Planet Granite (Belmont)

5.0 Gym 100 El Camino Real Belmont

Located in the old Belmont Theater, they offer climbing terrain with high climbing walls, an indoor/outdoor bouldering area, and a yoga studio. Offers drop- in climbing for kids and private lessons for kids 6 and up. Also offers after school programs available for children ages 5-13 years old. Special events and summer camps also offered.

  • Child Care — Yes

    Offers Parents Night Off a couple Friday nights a month from 6:00pm- 8:30pm for ages 5- 13 years old. Children can participate in climbing and yoga.

  • Fun for Grownups — Yes

  • Good for Play — Yes


This is a great place for parents night out and for summer /after-school camps. Can’t wait for our son to turn 5 so we can take advantage of all they have to offer.

Anonymous Feb 14, 2018

Important note if you're headed to Planet Granite with your kid and their friend. You must have a waiver completed by the child's parents in advance. You also need a copy of their driver's license! Make sure you have all of this or you'll be unable to take them climbing.

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