Westchester Parents Nursery School

5.0 Preschool 8619 Aviation Blvd Inglewood Unclaimed

Parent cooperative offering child education services to preschool age children. Focus is on providing skills in preparation for a global and diverse world. School philosophy believes that creative play, especially in an outdoor setting, is equally as important as academics. Children are encouraged to learn at their own pace with various tools and toys. Individual qualities are recognized in each child.

  • Age Range

    2 yr - 6 yr

  • Price

  • Calendar

    Full Year

  • Schedules

    After Care, Full Time, Part Time

Program Details

  • Morning and afternoon programs, as well as early and late bird programs, are available.

Enrollment Instructions

Licensing & Safety

Westchester Parents Nursery School is a licensed daycare center.

Parent Reviews


Co-op established in the 1960's with a play-based curriculum. Encourages getting messy and exploring, especially in their down-to-earth outdoor spaces. Potty training not required for the preschool, which is nice for the late bloomers. Morning and afternoon programs available. Very affordable tuition compared to other preschools and even day cares in LA, along with some parent and famil... More

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