Multiple Children

Whether twins or siblings, there's no doubt that parenting more than one child can be as challenging as it is rewarding.

This is the place to ask questions and get advice on raising 2 or more children, including sharing space, sibling conflicts, and welcoming a new baby.

What is the best nursing advice for twin girls???

So this is my first baby. Well I actually should say babieS. I am a new mother with identical twin girls. They are almost 5 months and the feedings are becoming a little more complicated than it already was, especially considering how much more milk they are requiring to have a full night’s sleep. My older twin seems to not mind taking both formula and breast milk, which is fantastic. But my yo... More

Kate posted in Siblings Dec 06

We are expecting baby #2. How do we welcome a new baby and keep the other child involved?

My son is 16 months and will be 2 when this one is born.

  • Kennedy
    Dec 07

    My daughter is 16 months and my son is 2 months. Not going to lie, there will be moments where you just want to run away. Lol. But with that being said, my daughter has such a great and wonderful bond with her brother. Let your son help out with tasks that you do with the new baby. Like changing and getting the little one dressed. I let my daughter pass me wipes and help pick out her brothers c... More

  • Bhavana
    Dec 07

    I agree with @kennedy. My daughter just turned 2 when my younger daughter was born. We kept telling her about the baby before the little one was born. Bought her a book that we would read to her called you are a big sister. Then when the baby came home we gave our older one a gift from the baby ( little book bag) that she can take to daycare. Also asked her to help changing diapers. Singing to... More

Anonymous posted in Child Care Dec 04

Seeking advice to avoid babies get sick at Daycare

Hi everyone: My twins are about to start daycare and I am looking advice to help them to build their inmune system. I have tried 2 times already but they ended up getting sick after 2 days in day care now they have 1 year and I believe they have better defenses. Thanks in advance,

  • T
    Dec 07

    Elderberry syrup Lots of hand washing

  • Lindsay
    Dec 08

    They build immunity by getting sick occasionally. It stinks and I try to avoid it too but it’ll be good for the twins when they get to kindergarten and isn’t sick every other day. But we do the vitamins and load up on fruits and veggies to keep my son healthy. He has a great defense so far but he still gets sick.

Ryan posted in Siblings Dec 04

Toddler sleep regression after new baby

We have a 2.5 year old, and recently had a new baby. We were told that toddlers have an adjustment period to new babies, so we expected some behavioral difficulties. What we didn't expect was a sleep regression. Our toddler wakes up 1-2 times a night, every night. It's been going on for about 2 months now (since right before the baby was born). He used to be a pretty solid sleeper, but... More

  • Liz
    Dec 04

    I have a similar situation at home. I have a 7 months old baby and a 21 months old and she wakes up during the night 2 to 3 times. I've read about it and is a thing so. Hang in there good luck!

  • Anna
    Dec 05

    We are essentially still going through this with our 2.5 year old daughter 3 mos after our baby was born, but the best thing I think you can do now is keep consistency with quick responses. I have a method: see if they are okay (I do hand on forehead for fever), quick resettle/pat pat, “love you, bye”! Eventually I think they will get the idea that the attention they want won’t last long. Also,... More

What age is a good age to bring another baby in the picture?

My son just turned 2 in November, & my husband and I are wanting to try to get pregnant after the first of the year, but every time we bring our son around our friends with babies, he gets too jealous and sometimes angry because we’re holding another baby. So is it a good time to bring another baby in the picture?

  • Erin

    I have a girl and a boy 1yr and 2 days apart and it was awesome to not have to deal with having the wrong gender tantrum. But my sisters girls are 2yrs apart and it was rough for a couple months she said

  • Jennifer

    I don’t think there is a magic number! My first two where 19 months apart and my third was 9 years apart from my oldest. Both experiences have been different in their own ways.

Anonymous posted in Toys & Gifts Dec 03

Friend going to have 3 under 2 😳

A friend of mine is expecting her THIRD boy in the Spring. She already has two twin boys - and will have 3 under the age of 2 on her hands. A group of us are trying to find the best way to help her other than a meal train. We are trying to get creative. We all have children that are young so keep that in mind. Thank you!

  • Julie
    Dec 04

    Taking one or both of the older ones it will help. My neighbor had twins after having 2 older kids, every time I go to the park with my twins I swing by and offer to take the older ones. Sometimes even an hour of relief helps. Another thing can be to offer to get stuff when going to Costco or other stores for yourself. Most importantly, don't call just show up and help (as long as your frie... More

  • Bhavana
    Dec 07

    I was in the same boat last year I would have loved if someone took our older daughter on a play dates so we would get some sleep.

Still wanting to hear more experiences with tandem breastfeeding ♥️

  • Katie
    Dec 01

    I breastfed my son until he was three. The hardest parts were during my pregnancy. I had to drink smoothies for breakfast for almost three months. My midwife's great advice was feed yourself first, youngest second and then the older child last. We did a lot of laying down breastfeeding when I was pregnant.

  • Zarryah
    Dec 02

    This is not what you asking but I just wanted to share. I stopped feeding my first child when she was six months because I went to work and I had my second child when she turn two and a half. When my son came my daughter wanted to start back breastfeeding! I didn't know what to do and neither did she! So I decided to pump for the Both of them and give them bottles

Potty training

I have a 3yr girl and 2yr boy How do I potty train both at a time My daughter told me once she pooped in her diaper , but she do it occasionally, most of the time I ask her if she did, and she answer me if she did or no

  • Lisa
    Nov 30

    Go to the pet store, get a large bottle of Nature’s Miracle. It will remove pee smell from carpet and couches. Stuff works great! After paper toweling as much pee from the carpet as possible, drench the area with the Nature’s Miracle and blot dry.

  • Jessica
    Dec 02

    I’ve always had success using the three day method. (I used to nanny, I’ve given this method to several families and it’s worked in all cases, with the exception of one little boy that took a little longer for #2) The three day method: good for ages 2+ generally. If your toddler expresses a discomfort in any way from a soiled diaper (refusing to sit, telling you they pooped, etc) this will wor... More

Abby posted in Sleep Nov 29

I have 2 babies close in age my daughter is a year and my son is 8 months.

How could I break them both at the same time from a pacifier and keep them on the same sleeping schedule?

  • Jennifer
    Nov 30

    My daycare stopped giving it to him at naptime and a few weeks later we started at night time and he has been doing great so far without it. He mainly just chewed on it anyway

  • Coley
    Dec 02

    I let my daughter keep hers until just before her third birthday. I thought about it sooner but she talks a lot and sometimes I just needed some quiet! It helped put her to sleep quickly and I used it for naps and bed time only. Then we gave it to the paci fairy in exchange for a gift, much like the tooth fairy. There was a long adjustment period (3m) but she's great now and the gaps in her... More

Big sister books?

Does anyone have any suggestions for big sister board books or books about a new baby on the way? Thanks!

Already wanting another???

I know it's a little soon... My son is 9 months old... But I've already been thinking about wanting another baby. I don't think I would go through with actually trying for another one right now or anytime soon, but I was just wondering when all of you decided to have another? Like what is the age gap between? If you had children less than a year apart, how did you handle it? What ar... More

  • Dai
    Nov 28

    I wanted another baby soon after giving birth but since I was exclusively breastfeeding it was hard. I’m now 2 months pregnant and my little one is 3 weeks away from being 11 months. I wanted this way because i can’t imagine myself starting over with the teething and the no sleeping so it might be a lot a work now but they will both be a year and a few months apart so they will most likely do e... More

  • Tina
    Nov 28

    Mama’s with a toddler and a baby one the way look out! Let the craziness begin! 😂 I have a 16 month old and a 5 month old.

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Nov 24

Advice from Mamas of two close in age...

Alright, so my little one is 15 months and I just found out that I’m expecting baby number 2. I’m excited but dealing with morning sickness and a little anxiety is making it less fun. However, I want to enjoy this pregnancy as much as the first and am looking for advice from mamas who have two little ones approximately this close together? How did you manage and any tips on saving money and san... More

  • Mira
    Nov 24

    My kids are 11 months apart I got pregnant after my 40 days trust me it will be great they will become true friends specially when the first one is that young my advice to u stay calm find time for yourself and workout ❤️

  • Elisabeth
    Nov 24

    My kiddos are 25 months apart. We had potty trained Olivia right before Levi was born and that is still such a relief to me! So that would be my advice, if you haven’t already started potty training. You might wait until baby #1 is about 18 mo but that helps so much with money, too! I wouldn’t worry about having them so close together! I think that actually works to your advantage! Maybe your f... More

Dajhona posted in Newborns Nov 24

NICU mama

I had my second baby in the same year that i had my first born. My son decided to come really early I had him at 23 weeks. He is in the NICU and I’m praying he makes it out alive. He is truly a fighter tho and I truly admire my son for being such a strong guy during the hardest part of his life right now so mama also has to be strong for my little guy. Anyone else in this situation as well ?

  • Priscilla
    Nov 24

    Even though my younger son wasn’t born nearly as early, I can empathize with you as a fellow preemie/NICU mom. Yes, it will likely be one of the toughest experiences you will ever have in life, and most likely a crazy, emotional rollercoaster where things change by the hour. Plenty of tears and disappointment but also encouragement and hope. Remember to take care of yourself, whatever that migh... More

  • Alysha
    Nov 25

    My 27 week niece is turning 10 years old this year! She is a little on the small side but beyond that just fine. Yes there were a hard first 3 years. I live with my brother and took care of my niece and nephew for a while. at a little over a year she was Markef not to thrive and was on oxygen and had to have a Mickey button installed. So I was side tube feeding my niece. but days kept going fo... More

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Nov 20

Parents of 3 or more, talk to me about the “caboose” baby

I have two children less than a year apart who are extremely bonded and seem to be joined at the hip most of the time. It’s a special relationship that has been really good for both of them. Now we’re considering #3 but the age gap from the two older kids would be at least 5 years. 😱 Are we going to regret having one so much younger than the other two? I’m worried it would create a third wheel... More

  • Dada G
    Nov 23

    I have a different angle to add. My sister was born several years after the rest. I remember us all playing a lot together until I hit puberty etc. However here is what I wanted to add. Today my sister is super successful with two daughters of her own. She is an amazing mom to them and all of that was possible because she is here. So I wouldn’t worry too much about the gap assuming everythi... More

  • Lauren
    Nov 23

    I don’t have 3 kids but my husband’s older brothers are only 18 months apart and he’s 11 years younger than the oldest one. Now that they’re all adults he’s closest with the oldest one, so I believe that in the long run the age difference doesn’t really matter.

Dresean posted in Behavior Nov 20

Unbearable Spitting!

How do I curb my girls urge to spit and raspberry during meal times? I’m doing so much laundry at this point because I’m wearing more food than they’re eating!

  • Birdie
    Nov 20

    Give them the spoon and let them get messy. The only way they learn is if they practice. Then when they get messy you can show them how to clean themselves. My daughter is 2 now, her father hated it when I let her get messy. Now when her face & hands are dirty she asks for a napkin to clean herself. If you out then give her the spoon but guide their hand.

  • Adrian
    Nov 24

    I use these for my twins and it has helped so much. Bumkins Sleeved Bib / Baby Bib / Toddler Bib / Smock, Waterproof, Washable, Stain and Odor Resistant, 6-24 Months - Gray Chevron


I always feel like I'm slacking on giving my kids good lunches. I always think I don't have enough or it's just not healthy enough (which most of the time is probably not healthy at all 🤦‍♀️) my 3 year old is extremely picky which makes it so hard and my twins who are 19 months are usually good eaters but can love something one day and then hate it for a week. Does anyone have easy ... More

  • Amy
    Nov 25

    My daughter is 20 months old and I'll pack her a lunch for school that consists of at least one kind of fruit and vegetable each, one "main" dish like tuna sandwich, ham and cheese roll ups, hot dogs, soup, mac and cheese, cheese and crackers, sometimes even dinner from the night before. And then i will add a thing of yogurt, apple sauce, or one of those food pouches and a snack.... More

  • JoJo
    Nov 27

    Smoothies and omelettes help me with my toddler a lot!! Also burritos, you can add a bunch of things in there mixed in with beans and cheese, they love it!

Anonymous posted in Behavior Nov 17

My oldest is 5 and my daughter is 9 month, my son gets rough when he plays with her how do I stop it

Ive tried explaining what can happen, yelling, time out, even spanking I feel like i've tried everything

  • Tara
    Nov 18

    Hmmm maybe then the only thing you can do is be vigilant to protect her from any rough play that can hurt her, until she’s old enough to fend for herself. It’s temporary. You may end up raising a really tough cookie, who can defend herself and stand her ground. Until then, I suppose she needs her mum to make the world safe enough for her... this too shall end 🙏🏽

  • Michelle
    Nov 18

    Try to find something they can do together maybe... rolling a ball to each other, have him build a car ramp and have his sister help put the cars on the track to go down or have her watch and clap, paint together, have him read her a book, have him crawl race her, and maybe build them a blanket tunnel to crawl through. Anything that can kind of channel his energy while they get to do something ... More

Anonymous posted in Multiple Children Nov 17

How did you feel when pregnant with second baby?

Hi! I'm trying to get a feel for what you all felt when you found out you were having a second baby.. excited, terrified, worried, ready, not ready? Grasping for someone to relate to here haha!

  • Nicholl
    Nov 19

    Excited and overwhelmed. But we can only conceive through ivf so it’s not like we didn’t plan it.

  • Lily
    Nov 19

    Just excited! Mine will be 2 years apart and looking forward to them being best friends!

Val posted in Flying Nov 16


We will taking a plan trip for Christmas this year any one have any advice? I have a 7 year old with special needs. A 4 year old that screams and a 6 month old. Our flight is very late at night.

  • LisaP
    Nov 30

    When I flew solo with my almost-2 year old, I wipe-bathed him, brushed teeth, read a book, and changed him into pajamas so that he understood that it was bed time. And then changed him into day-time clothes in the morning- also an extra activity to keep him occupied. I agree with the other posters that the long-haul red-eye was the easiest part of the trip. The connections were a little toughe... More

  • Kristle
    6h ago

    For your 7 year old bring their security item, for your 4 year old if they have like a kindle that has their favorite games or books that is already downloaded that does not need the internet that is always a plus and for your 6 month old make sure they have a bottle handy or pacifier for taking off and landing for the elevation changes in the air so babies ears pop accordingly so there is no p... More

Anonymous posted in Activities & Enrichment Nov 16

A bored 3 year old!

I have a 3 year old and an almost 3 month old. It’s too cold outside to go to the park or go for a walk. Does anyone know any little games or crafts or something he can do during her nap time?

  • 2Boys&aDog
    Nov 16

    If he is a big fan of the bath that would be a great pastime. My sisters kids love the bath and are happy to play in there for an hour if she would let them. When she’s not napping you guys can always head over to the library or mall for some indoor fun outside of the house. Even getting out for an hour helps tremendously!

  • Lesley
    Nov 19

    1) lemon volcanos (he is obsessed) 2) baking! (Banana muffins, cookies) 3) practicing letters, numbers,writing 4) color/painting 5) building a fort 6) treasure hunt! I’ve made an “activity jar” for the children I’ve looked after.. we’d all tell out fun things to do at home and write them down on wooden sticks. Whenever we were stuck at home, one of the children would pick out a random sti... More

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