Bottega Louie

2.0 Restaurant 700 South Grand Avenue Los Angeles

A morning pastry shop/market, lunchtime cafe, and all-day dining room. Try their famous macarons or get a box to go.

  • Stroller Friendly — Yes

  • Fun for Grownups — Yes

  • Highchairs — Yes

  • Restrooms — Yes

  • Kids Menu — No

  • Drive-Thru — No

  • Changing Tables — No


only thing that is kid friendly about this place is how loud it is. Going with a six-year-old and a one-year-old was an absolute fiasco. No changing tables no room for baby carrier no high chairs available no kids portions of meals. Couldn't even ask for side of spaghetti with one meatball with out being told we had to purchase two separate adult portions. Staff did not appear concerned wit... More

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