Reply to Do you like having an au pair?

It cost about $20,000 for the first year. You need to pay the agency around $8,000 You pay the au pair $200/week ($10,400/yr) You cover up to $500 of educational costs This is not required but it's assumed you will want your au pair to have a cell phone so you need to pay for that. You need to pay to put her on your car insurance if she'll need to drive. Basically the only thing you do not pay for is the au pairs time off entertainment costs. The Au pair can work up to 45 hours a week, and not more than 10 hours per day. (So if you and your spouse travel frequently for work, you can’t have your au pair watch the kids for 24 hours while you’re gone.) You also need to afford at least one and a half days off per week, one full weekend off per month, and two weeks of paid vacation.