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1 year old - How do I drop the last few nursing moments so I can be done with breastfeeding?

Hi - my baby turned 1 this month. I have been breastfeeding and pumping, no formula. A month ago, we started mixing in whole milk. She did great. At daycare, she’s now fully on whole milk - no more pumping! She does however still nurse once in the middle of the night (5am) and again when she wakes up (8am). How can we get out of this habit? And what do you give your >1 year old babies when they wake in the morning? Should I just go in with a cup of whole milk? Seems odd to me for some reason. Thanks for your help!

  • Laura
    May 09

    For the last question, we always had a sippy cup of water by her bed that she could drink first thing in the morning, and then we'd offer milk with breakfast.

  • Whitney
    May 11

    Very helpful thank you!