Reply to Delivery at 29 weeks

My baby was in the NICU for a month. Others have said this, but making sure your cousin has food at home for easy quick meals is a huge help for a NICU mom. You are constantly on the go between home and the hospital and also having to make time to pump. If she is pumping, I would suggest getting her some premier protein shakes. They were so easy for the mornings and you need a lot of protein when your supply is coming in. Preemie clothes are also great to have. It’ll probably be a little while before they let the baby wear clothes because it’ll be in the incubator, but once it is allowed they are great to have. Third, see if she needs any clothes to wear. Most moms don’t have to go out in public this early postpartum and she may need a few new tops or leggings to wear to the hospital. Other than that, prayers, support, and a shoulder to cry on. When your hormones are going crazy already it is unbearable to leave and go home without your baby!