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Natalie posted in Sleep Monday

Help with sleep

My 4 year old almost 5 goes to bed really late. Like 1 or 2 Am she’s with me Sunday night through Thursday night.. & then she’s at her dads the weekend, im not sure what time she goes to bed over there but can somebody give me advice on how to get her to go to sleep earlier?☹️

Anonymous recommended a place Friday


My son and I love this place

Fun winter activities in flagstaff with 1 year old?

Taking weekend trip to flagstaff before Christmas! Would love to hear about any fun restaurants/activities/ anything! Tia :)

Anonymous posted in Babies Dec 04

Ear Piercings

My daughter is 7 months old. I'm planning on piercing her ears at a professional piercing office who uses needles. Any tips or comments?

Brittany recommended a place Dec 02


My daughter loves this place. 10 bounce houses to play in, and arcade and a restaurant. 1/2 price games on Thursdays. Great monthly membership prices.

Free things to do

What are some free things to do with an 18month old? :) it doesn’t have to be in phoenix


Are there some safe probiotic powders out there I could give my 18month old in his water?

Sarah recommended a place Nov 29


Great place to keep kids busy, learning and exploring. A life-saver in the summer!

Anonymous posted in Teething Nov 29

Probiotics for 6 month old?

My daughters teeth are coming in and shes on motrin and advil (infant) dosing. I want her gut to be healthy any advice? I was given one type but I am curious about others experience. One tooth has broken through and the second is right behind, she has an amber anklet and homeopathic meds to help and natural numbing gel. *Yes I will be discussing with her provider

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Nov 27

8 months still not holding bottle?

Every time I let him hold his bottle he thinks it’s a toy and plays with it instead of drinking. Should he be able to hold his own bottle at this age? I’m waiting for him to hold his own bottle so that we can transition him to a sippy cup/straw cup.

Feedings - milk & baby food

My son has never been a babe that loves to drink milk, breastfed or formula. He’s always fought it and it’s always so hard to get him to feed. He’ll be 8 months at the end of the month and we’ve already been on baby food for months. I’m just wondering if how much formula he should be drinking? Every time I ask my pedi she just says as much as he will take. He’s currently drinking anywhere from ... More

2year old fully potty trained and need activities.

I’m looking for a fun dance place to take my daughter to use her energy. She is so energetic now and is fully potty trained looking for a great dance place for toddlers in Arizona. She is shy and would need to be able to see me in the room with her any ideas my fellow parents?

Runny Nose

My daughter had a cough for about a week and we finally got over that but she has had a persistent runny nose and congestion. I've been giving her saline drops, baby vicks, and had the humidifier running over night in her room. Any suggestions on how to get the mucus to dry up?

hands in diaper / slapping

my 2 year old recently started putting his hands in his pamper. he will lay down & put both hands in. it makes me upset mostly because he’ll pull his diaper low enough to have himself exposed so he can go potty on everything. when i ask him to stop, he will slap me. it kinda hurts my feelings a lot haha. since then, he slaps when he’s upset. he had gross motor skill delays & recently l... More

KelsieLynn recommended a place Nov 08


Small park l, but good, clean, and easy parking, right next to an apartment building so lots of people walking out for walks by the park and trail and a day care playground, gated of course but loud and distracts your kid when out ha

16 month old still wakes at night for milk.

so it doesn't happen all the time but I was adding one scoop of formula to my son’s night bottle and he would make it till 5am. without the formula he is waking for milk. is he really hungry? I try just soothing and he gets madder till he gets milk. I water it down at night and sometimes he will drink all others will leave a little bit. I dont know if adding formula is not good to do or if... More

Daas posted in Child Care Nov 06

Best way to drop off at daycare

I take my 15 month to daycare in the morning‘s and find that it’s extremely difficult for me to leave without her crying and clawing at my clothes and reaching out for me, not wanting me to leave her. What are your thoughts or advice on how to leave? I stay a few extra minutes to try and play a little bit but doesn’t help. Best to distract her with something and sneak out when she’s okay? Or ha... More

Attention mommies!!!! I need a sitter ASAP!

So I have a job interview tomorrow at 2:45pm but my husband won't be home until 4pm and our usually babysitter won't be able to help us out. We are in desperate need if this job but I don't know of any babysitteron such short notice. Any of you know of one or a fellow mommy mind helping me out😭... My zip code is 85042. Thanks in advance... 🙏💕

Potty training

I have a 2 and 3 year boys who are not potty trained and I would much like to do you potty train your boys? How do you know when to put them on toilet? Mine do not speak clearly yet and don’t know the word pee or poop

Anonymous posted in Products & Gear Oct 29

Easy Travel Stroller?

Looking for advice on the best stroller for travel. I have the baby jogger city select for dog walks and love it. It's really heavy and bulky to lug in and out of my car though...

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