Shelby Bottoms Park & Nature Center

5.0 Park 1900 Davidson St Nashville

An environmental and education facility that is next to the 336-acre park. The nature center offers a variety of educational programs, a children's play area, trails, and a Cumberland River Compact rain garden. The park includes a sand lot and playground.

  • Parking — Yes

    Private lot.

  • Indoor Play — Yes

    Shelby Bottoms Nature Center

  • Restrooms — Yes

  • Good for Play — Yes


The walking trails are a great escape from the city, you can even see deers and animals walking through the woods. The best part for us though, is the natural playground & all the opportunities to explore outside. There's a teepee, a spider web, large logs to climb & move, an "outdoor instrument" & even a slide that goes into the woods. The uosairs nature center also h... More

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