We Play Loud!

4.0 Playground Lake Forest

12,000 square foot indoor playground. They have a 2 story high indoor play structure and a designated area for babies/toddlers.

  • Good for Play — Yes

  • Indoor Play — Yes


My boys love it here. It’s clean and well maintained. Keeps each kid active and playing even with their age differences no one gets bored. My husband loves that after a fun afternoon of playing their name stickers get you a free ice cream cone at chick-fil-a. 😁🍦

I haven't been here yet. Apparently my daughter aged out at 6 years old due to the height requirement. Pretty sad to be a tall kid I guess.


Great place especially for 10 mos - 6 years. Clean, secure, and well maintained. It’s pretty busy on weekends, but midweek it’s far more mellow, and they sometimes offer open play and you can stay as long as you like (normally it’s 2 hours of play time.) This was a great place to bring my toddler for a little excitement when he wasn’t quite ready for regular outdoor playgrounds. I was impre... More


So much fun and great for all ages!

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