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Anonymous recommended a place Friday


The staff at Heartprints are very caring and provide diverse opportunities for play and exploration. The children and staff are pretty diverse which we love so our child interacts regularly with people different than her. The staff could be a little more organized in what they plan and communicate to parents (e.g. when new teachers are hired, what new material is introduced, areas of strengths/... More

Kristen posted in Sleep Sep 18

almost 15 month old still wakes at night.

my son has been in day care for past 6 months, we had to transition to 1 nap per day cuz he wasnt napping. he seems to be ok with it but now he is waking 1 or 2 times a night for bottle. he used to sleep through night most nights. I'm not sure if just not eating enough during day but he will drink 5 to 6 ounces when he does wake. I think he is hungry but this night stuff is really taking a... More

Cherie recommended a place Sep 17


Such a fun place to decompress and just have everybody let loose. There is a parent space with massage chairs and TV if you need that. I like to jump and frolicking around with the kids. Everyone has a great time tensions are usually gone before we arrive and best of all everyone sleeps so well.

3 month old constantly wants to eat.

My 3 month old constantly wants to eat. He’s always had a regular feeding schedule every between every 2-3 gradually increasing in oz to his demand. I just started him on 6 oz but he is nearly making it to 2 hours is the normal? I just keep feeding him is it too much?

Erica posted in Sleep Sep 14

Nap/bedtime with a blanket

My 1 year old wraps his head in his blanket when he lays down for a nap or bedtime and he sleeps on his tummy I have to watch him untill he falls asleep tonunrap him or he just does it over and over again how can I stop him from doing this without having to take his blanket away?

Bottle weaning

My son is 1 he only gets a bottle for naps and bed time I have tried to just give him his sippy for naps and bedtime but he literally screams his head off untill he gets a bottle what can I do to get him to take his sippy at nap time and bed time!?

Blood work

My pediatrician ordered my newborn to get her blood work done. I hate doing anything that will make her cry/ upset. What kind of things do they test for when it comes to blood work and how’d your baby do?

Heather recommended a place Sep 02


Clean building, friendly staff. Kids area could have a little more, but fun for my kiddos.

Kristen posted in Sleep Aug 30

My almost 14 month old goes to day care. They offer 1 nap and it has been hard on my little guy.

He still needs 2 naps most days, and some he days doesn't nap at all. The daycare says they try but he wont sleep. I don't know how to adjust, since if he doesn't nap, then he is a monster and in bed super early then wake early and the cycle repeats. I give him short AM naps if he wakes early and now he won't nap at daycare. I just don't know how to get him to 1 nap and he a... More

Can anyone relate?

My little guy is 2 he is an only child he does go to speech therapy but doesnt have anyone his age to play or interact with at all I dont have anyone around me with the same situation can anyone relate?

Suggestions for toddlers wanting toys

I recently saw a post on here about allowing your kid to take a photo of the object they want or reach for in a store. This has sometimes worked for me but I also wanted to share something else we do. My little girl just wants to explore it. So, if we’re in the grocery store and she sees a toy she wants I let her hold it, pet it or give it a hug and she ask what it’s name is and I say now it’s ... More

Ahide recommended a place Aug 25


Early morning or late nights .. Splash pad loacted right to the playground as well a short distance from the lake .. ...

What age do you stop cutting grapes?

My little girl just turned two earlier this month and I still cut her gapes but my husband and mom won’t when I’m not around. I constantly have to ask them to do so and they feel it’s not a big deal since she has her teeth. Am I overreacting? Is there a certain age that you don’t have to or if they have most of their teeth it’s okay not to cut.... just concerned about chocking.

Neonatal compartment syndrome

The plastic surgeon hesitated to diagnose my 7 month old with it but says it’s the closest thing to what’s going on with him, was looking to see if anyone has kids with it and how the affected limb(s) progressed. Also if anyone had multiples during their pregnancy be the assumed reason for the injury. The running theory is he got crammed in my hips and it cut off the blood supply to his arm.

Any half African American kids?

I have a half African American and half Mexican daughter. Her hair is getting longer and I’ve been told I have to put stuff in her hair to protect the curls. She’s got the big Shirley temple curls. I have bought the “Miss Jessie’s Multicultural Curls” lotion and it doesn’t seem to be doing anything. I use the “glop and glam” shampoo and conditioner in her hair. I’m just not sure what to use for... More

Megan recommended a place Jul 31


The sand is the only issue for me. It’s really hard to get out of my kids’ hair. But it’s an awesome park.

Megan recommended a place Jul 31


Fun for small kids in hot weather, newly renovated to provide more space to hang out.

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