Reply to Kisses at daycare

Hi, second anonymous poster here. I just wanted to say one other thing, which is I think I know where you’re coming from. I’m a FTM to an only child and I sometimes have a hard time hearing anything “bad” about my daughter too. I feel like people (in this case, daycare teachers) are being too critical or maybe even judgmental and it upsets me. So in that way I do get it!! I’ve become a lot better at trying to stop and listen when her teachers tell me something. A few months ago, I went to pick her up and her teacher told me that she had been pulling hair all day long. As in her friends hair. My first thought was to blame the other child (maybe they did something to HER when the teacher wasn’t looking. But then I asked the teacher for more details and it turns out she was doing it only when another child was sitting in her favorite teachers lap. So we started working on the concept of “gentle hands,” and taking turns. Overall it hurts to hear any sort of criticism regarding out little ones, but I just try to remember that all of these people I allow into her life are (hopefully) here to advocate for her and help her develop and be a better person.