery” at a few months old. What should happen first? Move her into her new bed in her new room or try to tackle potty trainin... More

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Apr 23

    So when my second was coming, we didn’t either (my first was 17 months old when the baby was born). We then made the bold move of potty training him at 20 months, and the. Transitioned him to his own bed (we coslept) when he turned 2. We learned and potty trained my second before our third arrived (20 months apart), and moved him into his bed days after his sister was born (but he was getting ... More

  • Anonymous
    Apr 25

    Thanks everyone for your input!! I really appreciate it!

Anonymous posted in House & Home Apr 15

Space ideas

Looking at a 2 bedroom apartment and want advice on space saving, we have 2 kids, 9 year old girl and 4 year old boy, was thinking of them each having their own room and not sharing and then in the living room which is pretty large getting a sofa bed for my husband and I, anyone currently do this and is it working, ideas for organizing living room so it does not look like a room, portable close... More

  • Elys
    Apr 18

    I vote for putting the kids together in a room and you guys take the master, everyone will be happier that way? If mom and dad are happy the kids will be too not the other way around ;)

  • Mary
    Apr 18

    I think it’s totally doable with Murphy bed for you. If you have Instagram follow this blog: of course, it’s all pretty for the pics (nobody really keeps their home like that all the time) but it has good ideas for small space.

Leslie posted in Siblings Apr 14

Silly question..

Do you find it easier with one child or two? I’ve gotten mixed reviews from people and am contemplating trying for baby #2. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with how much of my undivided attention my son needs of me everyday. I almost feel like if he had a playmate he’d be more entertained and engaged. Thoughts from experience mommas?

  • Priscilla
    Apr 15

    I have never met a parent who thought having two was easier than one. Once in a blue moon when we’ve been able to drop one off with the grandparents and we only have one at home, it literally feels like we’re on vacation... like what are we gonna do with all this extra time and energy?! 😂 Think it’s just perspective though, obviously one feels hard (as opposed to having no kids) when it’s all y... More

  • Rick
    Apr 26

    2. 2. 2.

Anonymous posted in Bathing Apr 13

Two kiddos close in age- bath routine?

In a few months I will have a newborn and a 2 year old. For those with kiddos close in age, how do you manage bath time with two? Once they’re older I know it’s easier. But I’m more so asking about the first few months when my littlest one will be tiny. Should I give them baths separately or try to do it all at once (saving time/energy). Just trying to get an idea of what my new “routine” could... More

  • Anne
    Apr 18

    I don’t think gender matters for bath time when they’re so young. I have a son (2) and daughter (8 mo). I’m not sure when kids start noticing. My son is more interested in playing with his bath toys than, thankfully.

  • Rick
    Apr 26

    Mine love to bathe together. I just close the shower curtain and let them play. (After they’re clean of course.)

Anonymous posted in Products & Gear Apr 11

2nd child. I am having my second child (both boys), what will I need? Boys will be 21 months apart.

A double stroller? A high chair (or will my older son be out of his), a crib (or will my older son be out of his by the time the new baby moves out of our room at 6 months) etc.

  • K
    Apr 11

    I had twin girls when my son was 2.5. He was in a toddler bed since he was 15 mth bc he was climbing out of his crib. But, we knew we needed his crib, so we transitioned him before the girls came. He loved his new bed and the foam bumpers are amazing. Even with my huge belly I was able to lay with him and they went right back into shape. As for high chair, you have a few months. My son was out ... More

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Apr 15

    I had my first two 17 months apart, and my second and third 20 months apart. I got a double stroller, an extra cheap booster seat and that has worked well. Other purchases that happened sooner than normal were transitioning the older one to a toddler bed (or getting a new crib), getting a new car seat, and another baby monitor. I had one in my room for baby and one in the older ones room. I al... More

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