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13 mo old boycotting food- used to be a major foodie!

I don’t understand what happened to my baby. She would devour an entire piece of salmon or turkey burger like she hasn’t eaten in days, obsessed with mashed potatoes and baked sweet potatoes. And breakfast was her favorite time— sometimes she ate more than I did I think!! Now I can barely have her drink a 4 oz pouch and eat a couple of peas or blueberries. I’ve thrown out plates and plates of food in the past 2 weeks. She just flat out refuses 95% of the things I offer her. What’s happening?? Should I keep trying to feed her at her usual times? Should I cut out any snacks she might have during the day? (Sometimes if we’re on the go I’ll give her puffs for example). Should I present options to her or just give her 1-2 things and if she doesn’t want them then just cut meal time and try again later? Thanks so much! Ps: she has 8 teeth. Could it be she’s getting her molars? Is it normal to stop eating? She didn’t do that previously

  • anonymous mom
    Feb 07

    Sounds like teething!!! Keep offering:). She should come around soon!!