Reply to Honestly, I’ve been feeling like crap

Postpartum is anytime after having a child. Even if its years after, your body is still trying to recover from having a baby, physically and hormonally just to name a few. There is absolutely no shame in speaking up and standing up for yourself, your peace of mind and your mental health. I would definitely talk to your pcp dr or obgyn just so that someone in the medical field is aware of how you're feeling. Dont be afraid to get better for what people or you might say if you went and got help. You are brave, you are strong and you can do it my dear! We are all here for you but for your own sake and your family's you shouldn't just let the comments on here hold you back from talking to a dr that can help you. You cant take care of your family without taking care of yourself. And your peace of mind and enjoyment of life is included in that. I wish you the best in life and will be praying that you find a solution. ❤