Billy Johnson Playground

4.5 Playground 5 Avenue A New York
  • Good for Play — Yes

    This playground is safe for little ones with its smooth surface. You'll also find an accessible swing.

  • Stroller Friendly — Yes


Excellent playground in Central Park. The 7 y.o. here gives the concrete slides a thumbs up. Enough space to run around, a bridge, and a tire swing are the other cool bits. The gate had been fixed.


LOVE this playground. Incorporates natural elements into the playground. Lots (for nyc) of open space for unstructured play too. Great way for city kids to get in a bit of nature play but in a contained area (hopefully) free of dog waste (as a dog owner, trust me there us no inch of grass outside the playgrounds year hasn't been peed/pooped on by dogs). The gate is (most likely still) broke... More

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