Reply to Please Help an exhausted Mom

First, great job on making it so long!!! That’s a feat in itself! When I weaned my daughter at 22 months, I started by cutting out one feeding a week. So first I quit letting her BF during the night. The next week I cut the morning session, the next week then nap, then bedtime was last. We never used bottles. Just went to cows milk in a sippy cup. Overnight was hard. I just quit going to her. It took 2 nights - first night she cried for about 40 mins and put herself back to sleep, second night was 15 mins, after that she slept thru the night. For her nap and bedtime, if she nursed to sleep, I would lay her in her crib as soon as she was asleep. If she woke up, I told her it was time to go night night and left her in her crib. She fought it for a few days and finally gave in. She got to the point that she would lay herself down and go to sleep. When it was time to wean and cut those nursing sessions, I’d read her a story and let her drink some cows milk, then put her in her crib and said it was time to go to sleep. It was a struggle for about 2 days for each and then she learned the new expectation. Good luck!!