Reply to 2.5 year old adjusting to daycare/preschool

Awww, poor baby! And poor mama and dada!! So my first question is if you believe he’s having a good day. Does your center offer an ap where they update throughout the day with pics or secure cameras where you can peek in and see for yourself?? I’m only asking because some phenomenal daycares are just not the right fit for a child. One of my daughters classmates started at a different center and her parents just transitioned her to ours and she is doing a lot better. They said her old center was amazing and all the other parents and kids seemed to love it but she just didn’t click. Having said that, it is most likely just that your lil guy needs some more time. He’s been going for about a month but only 3 days a takes more time to adjust when they aren’t there full daughter started daycare at just 12 weeks old but 3 days a week at first. Once she got used to realizing I was leaving her she would get very upset. After 2 months I was back at work full time and she was there M-F and she quickly got a lot better. Her teachers told me that when students are just there a few days a week it takes longer to adjust but to DOES happen. So I think it will just take time. But I understand the mom guilt. If my daughter was narrating things like that I’d feel so dang bad!!!!! So I say that once you’re sure the center is a great fit, just keep doing what you’re doing and stay consistent. He will love it soon and you’ll be dealing with the opposite (where you go pick him up and he runs away from you because he’s not ready to leave😭😭😭).