Reply to BEING a SAHM causing problems for my relationship.

Find somewhere where you can get a professional to teach you how to drive. Find the local autocross, they can help. You do not want to be dependant on your husband, and you shouldn't have to be. I am extremely familiar with getting over debilitating anxieties and if you are struggling because you are stuck, it sounds like that is the first place to start. Your husband may feel helpless knowing there is little he can do. I would recommend talking to a therapist as well to get some help with your struggles. You could take an uber to see one or even find one you can meet with over the phone... As your child gets older, not being able to drive will likely be even more challenging. If you can overcome that your world will open up. There are so many things you can do with a baby if you can just get out, i.e. library, parks, museums, etc. I wish you luck, feeling alone and dealing with anxiety is very tough. Please know this comes from a place of experience, no judgment here!!!