Children's Creativity Museum

4.6 Museum 221 4th St San Francisco

Interactive art and technology museum designed for children ages 2-12 years. Once known as “Zeum” it was rebranded in 2011. They offer hands on activities in a wide spectrum of areas, including music and animation. Also home to the LeRoy King Carousel.

  • Good for Nursing — Yes

    Private nursing room.

  • Mothers Room — Yes

  • Restrooms — Yes

  • Good for Play — Yes

  • Changing Tables — Yes

  • Stroller Friendly — Yes

  • Indoor Play — Yes


Go. Just go. This is an awesome place for kids. We went with a 2.5 and 5 year old and they both had a blast. Bring a lunch and snacks since there weren’t any food options when we were there.

Children's creativity museum

Anyone know if this museum is appropriate or worth it for a 10 month old?


Great for toddlers.


I forgot to review this place a few weeks ago. It's so awesome! Currently there's an exhibit where the kids color a picture of a vehicle, scan it into the magic scanner, and it appears on the screen, and drives around the room. If the kid taps the screen it will jump! So fun

How is the Children's creativity museum for one year olds? I'm tired of Academy of Sciences... any other place for walkers but not talkers to have fun?


Update: we went to splish splash today: theaters for toddlers. It was good fun. My 2yo really enjoyed it. The artist were really engaging and she got a chance to sing jump and play.


Found it okay. Not that much for my toddler to interact with. Maybe better for older kids.

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