Reply to Venting

I have to disagree with your friend, there is nothing wrong with losing yourself in your kids a bit, especially when they are so little, because as you said, it does go by very fast. That's actually kind of a dumb thing to say anyway. You "lose yourself?" Where do you go? You are always still you!! I am 33 with two kids and despite my best efforts all my friends without kids have drifted away. Even my siblings without kids have drifted away. I call and send messages and try to get together but they just stop getting back to me. I think they don't know how to relate to you anymore. But the good ones will stick around and not be judgey. To reiterate, nothing wrong with getting wrapped up in your kids. They are special little people and they grow so fast. The only people that will be bothered by this is people that are jealous that you might not spend as much time with them. But why should you let that affect your behavior? That's their problem, not yours. Keep loving on that precious baby, she will be grown up before you know it. You will never regret the time you spent with her now, never.