Robert W. Crown Memorial State Beach

5.0 Park Robert W. Crown Memorial State Beach Alameda

When the tide goes out the kids can have fun looking for sea life.

  • Good for Play — Yes

    The beach is clean and great for sand castles.


The beach in Alameda (which stretches pretty far, starting from the Crab Cove/Crown Memorial side) is becoming one of our favorite spots in the East Bay. The water is generally very easy to wade around in, especially when it’s low tide. The whole area gets nice and warm when it’s sunny without getting too hot, and you can enjoy a view of the SF skyline while you hang out. There’s an adjacent wa... More


Crown Memorial Beach or Crab Cove? Call it what you will; this has become a favorite spot of ours! It's beautiful and peaceful with bay views; a sandy beach; a large, grassy field for kite flying or just running wild; paths for walking, biking, or scooting; fisherman to watch; sticks to find; construction trucks to eyeball; and even a small visitor's center. The Alameda water tends to b... More

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