Reply to 1 year old Birthday ideas

Okay so first things first, she’s just the cutest!!! Love her big eyes and expression!! ❤️❤️😍 We had a big party for my daughters first but I have a huge family. I have the tally somewhere but there were close to 100 people at her first party and every one of them was family on my side except for my best friend and her daughter. No joke, and this wasn’t even extended family, it was sisters/brothers/nieces/nephews/first cousins and their kids. Her party was flower themed because her favorite thing at the time was flowers and butterflies. So I would start by saying, have as big or as small of a party that works for your family and you. Second, if you want to do a theme you could do something that either your baby likes or something that’s Valentine’s Day related (ONE love comes to mind since she’s turning one and it’s Valentine’s Day!). As for a gift, i got my daughter a nice doll and a kitchen set. She loves both and plays with both every day. I hope you have a great day!!! Happy birthday to your lil angel!!!