Reply to Weaning my two year old

Firstly ask yourself why your weaning her, if shes not ready is your efforts worthe the while? And also if you really want her to stop rub soemthing she doesnt like on your nipple before nursing like onion garlic or somehting potent in taste but not at all harmful to the child. I'm also breast feeding my 2 and a half year old and she needs it only at nap time and bed time. I wanted to nurse her until she and I were ready to stop but not beyond 3 or so. Suprisingly she is weaning herself at the moment even while shes teething. You'll notice when their ready research shows thats the best time to stop. Also check out babycenter for info like RLS they have great info and tips on it and reliable sources from AAP and pediatricians. It states they do get it and its best to gently message their legs and if its really bothering them. perosnally I would give them a pain reliever like Tylenol especially if it'll help them sleep better .