Reply to Leaving my 2 year old for nursing school

One of my husband’s friends gave birth during her residency program while her husband was working in another city four hours away. She hired a nanny and was a single mom during the week for about two years. It was extremely hard at times but they made through it. Since then she graduated from the program, reunited with her husband and had another child. I think a lot of it depends on the unique situation you are in, the personality of each person, the relationships, the family dynamics, the age of the child, the financial situation, long term goals as a family etc. I honestly had a hard time understanding why the husband could not take a leave of absence for a while to be with his family ( technically he was able to) and it would not have been our choice for me and my husband but they did what was best for their family. You are trying your best and your child will be very proud having a mother who pursues her dreams.