Reply to Ferber method for naps?

My son was 8 months old when i trained. I only did nights at first (nursed to sleep for naps). Once nights were decent (after about a week) i worked on naps in the same fashion. I strongly recommend getting dr ferbers book “solve your child’s sleep problems”. He answers all your questions and more. Its really inexpensive on amazon. It has a nice chart on timing when you get started. His suggestion is to wait till baby is about 6 months and earlier than 1 year old, so 8 months old is a really good time (according to his book anyways). Some of his suggestions for nights: put baby down later than their normal bedtime the first few nights. This way they cant fight the sleep as much. Also, you do method all night once weaned (any time baby wakes). He goes over how to work on weaning nighttime feedings (don’t go cold turkey if your baby still feeds at night) OR go down to one/two feedings if nursing if you prefer. When you do work on naps, you only do it for a half hour of crying max. If they don’t take that nap you just get them up and wait till next nap time (he adds more detail in the book). Not trying to give you too much... these are just the things i learned when i worked on my sons sleep. Hope you get the rest you both need soon! Good luck!