Reply to How helpful are most dads?

Mine was in a long distance relationship for 9 years and lived alone, never lived with a gf or anyone besides his parents growing up, no siblings. He was a little more involved when my daughter was first born, and we talked about expectations etc, but then his job got super busy and he really has no time for anything else. When he is home he is so drained and I get that, but uses the job as an excuse to not do anything. I do try to leave her with him on Sat mornings and take my son out so I can get out of the house and also have one on one time with my son, but that has been getting difficult lately. I guess more than anything I want consistency and to be able to rely on him. When I see him laying on the couch I want to scream, and he knows how upset it makes me and he doesn’t seem to care. I appreciate your responses!!!