Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline

5.0 Park 900 Dornan Dr Richmond

Massive park with a playground, open fields, swimming beach, trails for hiking and biking, and picnic areas. You can reserve the picnic areas in advance with grills for parties or special events.

  • Water Play — Yes

    Check out Keller Beach:

  • Good for Play — Yes


  • Restrooms — Yes

  • Parking — Yes

  • Changing Tables — No


Huge open shoreline park with play areas for littles as well as bigs. Giant pond with lots of ducks and geese that like to socialize. Perfect for bike riding and a visit to the model railroad museum across the street afterwards. There is also a small beach just by the tunnel perfect for playing.


Huge and has everything. Duck pond, restrooms, playgrounds, access to the bay, flat trail for biking, and there is 🍷tasting on the way out of the area.

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