Reply to Do you follow the required oz for each baby’s age?

The only problem I get have with pediatricians is they treat every child like they are the same. If your baby is gaining weight and not hungry, you have nothing to worry about. Everybody is different and every BODY is different. Until then, just know that my son was 6 weeks early, so we obsessively tracked his food intake while in the NICU and for several weeks after. He took almost 3 weeks to get out because he wasn’t eating enough or gaining enough weight. All of a sudden, it clicked. I’m sure the same will happen with your baby. It will click one day. It’s very frustrating and worrisome until then. My boy did the best when we let him get hungry. I would let him cry for a few minutes before feeding him. When I did that he’d finish the whole bottle. Different things work for different babies