Reply to Family caregivers that want to continue caregiving but we don’t want it.

My parents LOVED taking care of my twins. Even if my ex had not deserted our family when the boys were 3 months old, my parents wouldn't have let anyone else care for my boys while I worked. How I eased my parents back to the "empty nest"--I visited my church and got the Principal of the preschool to accept the boys if they were potty trained. By 2 yr 10 mo they were 100% trained, and started out 3 whole days a week. By their 3rd birthday, they were 5 full days. Yes, it was a bit of a financial pinch on me---but it gave my parents back their freedom (they still visited every day)--and gave my sons social skills, lots of activity and structure, and helped prepare their immune systems to attend school (where there are far too many sick children who are pushed off to school to make others sick). I recommend preschool for every child--only if it is the school that fits the child's needs and when the child is ready to go. Yes it is hard to let go--but it's the way of the world.