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10 1/2 month old refusing the bottle

As of a couple days ago, my LO is refusing her bottles at times and drinking around 15oz a day. She is on the highest nipple size, so I know it isn't that. She is a bit constipated, but we are giving her prunes to help. She is eating her regular foods. She may be teething, but this is the only sign at the moment. She is sleeping through the night, so at least I know she isn't hungry. Could she just be over the bottle/formula?

  • Kelly
    Apr 01

    You could try a sippy cup. My oldest started getting formula out of a sippy cup about that age. I worked in childcare and have had a few llittle ones start on cuups about that age.

  • Anonymous
    Apr 02

    My pediatrician recommended getting rid of the bottle at a year old anyways, I would just try some different sippy cups and see how it goes

  • Jenn
    Apr 02

    Thanks. We actually changed her schedule to only 3 bottles and she is eating more. I try to get her to 20oz, but am fine with 16 or more.