Reply to First time on a plane

I've flown with my son three times and somehow always found something new to be useful. I hope I'm not too late. 1. Easiest is having someone help you with checking in and another helping when you arrive especially for your luggage. If not, be early by I say another hour. 2. Luggage with rollers that go in any direction is the best thing especially if you have multiple. 3. A leash for your toddler if your hands are full and also helpful when walking to your gate and around so he can get the energy out before the flight. 4. Separate your baby creams, sunscreen, baby snacks and ect in a plastic bag if you have any on your carryon (make sure they are travel sizes or they won't allow it minus baby wipes) Place them in separate tub along with diaper wipes for security scan. They will pull you aside no matter what to verify, just easier and faster when they can see it out of the carryon. 5. Have sippy cup empty when going to security and refill at water fountain after. 6. If wearing diapers, put on an overnight diaper just before the flight. No diaper change needed except for poop. So have a few just in case. 7. Apps and a favorite toy or two to keep him distracted on plane. My toddler hated the initial take off so having him focus on something else helped the second time around. 8. Snacks helped with take off too like popping of ears. 9. I always sat near the back. If all else fails, you can walk around the back with your son. Plus I usually pick a window seat so my son can look out the window or push on the plane and not the seat in front. 10. To have less items, have a sweater that you would be comfortable to use as a blanket for your son. It can get cold sometimes.