For Your Child

5.0 Preschool 2417 N Clybourn Ave Chicago Unclaimed

For Your Child is a preschool offering educational experiences and kindergarten readiness programs located at 2417 N Clybourn Ave in Chicago, IL. Contact this provider to inquire about prices and availability.

    Licensing & Safety

    The licensing status of For Your Child is unknown. If you can verify this preschool is currently licensed, please submit that information here.

    Parent Reviews


    Our child attends FYC after being disappointed with some other area daycares. The difference - the secret sauce - at FYC is the teachers. These teachers really love their jobs, love their kids, enjoy playing and hanging out with them, enforce discipline but are gentle and patient in doing so. At other schools we found that teachers in classrooms were "hit or miss" - administration was... More

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