Reply to Dad is his favorite... and it’s clear why

My 19 month old does this. I am also a SAHM, my husband kind of makes guest appearances in her life; because in the mornings we go to mommy and me classes, and many times my husband gets home past her bed time. When she sees him it’s like a celebrity walked in the room and she totally forgets about me, won’t even let me carry her; (but I will admit this is kind of my fault, when she was younger I used to celebrate my husband’s arrival, because at first she didn’t want him to hold her at all, and I know it used to make him sad. So eventually she started celebrating too) When they play I try to join in, but she really isn’t very interested in me joining in. I think they don’t have a chance to miss us, we are always there; and yes we are stuck doing all the grunge work. I’d love to only be able to offer fun time, but someone has to keep them safe. I know it’s not that I’ve fallen into a routine with my daughter because Im always playing with her, dancing with her, and overall looking for ways to stimulate her. I think (more like hope) it’s a phase and it will pass; at least that’s what I’ve been told.