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13 month old on puree pouches


does anyone elses 13 month old still on pureed pouches i mean she eats some solids like cereal ,cheese, crackers, chicken nuggets, pizza bologna, but refuses to eat like pastas and etc shes very very picky so if she dosnt eat alot during the day solids wise i give her pouches to get her vitamins and protein in

  • Jenn
    Jul 28, 2019

    I give my 14 month old pouches when being lazy or don't have any veggies/fruits she likes. I know plenty of kids at all ages (well maybe not ALL ages) that eat pouches. Just keep offering solids she likes and ones she doesn't. Kids tastes change, so one day she may eat something she didn't like before. Have you tried pasta with cheese? My LO doesn't really like broccoli, but will eat it if it is in a cheese quesadilla.

  • Anonymous
    Jul 28, 2019

    When you offer food keep offering things she does like, but also add in a few pieces of a fruit or vegetable. Don't stress if they don't eat it, but the more they are exposed the more likely they will be to try it. And the more they see you eat, the more they will. I also just started following @mamaknows_nutrition on Instagram. It has given me a much better approach at feeding my kids, because carbs, salt, and sugar just aren't going to do them any favors when they are older!

  • Aye
    Jul 28, 2019

    I have a 17 month and 6 month old. The pouches are great for when we’re out and about, we mainly use it as a snack. We usually just give table food when we eat and it intrigues her to eat it too or she’d just play around or not want to eat. We’ve started my 6 month old on solids and seeing her eat makes my toddler want to eat as well.

  • Jackie
    Jul 29, 2019

    My husbands cousin still gives their 6yo pouches!! 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Jul 29, 2019

    I use reusable pouches and make my own pumpkin yogurt/smoothies or fruit sauces to put in them. The pouches are a great way to squeeze extra nutrition in without the mess, and are easily transportable. All my kids use them, and my oldest is coming up in turning age 5. I think if you rely on them to the point where your kid doesn’t get a chance to practice self feeding or chewing, that’s a problem but you certainly aren’t in that situation. It sounds like your doing the best balance you can! Your doing a good job.