Reply to Working from home with 14 month old

I don’t have a specific recommendation, but just that it will take a little time and definitely consistency. Make a schedule and stick with it and she will catch on. I’ve been working from home since my son was born (he’ll be 2.5 in Jan). It’s definitely harder as they are mobile/more curious/etc. I only work part time (20hrs/week) and can work anytime so I try to save my most important tasks for the 2 hours a day he naps or after he goes to bed. He has learned to play by himself for 30-40 mins at a time with things like a train/track or little race cars or even just with a few books, when I have to get something done while he’s awake. We also let him start watching a little TV at age 2, so he gets one episode of his favorite tv cartoon in the morning and one at night that lets me do a few tasks for work or to get dinner ready. It is absolutely 100% a blessing and a curse to try to do both jobs at the same will inevitably feel like you are short changing either your job or your family at some point...and it can be stressful as hell, but it CAN be done. Good luck! :)