Reply to Constipation, continued - 1 mo old baby

my daughter had the same issue, she’s 8mo now and we mostly just did the q-tip and vaseline method and it worked like a charm for her. eventually she got used to the formula and as of 4mo she poops regularly. we started her on formula when she was 1.5mo and had issues at first. the prune juice didn’t really help her as much, more so just doing the q-tip trick every other day if she wasn’t pooping on her own. so it’ll pass over time, mostly you’ll just have to wait until her body gets used to the formula and then she’ll be back to pooping like crazy. also our pediatrician told us to give her about 1-2oz of water a day to ‘loosen her up’ and that helped more than the prune juice, at least for us. now that she’s 8mo and drinking a tiny bit more water she’s been a lot more regular.