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Preschool in Livermore

Off the Isabel exit on the 580

Home-based, small group learning program for kids 2-6 that utilizes a hybrid-Montessori curriculum to prepare kids for their entry into the k-12 systems. The 3 to 1 student-teacher ratio allows them to individualize lesson plans and help children grow.

  • Age Range

    2 yr - 6 yr

  • Cost

  • Hours

    9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

  • Calendar

    Full Year

  • Schedules

    Part Time

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Program Details

  • 6-8 Children per Learning Group (3 to 1 student-teacher ratio).
  • Snack provided and optional meal program available.
  • Spanish language supported and additional language immersion classes available based on demand.


In order to enroll in the program, we allow time to preview the major aspects of the program! We want parents to feel comfortable not only about our teachers but about our philosophy. We always set up an hour and a half preview day for parents and their child to have them understand how the child will learn and what expectations are for everyone involved.

After the preview day, we have a phone conversation to go over any additional questions or concerns.

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