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One of the most well known historical sites in England, Stonehenge is located approximately 140 kilometers east of London and can be reached by car, bus, and train. It is highly recommended to purchase tickets in advance due to popularity. There is parking at the visitor center and then shuttle buses to the stones. The visitor center houses exhibitions, a cafe, and restroom facilities.

  • Good for Nursing — Yes

    The visitor center has seating but the actual stones do not.

  • Parking — Yes

  • Stroller Friendly — Yes


My kids needed a fairy story to get interested in Stonehenge. For my son, I told him a legend that the burial mounds were underground fairy houses, and the Stonehenge formations made "windows into a magic world," so as we walked around we looked through each magic window trying to spy magical creatures. When you visit, be prepared for WIND! It wasn't that cold when we visited, bu... More

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