American Museum of Natural History

5.0 Museum 200 Central Park W New York
  • Stroller Friendly — Yes

    Plenty of room for strollers except no strollers allowed in the butterfly exhibit and there's stroller parking for the discovery room.

  • Restrooms — Yes

  • Good for Play — Yes

  • Changing Tables — Yes

  • Indoor Play — Yes

Anonymous Dec 19, 2017


Definitely check out the Discovery Room. You can spend hours with hands on play. They have a dinosaur skeleton that has numbered bones that you assemble like a puzzle. There’s a Dino nest that the kids can dig out. If you’re fortunate you’ll get to see them feed the lizards.


Suggested donation. If times are hard, don't feel bad giving a dollar or less if you can't afford more. Give more next time you can! Lots of room for little ones to walk around, storytimes and play things in the Discovery room.

The mummies are here! It’s the first weekend of Mummies, an exhibit on loan from The Field Museum in Chicago: Museum admission is $22 for adults, $12.50 for children, and free for kids under 2.


Great exploration space for kids. Esp the Discovery Room which is really hands on.


Dinosaur skeletons were obviously a hit, and my kid loved all of the taxidermy exhibits too! Probably not necessary to pay for the special exhibits - there's tons to see in the main areas.

☀️ Beat the heat this weekend at the American Museum of Natural History. Don’t miss their dinosaur exhibit and the final weekend of The Secret World Inside You exhibit.

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