Muir Woods National Monument

4.7 Park 1 Muir Woods Rd Mill Valley

Perfect place for a family hike among the unforgettable giant redwood trees. Beautiful scenery for a day out in nature. There's no picnicking along the trails but outside the cafe are benches.

  • Stroller Friendly — Yes

    Wide, paved paths.

  • Parking — Yes

    There is parking but it fills up very fast. Get there early.

  • Good for Nursing — Yes

  • Restrooms — Yes


Muir Woods is one of our favorite places to go with babies and toddlers! Both times we were on parental leave we made the trip up here. It's extremely chill and peaceful, easy to navigate with a stroller, and there are bathrooms and a small cafe at the entrance to the park. The cafe can have weird hours and less than healthy food so I would recommend bringing snacks from home. You can eat ... More


Walking the main loop is great starting at 18 months.


Our baby was enchanted by this place last summer. He was so excited! Watch out though, this place can be crazy busy! If you go, arrive here before the official opening of 8 am or it won't be so enchanting since all the parking will be taken and the trails clogged. Even though you can enter the park before 8 am the crowds show up after opening. We arrived at 7:50 on a Saturday and we parked... More

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