Multiple Children

Whether twins or siblings, there's no doubt that parenting more than one child can be as challenging as it is rewarding.

This is the place to ask questions and get advice on raising 2 or more children, including sharing space, sibling conflicts, and welcoming a new baby.

Managing two kids under 2

So I am a mom or a one year old and another in the oven- due in October! Super excited! But for fellow moms out there, I have a question. How did you introduce baby to an already existing routine with your first child who is coming into toddler hood rapidly?! How does your schedule work with a newborn and toddler?! I’m sure I’ll get the grove pretty quick, but I’m a little anxious about it at ... More

  • Alexis

    My boys are 13 months apart and I was so nervous about bringing a newborn home with a barely 1 year old! Before baby was born we focused on sleep training our oldest and getting him on a good sleep schedule. That's probably the biggest game changer. If your older babe is on a consistent schedule then you (and him) at least have that to count on. Since newborns are so unpredictable, you just... More

  • Haley

    The book Moms on Call is a great resource!

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Tuesday

SAHM of 3 under 3, introvert, needs a break

I’m a SAHM with 5 month old twins and an almost 3 year old. I’m an introvert and need time alone to rejuvenate. I haven’t had time alone for so long yet I feel so alone in life. I used to have a career I worked really hard for, including 2 graduate degrees, and had an office where I worked on paperwork alone much of the day. I remember I used to feel lonely but now I miss that so much. I don’t ... More

  • T

    2 under 2. They are 4 and 2.3 years now and I’m also a SAHM. There’s a couple of things you can do that might help. Join a gym that has childcare, so you can workout, shower, sleep in your car. lol Indoor playspaces where the kid/s can play and you can have tons of coffee and something to eat. Kid oriented cafes that have play area with childcare. Hire someone to watch the kids while y... More

  • Anonymous

    Could you hire a sitter to take the kids somewhere out of the house so you could just blah around the house alone? Or have the sitter stay home and you go to a movie? I used to check my toddler into church kids bible club just so I could sit in a pew and not even listen to the pastor! I just wanted to be alone and zone out lol I’m not even pious... Sending strength and support your way... this ... More

Anonymous posted in Behavior Feb 09

My almost 2 year old is constantly destroying my 4 year olds Magna tile creations.

As soon as my 4 year old finishes his Magna tile creation, my almost 2 year old breaks it. My 4 year is losing his mind and I don’t blame him. We have tried giving the 2 year old his own magna tiles to play with and also having him take a break.... nothing works. Any ideas?

  • Sara
    Feb 11

    I have a 3.5 year old and a baby who always destroys the 3.5 year old's creations. The rule in our house is if the 3.5 doesn't want her stuff destroyed, she has to play with it in her own room. That room is off limits for the baby. If she's playing with it out in the common area or play room, then it's fair game for her little sister to destroy.

Stroller for multiple kids

Hey guys I’m pregnant and I have a 7 month old and a one year old I need a three seater stroller but I have no idea what could work for me in this situation

  • Joanna
    Feb 08

    No personal experience, but maybe a board attached to the back of double stroller for the older kid to stand on.

  • Alexis
    Feb 10

    Love the joovy cool! Its convertible and can seat up to three kids. The third seat is a bench seat but if your 1 year old is big enough to sit up and walk well then he/she should be able to ride on the bench. It has a strap to fasten them in so they cant just jump off and run away and so they dont fall.

Bonita posted in Behavior Feb 07

Sibling sleep issues?

My kids are 19 months apart my oldest is 4 and my youngest will be 3 in April. We recently transitioned our youngest (son) to a toddler bed, and since then he and our oldest (daughter) will get up multiple times a night to play. Once they are up there is no turning back! My husband and I have tried the clocks that change color, positive reinforcement/rewards, consequences (ie-no story time, tv... More

  • T
    Feb 07

    Get some finger Guards for the door, so it doesn’t close all the way or a door monkey that keeps it opened a couple of inches, but doesn’t open more. And the poop on the floor will happen anyways. It’s that age and seems to be the personality of your kid. Mine did it all the time. We figured out it was because she was ready to potty train. Potty in room. Don’t stress about the poop and have the... More

  • Bonita
    Feb 08

    Thanks for the advice ladies!! I really appreciate it! I will definitely give it a try!

Anonymous posted in Behavior Feb 07

Toddler and a new baby

My daughter is 3, and has a new sibling. I’ve noticed that she’s completely changed toward me. I do everything possible to make her feel included. And practice the normalcy that we had before( and it’s exhausting). But still, she’s changed. Looking for some advise to make me feel better about all of this, and how to reestablish our relationship so that she doesn’t feel disconnected.

  • B
    Feb 11

    Do you spend time alone with the toddler? My friend makes a point daily to spend some quality time alone and it makes a difference.

  • Anonymous

    Good idea B. I’ve made time and I do see a difference. Thank Goodness.

Baby #3

Im not pregnant. But we are thinking about baby number three. I do want more kids but now that my youngest is 4 and going to start school this year, it has me thinking do i want to start over after both boys are in school and i will finally get a break or will i regret not having another. What is everyone else's thoughts and opinions?

  • Toni
    Feb 04

    Five kids total, 23, 10, 8, 4,3 sometimes there are things that the kids can’t do together because of the age gap. We want to go to Disney & I wonder “do we take the 23y old?” Then when the oldest goes paint balling with dad, I’m with the small kids at home because they can’t go paint balling... or the preteens want to go to Six Flags and I have to find a sitter for the toddlers... Might a... More

  • Joanna
    Feb 05

    Just go for it. You can always find ways to “survive”. 😀

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Feb 01

Only child regrets?

We currently only have one son (3.5 years old). My husband and I are also both only children, but I REALLY want a second kid before it's too late (we are both 36). My husband doesn't feel that need and said he was perfectly fine as an only child, whereas I remember desperately wanting a sibling. But then I wonder if it's worth a shot because of our age, and increase risk of having a... More

  • Lily
    Feb 06

    I loved having a sister growing up, I always wanted my mom to have three but she only wanted two. My husband and I want a bunch of kids, we are having number two in july. I say have another one! Your kid will love the friend, and you will have having a little time to yourself while they are happy playing

  • Anonymous

    The age gap between the kids will mean they have little in common. I don’t think that the summer camp worry is unrealistic. You’ll be working like a dog to pay for $4000 summer care for 2 kids. If you want to go on vacation that’s 4 airline tickets. The financial side of another kid is nothing to ignore. Also, if you’re older and god forbid you have a child with special-needs, that’s potentiall... More

Anna posted in Siblings Jan 27

Overwhelmed By Second Baby Schedule

I remember so clearly putting my first baby on a schedule, and how attuned to her day I was. I keep trying to put my second baby on a schedule, but between taking my husband to work, taking my older child to daycare, and running errands during the day, I feel like nothing ever turns out the way I planned. Sometimes I feel like my youngest baby just gets the “fuzzy end of the lollipop” (to quote... More

  • Sara
    Jan 30

    I feel the same way with my second! But I try to remind myself that she is getting so much more than my first in terms of having an older sister and all the stimulation and learning that comes from that. Also my second has wiser, more seasoned parents who aren't making basic mistakes like we did with her older sister! She has also adapted a lot better than my first and has learned to take h... More

  • Nicole

    I’m dealing with a similar situation. I would plan everything around my first child’s nap and now I have twin 5 month olds. They were born a month early so some things are a month off from what it should be which can be confusing. Anyway, I still haven’t figured out their nap schedule and they went from sleeping well at night to sleeping horribly. When one gets to sleep finally then the other w... More

Cyndi posted in Child Care Jan 25

Au pair

Wanted to get people's thoughts on an au pair, the pro's and the con's? Looking to get one for our 6month old and 4 year old. Keen to hear thoughts/recommendations

  • Valerie

    Totally worth it if you have 2 or more kids. You gain an extra family member for a year or two. You expand your horizons and make a difference in someone else’s life. Totally worth it. I used to teach English to ESL adults. The majority of my female students were au pairs. All educated. All young and energetic. They come from all over the world and most would be thrilled to see you if you ever... More

Kieli posted in Siblings Jan 25

Room transition

Finally getting my 19 mo in her own room. Mixed emotions 😅 she’s been sleeping in the bed with my husband and I, but we are expecting our second little girl in May so I want to get her to sleep alone before the baby comes. Any tips or tricks that can make it easier on her and I? She usually watches some tv with us then lights out and she falls asleep within 10-30 mins after that. I know she wil... More

  • Anonymous
    Jan 26

    If you go toddler bed route maybe try taking her to the store and letting her pick bedding for her new bed so she’s involved and very excited. Sadly, even with a toddler bed and gate in the door she will likely cry. Should only take a few nights if you are consistent. Maybe have a tv in her room, lay in bed w her like she’s used to doing to help the transition :)

  • Marla
    Jan 26

    I agree ☝️

Sandra posted in Behavior Jan 23

Separation anxiety help!

I recently got a gym membership with a kids club. I got the gym membership with the daycare so I wouldn’t have to worry about childcare when I work out but every time I take my twins to the daycare they cry and make themselves throw up and I can’t work out because I have to go home because they threw up is there a way that I can fix this or should I just leave them with a family member. I have ... More

  • Sandra
    Jan 23

    Yeah no I go to LA fitness and they don’t allow snacks which suck because I’m pretty sure if they had snack they would be just fine. .. I will keep trying to drop them off and set them up with there fav toys

  • Anonymous
    Jan 30

    We had an LA fitness membership before kids that we had to quit bc the daycare experience was absolutely awful. We tried the ymca bc most of our friends with kids go there and it’s a much more family friendly gym. I think bc they have so many kid programs their staff is just much better equipped to handle the meltdowns.

Anonymous posted in Siblings Jan 21

For the parents that have 2 kids or more...

Did you notice that your first and second child have opposite personalities? I only have one wild child right now but a lot of parents that I talk to at the parks with more than one kid have mentioned that their second somehow ended up with the complete opposite personality as their first. Loud vs quiet. Risk taker vs careful. Wild vs calm. Good listener vs bad listener. I just noticed this ... More

  • Myrtle
    Jan 23

    My first is calm and extremely cautious. My second is very emotional and a risk taker

  • Steven
    Jan 24

    I have 2 boys, almost 5 & 3. My big guy is sensitive, my little one is not. My big guy is shy, little one the mayor. I was a shy as a kid, broke out of my shell in my mid teens. Most certainly random.

Anonymous posted in Products & Gear Jan 20

Strollers with 2 kids

I will have a two year old and a newborn in about 5 months and I was wondering what everyone did to get two kids around. Is it worth it to get a double stroller or is there an easier way?

  • Nana
    Jan 24

    Double stroller all the way. As long as you have not aloud your child freedom to roam. It is hard to go backwards. Buy a used stroller and when your done you can resale it. Double strollers can be a challenge to shop with. I love having a Bob stroller.

  • Dee
    Jan 29

    Go for double. Suggesting baby jogger. Worth the investment for long term until from baby even 5-6yrs. Testimonial, rented one last year for Disney for 6yr old daughter & niece. By far, most light weight, convenient stroller.

Second Kid Turning 1

Just wanted to hear your tips on supporting my wife, she seems to be having a hard time with our second and last kid turning 1yr, She keeps reaching out but I don’t know exactly how to be of uplifting support besides “being there for her”. -first post! 🤘🏽😊

  • Kate
    Jan 20

    Sounds like you’re doing the best thing for the situation. By simply being available for her, you’re letting her talk through and process this milestone, which can affect everyone differently. I remember feeling surprisingly emotional when my kiddo turned one. It brought up all sorts of memories and feelings. If either of you is the sentimental type, you could consider creating some kind of... More

  • Dana
    Jan 23

    Of second the book making. There are a bunch of apps (we used Chatbooks), or drugstores like Walgreens have book making options in their photo section. I love(d) browsing through baby pics, making notes about each one, and now looking through the book with the kids too. On another note - how is she sleeping? Lack of sleep can really effect mood.. or does in my case! If there are baby or older k... More

Anonymous posted in Child Care Jan 16

Sibling and different childcare

I have a 2 YO and stayed at home with her until now. I am about to start a new job and also thinking about a potential sibling in the next two years. This time I won’t be able to stay at home and will only have 3 months of leave. I feel like this is not fair and I feel bad about this potential situation. Any experience?

  • Anonymous
    Jan 19

    For us, daycare was too expensive (2.5k/month) and had super long waiting lists. My 4m old is in a nanny share now and it's the best arrangement I can imagine. The other family has a 1 year old and surprisingly they are playing together. We interviewed the nanny and found someone who is truly incredible! Basically, for half the cost of daycare, I hired 1 person to be with 2 kids (and only o... More

  • Anonymous
    Jan 19

    Very interesting to hear from your experiences. I am definitely thinking about the nanny share. It might just be challenging to find another family and the good nanny

Anonymous posted in Twins & Multiples Jan 11

Just found out I’m having twins...

Anyone having or have twins before? I have a 16 month old and just found out I’m expecting twins for his birthday. I’m kind of terrified I won’t be able to handle it. Children are a blessing and I’m happy but scared. Any advice or anyone else in the same boat?

  • Anonymous
    Jan 17

    I will have to be home with the babies since the twins will make three under school age for us and we can’t afford to spend 4500 a month on daycare. I’m afraid I’ll lose it. I babysat my nephew while I was on maternity leave with my son and they are a few weeks apart. It was a nightmare and he went home at the end of the day. I’m definitely sad about knowing I won’t be able to give any of the k... More

  • Nicole
    Jan 18

    Anonymous I had a lot of the same concerns you do. I'm a stay at home mom as well, partially due to daycare being so expensive. I feel bad that I don't spend as much time with my older son but he does love to help around the house and has grown to love his brothers. I'm sure once they can play with him he'll be even more excited. Our house has two bedrooms up and two down. My ol... More

Toddler and New Baby

I have an almost 3 yo and a 2 month old. I am a SAHM so my days can be very long and hard but also very rewarding. Today my husband told me that my almost 3 yo said that Mom doesn’t play with him that much. I used to be able to play a lot but I am struggling to play as much as I used to and take care of the demands of a new baby. I’m not sure what to do about not being able to play as much and ... More

  • Nicole
    Jan 11

    I feel that way too. I’m a SAHM and have a 2-1/2 year old and 4 month old twins. I barely get time to play with my oldest anymore or take him anywhere due to the twin babies between feeding them and being afraid to go out because they’ll get sick (they were preemies and one of them was just in the hospital for 5 days with RSV so a little cautious right now). It’s so hard. I’ve been trying to ma... More

  • Sarah
    Jan 11

    I’m in exactly the same situation,...almost 3 year old and almost 2 month old sons. I felt/still feel guilty about how much less attention I can give my older son but I have also noticed that he is becoming so much more imaginative and able to entertain himself more! He also loves interacting with the baby and helps out by bringing me things, showing the baby his toys, and “teaching him things.... More

About to have 2 kids. Any advice?

I have a 15mo daughter and I’m currently 34weeks pregnant with another girl. Any advice on tackling two kids postpartum?

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Jan 08

    I’ve got three now, 17 months apart and 20 months apart. When feeding baby (since it happens a lot with a newborn) try to include the older one as much as possible. Sit on the floor and nurse/feed so you can play blocks (I balanced baby with one arm and a boppy) or read a book on the couch next the child. The goal is just to make sure the older child still gets the cuddle time with mom and dad... More

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Jan 08

    Oh and like the first responder said give yourself time and do not scramble when baby is sleeping to always do chores. Rest yourself and play with the older child.

Anonymous posted in Siblings Jan 08

The middle child

For those of you with three children, how did you cope with the stigma of the “middle child”? Your first will always be your first and your last is the baby. I feel like if I were to add another child to our family I would feel incredible guilt for my second born. It seems like they always kind of get lost in the picture and it’s so difficult giving so much undivided attention to all three. The... More

  • Marla
    Jan 26

    My Daughter was the middle child also we had a hard time getting along together but I am so proud of her now. She’s a wonderful person and has given me 2 Grandchildren Cora and Sterling she served in the Airforcie

  • Marla
    Jan 26

    I also come from a family of 8

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