Reply to Parent guilt over growing twins

You know, this is why I feel frustrated when people always look at me sagely and say, “enjoy it! Take it all in! It goes so fast!” I know they have the best intentions when they say that; but I’ve really come to feel that instead of encouraging me it just makes me feel guilty. Parenthood, ESPECIALLY in the first year, is so hard and emotionally challenging. One minute you’re wildly in love and the next minute you’re crawling the walls and wish you could just book a ticket to Aruba by yourself. Instead of always being told to enjoy EVERY SINGLE MINUTE I just need someone to tell me that I’m doing a great job. So, YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB, MAMA! You are doing the best you can. You meet your kids’ needs and you love them the best you can. The rest will take care of itself.