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Potty training advice

My 22 month old has mastered both holding to go to the bathroom at night and during naps and she is now going to the potty as soon as she wakes up but we can’t get her to go or I guess I haven’t “caught” the right time for her to go during the rest of the day. Any advice? What were your tricks? Is putting her on the potty every fifteen minutes necessary?

Aylinn posted in Holidays Jun 08

My 21st Birthday on Father's Day

Father's Day lands on my 21st birthday this year and I don't really know what to do? I have ideas of gifts to buy for my husband, but he constantly tells me not to buy him anything. Should I listen to him or should I just ignore him and get him a gift? I want to get him something meaningful and special. Anyone have any ideas on what to get him?

When do you normally start giving your child water ?

I live in Arizona where it’s disgustingly hot out and my 2 month old sweats pretty badly so sometimes I wonder if he ever gets dehydrated..

Kathryn recommended a place Jun 03


We love Arcadia Montessoria! Our 2.5 yr old has attended since 18 months. Lots of structure and huge emphasis on creating independence and learning programs based on your child's learning preference.

Chachi recommended a place May 29


Daughter LOVES the environment and meeting new friends to play with! All while beating the heat with indoor air conditioning!!

Kristen posted in Sleep May 28

Help 11 month old waking at 5am!

Trying later bedtime but baby can't make it past 7pm. Sleeps 10 hours.

Anonymous May 19

Any places to find affordable baby gear?

Im 39, expecting and due 8/8. The dad is not currently in the picture, we broke up before I knew. I have a boy age 5 and a girl age 3, different father, also not in the picture. I'm supposed to be on bed rest, so no working right now. I also had to withdraw from school. Due to a financial crunch, I'm freaking out about things I'll need for the baby!! My family is far away, also no... More

Would parents be interested in an in home daycare option that was 100% organic and vegetarian?

I’m thinking of starting an in home daycare in the next year or so. I’m just wondering if parents would pay $150+ per week for a day care that provided meals & snacks that are organic and vegetarian. I would also be cloth diaper and disposable diaper friendly. Commenting will not cause you to be contacted down the road hahaha. I’m just curious because I’ve never paid for daycare so I don’... More

Deborah recommended a place May 08


Love taking my kiddos to this park, nice area for the kids to run around 😁

Sheryl recommended a place May 07


Always love the staff at KP

Meticulouskat reviewed a place May 07


We were out and about running errands today when my 5 month old needed to nurse while inside the store. Unfortunately, there's nowhere secluded to sit so we had to nurse in the restroom. There wasn't even a chair or bench in the restroom so we had to use a stall. We love Total Wine! The selection can't be topped, the staff is knowledgable and friendly, and we shop here frequently,... More

Anonymous posted in Adoption May 07


My husband and I have been married now for 5 years! I have a 6 year old son and together we have a 18mo old son. About a year ago I decided to terminate the parental rights with my 6 year old’s birth father. My husband is all my son knows and the only male figure in his life that he has addressed as dad. My husband and I have decided to go through the adoption process to make things official on... More

Leeza recommended a place May 07


Toddler time is great for getting kids social

Celina recommended a place May 03


We love coming to cool off in the splash pad, enjoy some good food, music, and wine or beer.

This place is awesome. . But does anyone know if it’s working??

Dreama posted in Behavior Apr 30

Need some advice, my 2 year old daughter has been throwing the biggest tantrums. It’s too the point where she throws her self around, hitting, throwing stuff and is very dramatic about it. I know it’s probably terrible two’s but my son never threw such bad tantrums. I don’t know what to do?

Hey parents!! So what is everybody doing with their kids while the schools are on a walk out????

Moms with daughters! Potty training tips pleasseeee!

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