Sutro Baths

5.0 Entertainment Point Lobos Ave. San Francisco

Beautiful historic ruins of Sutro Baths located at San Francisco's Lands End. Great ocean views and hiking.

  • Good for Nursing — Yes

    Benches located near parking lot.

  • Restrooms — Yes

    Restrooms available in visitor's center.

  • Parking — Yes

  • Changing Tables — Yes

  • Good for Play — Yes

Haha, this listing needs to be edited. This was a “saltwater swimming pool” 100 years ago, but it’s a historic ruins site now. Just in case you’re from out of town hoping to take a dip... 😂


Had a little energy this morning so my boys took me to lunch at Cliff House and a short walk to catch some Sunday waves and sunshine. If you've never see the baths, now is a great time. With all of our recent rain, they are full. Beautiful. San sure are beautiful.


Love to take kid out to walk at Landsend. The visitor's center has fresh fruit and cookies. We like to bring the Osprey poco and take Elliot down to 1000 rock beach. We normally find some good stuff in the tide pools and he loves to explore all of the rocks.

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