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13 yr old hates reading


I didn’t read much with her when she was young big mistake on my part. She is 13 now and hates reading . I’ve tried everything . She has a horrible habit of even skipping the directions and assuming she knows what to do instead . I even get her books she would actually enjoy from the library and I try to look at them with her . Nope didn’t work. Ugh I give up! She is around family that read and sometimes she will read easy books to her three year old brother cause he loves books so much! Because of her not liking reading she has had trouble reading her whole life and struggled with it everyday . I understand she has confidence problems because of it but I try to read simple stuff with her and she just doesn’t want to do it or makes horrible sighing noises or reads with no personality and it’s just miserable .

  • Shäŷ
    Nov 06, 2018

    Teenagers are something else 😂. I persuade my 9 year old all the time. He will read half a chapter book for a bag a skittles.

  • B
    Nov 07, 2018

    Maybe take her to the library and have her pick out books. She can browse or talk to a librarian for ideas. When I was a teacher a lot of kids that hated reading started to like it through graphic novels.

  • Mary
    Nov 07, 2018

    Maybe try graphic novels! There are a lot of cool ones for young girls now. Even the Babysitters’ Club has been made into graphic novels!

  • Francesca
    Nov 07, 2018

    I read to my eldest all night but once he reached 3rd grade, he hated reading. There’s an app called “Epic” which seemed to help (don’t remember until what age books they provide). Also, audiobooks too seemed to help. You can research what they’re into and try to find stuff in the library for it. I remember being into Nancy Drew, Babysitters Club around that age growing up so find something girls here age are into nowadays.

  • Kristin
    Nov 07, 2018

    I was the SAME way when I was in middle school... I was a great student but viewed reading as a chore, nothing to be done for fun. Then Harry Potter came into my life. It was a book we could read in one of my classes for extra credit and that book (and subsequent series) literally made me fall in love with reading. It is my FAVORITE book series even now at 32 (I have read the series through 4 times at different points in my life and gain new value every time). I highly recommend having her read them! Do you guys have a bedtime routine? Maybe read one chapter a night out loud to her. If she thinks it’s “corny” just tell her that YOU want to read the book as well so she might as well listen 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • SkyeMarie
    Nov 12, 2018

    Find a topic that she is interested in and start there.

  • Jen
    Nov 19, 2018

    Audible audio books

  • David
    Dec 04, 2018

    Any possibility of struggles with dyslexia or other struggles? Maybe the dislike of reading stems from it being a difficult thing and finding a solution for that may open up the activity as being more fun?

  • Mysticnocturne
    Jul 04

    I have 3 teens, and the days I work dayshift instead of nightshift, I read them a chapter at bedtime of a chapter book. We all love Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. I know my kids have seen all the movies and enjoyed them. So right now we are reading ‘The Hobbit’ as the pre-book to The Lord of the Rings. My kids sigh and make exasperated sounds when I tell them to put down their phones, but once I start reading they get into the story. So maybe find a movie she likes- that is also a book- and read her one chapter on the nights that you can. She will enjoy it more if you say you are reading it because you also enjoy it and it’s fun to do together with her.