Paul Derda Recreation Center

5.0 Gym 13201 Lowell Blvd Broomfield

Family friendly city run recreation center featuring a large indoor swimming pool, indoor playground for kids ages 7 and under, a climbing wall, and more.

  • Indoor Play — Yes

    The indoor playground is free for children 3 years and younger and $6 for kids 4-7 years old.

  • Child Care — Yes

    Child sitting is offered for parents who remain on site.

  • Water Play — Yes

  • Restrooms — Yes

  • Parking — Yes

  • Good for Nursing — Yes

  • Changing Tables — Yes

  • Stroller Friendly — Yes

  • Good for Play — Yes


Great rec center!! LOVE the indoor playground and it's free for kids up to age 4! They also have a great pool and classes for additional fees.

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